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Club Mahindra gives travellers the opportunity to enjoy holidays across the globe, thanks to a wide network of resorts. With over 50 properties across the country offering excellent stay options and splendid services, members of Club Mahindra are spoilt for choice when it comes to Club Mahindra room types.

Accommodation is of utmost importance for every traveller and Club Mahindra aims to address that concern for you. A Club Mahindra membership guarantees memorable holidays for seven days each year for 25 years from the beginning of your membership.

There are different types of rooms offered by Club Mahindra properties. Two of the main Club Mahindra room types are the STU room and the HU room. The former is a studio room while HU is a hotel unit. Read on to understand the difference between HU and STU at Club Mahindra resorts.


Room Features

(Studio Room)

(Hotel Unit)


 Bedroom + dry kitchenette

Only Bedroom

Suitable Family Type

Large Family (More than 3 members)

Small Family (For 3 members)


All the modern amenities

All the modern amenities

The contemporary-style studio rooms are larger than the hotel units. To give you some perspective, STU rooms in Club Mahindra are the best option for a family of three or four people. What’s more, they are equipped with all the modern amenities and may include a dry kitchenette.

The HU type of room is designed to provide a comfortable stay for three people – ideally a family of two adults and one child. At certain resorts, the rooms have a balcony attached, while all rooms come with cosy beds. State-of-the-art amenities provided in the rooms include an air conditioner, a heater, and LCDs. Depending on the location of the resort, the rooms have exceptional views.

Do ensure you know the difference between HU and STU in Club Mahindra before booking your vacation!

Choose your stay unit based on your needs, the number of people travelling with you, and your personal preferences. Rest assured, Club Mahindra Resorts promise an exceptional experience with regard to the service and your stay.You need to choose between the Club Mahindra room types based on your family size and your preferences. If there are more than three members travelling with you, it is best to opt for a studio room. If you are travelling as a couple, a hotel room will more than suffice. In case you have a longer itinerary and would like to have a living room for more comfort, STU rooms in club Mahindra will be an ideal choice.

Enjoy the best holiday destinations with Club Mahindra. Learn more by going through the Club Mahindra reviews online. The reviews will tell you about several other members’ experiences in different resorts across the country. One thing is for sure; Club Mahindra will change your holiday experience and make it memorable for your entire family!

About Mahindra Holidays

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL), India’s leading player in the leisure hospitality industry, offers quality family holidays as also stated by Club Mahindra Membership Reviews and Club Mahindra Reviews, primarily through vacation ownership memberships. While Club Mahindra is the flagship brand offering Club Mahindra Membership, other brands offered by the company are – Club Mahindra Resorts Fundays and Svaastha Spa. As of Mar 31, 2019, MHRIL has 61+ resorts across India and abroad and its subsidiary, Holiday Club Resorts Oy, Finland, a leading vacation ownership company in Europe has 33 resorts across Finland, Sweden and Spain. Visit us at


  • Panna

    What are the appliances provided in a studio

  • Ajay Joshi

    My daughter truly enjoyed her cruise trip with her friends, thanks to the Club Mahindra.

  • Keshav Munshi

    A holiday experience at Club Mahindra is a memorable experience. Club Mahindra membership provides amazing benefits that can be used to derive the maximum out of a holiday.

  • Daksh Devadhikar

    Club Mahindra Room types vary from Standard, Deluxe, Super-deluxe and exotic suites. So, the resorts cater to the paying capacity of different people hence giving them the pleasure to stay at one of the best properties in India

  • Daksh Devadhikar

    Club Mahindra Room types vary from Standard, Deluxe, Super-deluxe and exotic suites. So, the resorts cater to the paying capacity of different people hence giving them the pleasure to stay at one of the best properties in India

  • Dhuleep Bagchi

    Club Mahindra Resorts are one of the best reservation options for people within the country and abroad, wherein the brand provides the most feasible and affordable accommodations to enjoy an awesome holiday with your loved ones.

  • Aryabhatta Karamchand

    Club Mahindra properties provide the best holiday experience to people who want to experience the best moments of their lives and create beautiful memories. The stay at Club Mahindra Resorts is affordable safe hygienic and convenient.

  • Akshey Singh

    After the pandemic, everyone thrives for a relaxing holiday, and what could be better than a Club Mahindra Resorts holiday. The resorts offer the most hygienic, secure, and safe ambiance to relax with families and just forget about the hassles of life.

  • Aakash Gandhi

    Club Mahindra Membership is a lifetime opportunity for all to get the best out of the most alluring hotel deals that exist in the country and around it. With its fascinating amenities and its awesome Club Mahindra room types, this option is no doubt the best.

  • Gunadhya Ranganekary

    Club Mahindra Reviews are a true picture of the marvelous experiences of various tourists, businessmen, and frequent travelers who find this heavenly abode their second home. They strongly recommend the beautiful resorts to all

  • Ram sharma

    Goa hotal booking

  • Motilal Sirasikar

    Club Mahindra reviews are explicit and are great testimonies wherein travelers have shared their exotic experiences at the marvelous resort. They have shared personal experiences and have rated Club Mahindra Resorts according to their stupendous experiences.

  • Gopal Divakar

    A grand holiday at Club Mahindra Resorts is a dream come true for many where the stay, meals, and wholesome experience of a splendid holiday is well within the budget

  • Chhotu Gazdar

    Club Mahindra membership comprises various benefits that revolve around an array of amenities, discounts, best offers, and an exceptional holiday experience for a layman.

  • Sulini Mahalanabis

    COVID-19 is a difficult time for everyone and has posed difficult and monotonous days for all. IT is imperative to take a break from the monotony at Club Mahindra resorts and enjoy the luxurious beauty of its fascinating amenities and sumptuous food.

  • Mataji Padhi

    Club Mahindra holidays are a perfect getaway for people who have been in constant lockdown due to COVID 19 and who desperately need a break. This enhances the holiday experience by providing a sanitized, hygienic, and safe environment for its visitors

  • Akshey Anagal

    Safety, hygiene, and sanitation are of utmost importance and significance in the wake of the pandemic. Club Mahindra resorts ensure 100% safety and security t its customers and take the best measures to provide an unforgettable holiday experience to its visitors.

  • Anand Panda

    Club Mahindra reviews comprise of personal experiences shared by many who have lured the general public by their marvelous feedback and comments on their memorable and lavish stay at Club Mahindra Resorts

  • Archita Dongerkerry

    Club Mahindra Varca beach, Goa is one of the most enticing holiday experiences which is surrounded by gorgeous beaches, multi-cuisine restaurants, and an unforgettable ambiance.

  • Arpita Patil

    Club Mahindra Kanha delves deeper into the majestic forests of Kanha, Madhya Pradesh giving the pleasure of glorious holiday destinations and a hair-raising thrill to its visitors. This action-packed resort has great reviews from its customers.

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