Cloaked in serenity and vegetation, Lonavala has grown to be one of the most well-liked getaway in Maharashtra. With hill stations like Matheran, Lonavala, Igatpuri and Karjat, you do not have to look for any getaways away from Maharashtra. While Lonavala offers many attractions, the ethereal waterfalls in and around the hill town capture its true spirit.

Amazing natural getaways abound in and around Lonavala. Visit the Lonavala waterfalls to not only relax your mind but also to listen to the symphony created by the numerous streams of cool water dropping on the enormous rocks. The numerous waterfalls include Jummapatti Waterfalls, Zenith Waterfall, Pandavkada Falls, Kune Waterfalls, Dabhosa Waterfall, Reverse Falls, Bhagirath Falls, Kataldhar Falls and Bhivpuri Waterfall. 

List of top 6 waterfalls in Lonavala

Whether you are an adventurer looking for some action over the weekend or someone looking for peace, Lonavala waterfalls welcome you to their enchanted kingdoms of scenic locations.

If you are interested in adventure sports head to Bhivpuri and Dabhosa waterfalls in Lonavala for partaking in activities like hiking, rock climbing and rappelling. However, if your idea of fun is admiring nature's beauty while relaxing by the waterfall, Reverse waterfall and Zenith waterfall in Lonavala are the two incredibly beautiful waterfalls.

Below is the list of top six waterfalls in Lonavala: 

  • Lonavala Waterfall 

Find the best of nature's attractions at this hidden jewel. Hidden among rocky outcroppings, Lonavala waterfall is a wonderful location for you whether you are looking for nature or adventure. On the ride to the Lonavala lake waterfall, you will pass through lush vegetation and rocks. The spectacular sight of the waterfall is sure to leave you enthralled.

Bushi Dam, the most famous location in Lonavala gets its water from this waterfall. A short ascent up separates the waterfall from the Bushi Dam. Your trip to the bottom of the waterfall would be both perilous and memorable as you move over the boulders with rushing water. A few tiny shops can be found selling tea, maize, and other Indian snacks in the parking area next to the waterfall.  

  • Kune Waterfall 

Kune Waterfall is a famous weekend getaway for people coming for a trip from Mumbai. Your search for peace in nature ends at this 14th highest waterfall in India. The longest drop of the waterfall with an overall height of 200 metres is around 100 metres high making Kune Waterfall one of the highest in Lonavala. You are required to hike down a few kilometres amid the perplexing and quiet wooded woodland environment to get to the base of the waterfall.

The shallow pool created by the waterfall is safe to swim in. The lush greenery surrounding the attractive waterfall makes the place a perfect spot for a picnic with family. You can also visit the Kune Church near the waterfall.

  •  Bhivpuri Waterfall 

Another wonderful natural refuge, Bhivpuri Waterfall is one among the top waterfalls in Lonavala. A great place to breathe in some fresh air, the waterfall is best experienced in the rainy season.

The tranquil surroundings and amazing environment of the Bhivpuri Waterfall makes it perfect for a nature stroll. However, the spot isn't just about the natural beauty but also adventure. Rush your adrenaline with a thrilling waterfall rappelling adventure. You can even go trekking here. 

  • Reverse Waterfall 

The waterfall's name is so because the water here appears to flow upwards due to strong wind pressure. One of the most magnificent waterfalls in Lonavala, Reverse Waterfall is distinguished by its welcoming atmosphere, lush green vegetation and soothing sound of water.

  •  Kataldhar Waterfall 

The Kataldhar Waterfall begins at Rajmachi Point in Ulhas Valley and is seasonal. The waterfall is about 6.5 kilometres from the Lonavala market. As the waterfall is dangerous due to its steep terrain and slippery rocks, you must only visit the waterfall if you are a seasoned trekker. 

Kataldhar waterfall near Lonavala is a wonderful holiday getaway spot. Take the opportunity to spend some time together with your family in the picturesque natural setting of the waterfall. With an exhilarating trail that requires you to encounter nature in its purest form, Kataldhar Waterfall is also popular among hikers. You won’t find many visitors here because getting here requires some effort.  

  • Bhagirath Waterfall 

Present at the base of the Chanderi Hills, Bhagirath Waterfall is another one of the best weekend escapes of the town. It is associated with an intriguing mythology as well. Also called Vangani Waterfall, Bhagirath Waterfall looks breathtaking in monsoon as the stream gushes powerfully onto the rocks.

Bhagirath Waterfall is sure to capture your senses whether with its tranquil roar as the water hits the rocks or with its amazing sight that would make you want to sketch it. The waterfall gets its unique beauty from its lush surrounding hills. You can even rock climb at one of the nicest Lonavala falls.

Lonavala is a perfect place to enjoy nature or even hike and trek. The best time to visit Lonavala is monsoon when the wildlife and the waterfalls are the most active. Monsoon is a life-giving essence that gives the vegetation in Lonavala life, making the grass greener, the atmosphere amazing, the forests deeper and the waterfall strong. 

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