International Family Day


Remember the times you spent with your family on a vacation in the summers? It could have been an impromptu trip that lacked planning or just a simple trip to a nearby location, nothing fancy or exorbitant, nothing worth boasting about to your group of friends, but the memories stayed. Family vacations are that way. You could be together on a cruise, in a houseboat in Kerala or simply in a property located far away from civilisation; and you it will still be delightful and pure fun. When it comes to travelling, most of us consider travelling with the family as a relatively unexciting and not a very adventurous prospect. But it doesn’t have to be! There are various reasons why you should be heading for a long vacation with your family at least once in the year. And the most important one is the time you can actively devote to one another.

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Travel is extremely beneficial for a family’s well-being and it helps tremendously in breaking away from the day-to-day stress, monotony and routine. If you are a family that lives together, very often you will notice that though you might live under one roof, a healthy and seamless flow of communication is mostly lacking and quality time spent together is very less. This is something most nuclear families go through and in today’s day and age, it becomes extremely difficult to align schedules and timelines in a way where you even end up having a full fletched meal together. We can either curse this upon the times that we are in or decide to act on it!

Every family has a horde of things to deal with on a daily basis, be it the childrens’ school results, household chores, meal preparations and possibly the most daunting task, deciding what to make every single day for the next meal! Ask the women in the house and they will tell you how challenging that can be! These are events, though seemingly futile, can become tedious and incredibly monotonous to deal with for longer periods of time. Requiring a break from this routine is a given and when that break comes in the form of a vacation, you are guaranteed to come back rejuvenated and relaxed.

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Apart from families that live together, the ones where the children have gone off to study in different cities or in cases where the parents travel often for work, it becomes almost mandatory to take a vacation together. It becomes the only time in the year when you learn about your child’s lifestyle and their aspirations, their goals, dreams and their thoughts about various issues. A lot of times the conversations and dialogue tends to revolve around school, studies, career, etc. and very rarely does a family get to indulge and speak about life beyond the regular. This is dangerous as it can truly hamper your relationship with your children or your better half. Taking a vacation together can resolve this entirely. It comes down to being together in the same space for days on end, sharing each other’s stories, playing games or taking up activities like swimming, etc. together. These are times that your child will inadvertently remember all their life.

“Family holidays are valued by children, both in the moment and for long afterward in their memory,” psychologist and best-selling author Oliver James explained to The Telegraph. “It’s all about talking nonsense with your parents, sharing an ice cream and moments of time in which your interests are genuinely taken into account. So if you’re going to spend money on something, it’s pretty clear which option makes more sense.”

So take the entire family and head to a beautiful resort, explore new cultures and let your children gain a new perspective through the trip. Let them learn about newer cuisines, traditions and ways of life. Show them places you have been to before and share your stories. Take them to the Club Mahindra resorts and let them enjoy the breath taking views, teach them how to swim, play table tennis and have a wonderful meal together. These are few things that should be on your bucket list this year, and possibly every single year! We, at Club Mahindra, encourage you to travel unabashedly, frequently and luxuriously. And we promise to make it an experience that you will recount with a smile, the kind your children will tell their friends about and one that they will thank you for a lifetime! Club Mahindra Gozest membership will allow you to sit back and make your bookings, whenever you wish. Browse through Club Mahindra reviews online and see how other members are enjoying their holidays with Club Mahindra.

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