The pitter patter of raindrops against your windowpane is definitely not the sound of a lazy day at home. In fact, it is a relentless and enthusiastic knocking inviting you and your family out to play. Whatever happened to running barefoot, jumping into puddles without a second thought and sticking out your tongue to taste the rainwater? The rain, your child’s friend, can be yours, too!

Relive these memories with your children, this monsoon season, with another family friend - Club Mahindra. With exciting kid-friendly itineraries and in-house and outdoor activities, the Club Mahindra membership packs the goodness of the monsoon with fun and safety, according to Club Mahindra reviews. The long weekends are coming up; hurry up and pack your bags and set out on these monsoon weekend getaways near Mumbai. You could explore each destination individually, or do a circuit holiday driving along green, rain-washed highways and hamlets, with a Club Mahindra membership. It’ll make you wonder why you have been asking the rain to go away since kindergarten!

Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Club Mahindra Sherwood & Saj Resort – double the monsoon magic

Strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s what defines a wholesome meal in Mahabaleshwar! Wake up to a misty morning in Club Mahindra Sherwood and enjoy a long, lazy breakfast peeping into the valley at Saddle Back, the multicuisine restaurant. This will energise you for your trip to Mapro Garden, an endless stretch of strawberry fields that will hit your sweet spot. One of the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar, you can pick your own strawberries fresh from the plant and enjoy the sweet-tangy fruit as you continue to fill your basket. Hungry for more? Pack an entire lot to take back home, or to the resort where the talented chefs will turn them into delicious desserts!

Then, treat your kids to another monsoon marvel with a boat ride on the Venna Lake. The sheer breathtaking sight of the Sahyadris peeping through the monsoon clouds is enough to stir the imagination. This is one of the most famous places to visit in Mahabaleshwar, according to Club Mahindra reviews. As water from the sky touches the horizon of the lake, you feel a certain commune with nature that makes you wonder why umbrellas and raincoats were ever invented! You could make this even more memorable by asking the resort to pack you a picnic lunch. Find a quiet spot, tuck in and let the rain take over.

Back at the resort, it’s time to test your skills at the indoor activities hosted by the Happy Hub, the resort’s activity centre... In the Club Mahindra Resort Reviews, families say that the monsoon is a great season to bring all members together and with so many activities to keep them engaged, there is little wonder why! Once night falls, unwind with a quiet dinner by the pool and a specially prepared menu by the resort chefs.

Located on the Panchgani road is Saj Mahabaleshwar.

Nestled amidst the mountains, this scenic resort, located near popular sightseeing and trekking locations, makes it perfect for brave hearts and nature lovers. This is where children from the city can experience their first adventure with nature and the treks are relatively easy, which makes it a family affair. Head to Kate’s Point to witness the breathtaking view of Panchgani and the valleys of Mahabaleshwar. The rock overlooks the Krishna valley, which is approximately 42 kms away from the resort, and provides a picturesque view of the Dhom Dam, a dam built on Krishna River near Wai in Satara district. This relatively less crowded place is popular for boating and water sports. You can also head to Wilson Point, the highest point in Mahabaleshwar, situated at an altitude of 1439 m. Also known as Sunrise Point, this is a comfortable 15-min walk from Saj and should be preferably undertaken early morning to see a yawning sunrise slowly surfacing. These places to visit in Mahabaleshwar come to life during the monsoon so be sure to take your camera along.

Club Mahindra Hatgad, Saputara – celebrate the rains with the Monsoon Festival

Reviews of Club Mahindra recommend this hamlet in Gujarat, which is in its full prime during the monsoon season with the celebrations of the Monsoon Festival. A cultural diaspora of food, handicrafts, boat races and other exciting activities, this is a great way to introduce your kids to the little known treasures of India in a novel way.

Close to the resort at a half kilometre away lies Hatgad Fort, a picture book of scenic landscapes that flourish with colour especially during the monsoon. Pull up your socks, don your raingear on and head to this major trekking point with your family. You can enthral them with your knowledge of the fort’s history on the way up. This is an easy trek which anyone above 8 years of age can easily accomplish. If you have some time, head to the seasonal Gira Waterfalls that roar down a high cliff. This popular picnic spot will take over an hour to reach so be sure to ask the resort to pack a basket for you. Come back in the evening to the welcoming warmth of a family huddle around the bonfire at the resort. Bond over conversations, jokes and indoor activities at the Happy Hub. If you want to bring out your inner artist, try out the different hobby kits and unleash the Picasso in you.

Green Leaf The Resort & Spa, Ganpatipule - of temples and tropical beaches

Think monsoon and Ganpatipule springs to mind. This tiny beach town, located 331 kms from Mumbai, is the ideal place to befriend the sea and boasts one of the best beaches.

3 kms from the resort is the Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, a 400-year-old shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesha, which draws thousands of pilgrims year after year. Believed to be a self-created idol, this monolith is said to have been discovered 1600 years ago. Another place that mustn’t be missed is the Velneshwar temple. It’s about 42 kms from the resort and worth the visit.

However, if the rains put a dampener on your plans to explore, the Happy Hub comes to the rescue with engaging and stimulating family activities. Play a game of chess or carrom or spend the evening walking in the resort garden after an exciting game of billiards.

There is so much in store with Maharashtra tourism and Club Mahindra ensures you don’t miss any part of it!

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