A timeless classic, Biryani, needs no introduction. Delicious, aromatic and bursting with flavours, it is one of the most loved and popular delicacies in India and the world over. You may often hear the food lovers say, Biryani is not just a wholesome food; it is a state of happiness.  

In India, there are different types of biryani, and they say there is a biryani for everyone. Over the years, the classic dish has undergone many modifications in different parts of the country. You would find variations across India because the cooking process and the use of spices differ from state to state. However, they all are worth tasting.  

Let us look at the six amazing biryanis of India that you must try.

Lucknowi Biryani 

Lucknow is the mecca for all food lovers. Lucknowi dishes are rich, and with every morsel why the city is called the land of Nawabs. From kebabs to chaat and paratha, you will be spoilt for choice. But nothing defines the Lucknowi food culture better than Lucknowi Biryani. It is unequivocally the best.  

It stands out from the rest because of its cooking style, known as dum pukht. It essentially involves cooking the meat (infused with spices) and rice in a handi (a vessel with deep bottom) and sealing on the sides with a dough, allowing the flavours to penetrate every rice grain and piece of meat.  

Kolkata Biryani 

Whether you are a food lover or not, you ought to have Kolkata Biryani when you are in Kolkata. It is a famous biryani in India that people of all age groups love. Characterised by a tinge of sweetness and sparse use of spices, Kolkata biryani has more subtle flavours than other biryani types in India. It may be low on the spices but ranks high on the taste quotient. One mouthful of this delicious biryani will have you smiling from ear to ear. 

Dindigul Biryani 

As you travel from north India to Tamil Nadu in the south, you will notice and experience a stark contrast in culture, etiquette, language spoken, and food. When you talk about food, you cannot leave out Biryani.  

Originating from the Dindigul city in Tamil Nadu, Dindigul Biryani is one of the best biryani in India, and is available all over Tamil Nadu. It is the perfect example of a food that can make even the harshest critic drool! It boasts a delicate balance of delicious local spices and tanginess, making every mouthful a flavour bomb.  

Ambur Biryani 

Coming from the same state as the Dindigul biryani, you cannot afford to miss having a plate of Ambur biryani while you are in Tamil Nadu, especially in Chennai. Typically cooked with meat, either lamb or chicken, Ambur Biryani is one of the top 10 biryani in India. Unlike other types of biryanis from north India, it is light on the usage of spices. 

One mouthful of the dish, and you would know you are in for a real treat. What makes it distinct from other types of biryani is the way the meat is prepared and how it is paired with eggplant (locally known as ennai kathirikai) curry.  

The meat is marinated for about 2-3 hours in coriander and mint-infused yoghurt and then added to Seeraga samba rice, one of the types of biryani rice and other spices. It is then slow cooked until the meat is tender and falls off the bone. 

It is a local favourite and every biryani lover’s delight!

Hyderabadi Biryani 

Hyderabad Biryani. Just the mention can make anyone’s mouth water. Made with the choicest of ingredients, this biryani symbolises the rich historical heritage and influence of the royal Nizams on the local culture. It is one of the most popular dishes from India that you can eat everywhere globally.  

We can talk a lot about how it is made, its cooking process, the spices used, etc. But nothing can do justice to the real experience of tasing the biryani yourself. With every morsel, you can feel the blessing of the Biryani gods.  

Now that you know about the different types of biryani in India, try these one by one, and you would be happy that you did.

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