Kashmir, famed to be India’s heaven on earth, is not called so, lightly. With scenic surroundings, hills, mountains, rivers and lakes, the land is extremely fertile and along with its unique climate and altitude, yields premium fruits and blossoms, different than the rest of the country. One such natural product is saffron.


Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice and is cultivated only in Iran, India, Spain and Greece. In India, only Kashmir produces this rare and precious spice in the town of Pampore, also known as Pampur or the “Saffron Town of India”. Making a list of what to see in Srinagar? Add Pampore right in the must-see section along with the Mughal Gardens, Jamia Masjid, Hazratbal, Kheer Bhawani and floating markets!

A Walk to Remember

Since Srinagar is the summer capital as well as one of the most important places to see in Jammu and Kashmir, it is recommended that you along with your family, stay here and then tour around. An interesting unique place like Pampore thus becomes easily accessible for taking a delightful walk in the saffron fields, akin to old Bollywood films, with plenty of family photo-ops.


It is derived from the plant Crocus Sativa with purple coloured flowers. From mid October to early November, the plants are in full bloom, making for a beautiful sight, highly unlikely in any other parts of the country. This would perhaps be the best time to take your family to see saffron plantations and their harvesting.

An added experience would be to learn about saffron, it’s varieties, uses, benefits and harvest process, not to mention the opportunity to buy some right there, at the point of production. Saffron is expensive due to being a labour-intensive crop. A hundred kilograms of flowers yield just about three kilos of saffron. The red-orange spice is made from the dried stigma of the flowers. This variety is known as “Shahi Zafran”. Other flower parts are processed as well to make inferior quality saffron which is called “Mogra Zafran”. Along with the Saffron Town of India, have a look at other popular tourist places to visit in Srinagar during family vacations.

Unique Stay

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