Famous Biryani Places India

There is a common saying when it comes to biryani- “you eat biryani to satisfy your soul, not your stomach”. 

And it’s true. 

Ask any biryani lover if they are ever satiated with just one serving of biryani, and they will surely tell you that it takes at least some overeating to feel like you have had enough of the long-grained, fragrant, flavourful dish. 

For all you biryani connoisseurs, biryani-lovers, biryani-curious individuals reading this, listed here are the top 8 biryanis in India.

  • Hyderabadi Biryani

If you have ever visited Hyderabad, you have surely received at least one request to “come back with some Hyderabadi Biryani”. There are two types of Hyderabadi Biryani, based on how the meat is cooked- Pakki or Kacchi. When the rice and meat is cooked separately and then layered together, we have the Pakki or cooked biryani. When it’s Kacchi or raw, it means the raw marinated meat is generously placed between layers of rice and slow-cooked together in an earthen pot which is sealed with dough to keep the aroma in. Along with the meat, you have golden onions, saffron, and dried fruits which add even more flavour to the whole dish. This one is surely one of the most famous biryanis in India.

  • Lucknowi Biryani

    Lucknow Biryani in India

Characterised by its cooking style, Lucknowi Biryani is cooked in a dough-sealed ‘handi’, over low flame. The meat, typically chicken with bone, is marinated with spices and partially cooked. The meat and rice are cooked together in the handi for hours allowing for the flavours to seep into every grain of the biryani. This elaborate cooking method is called ‘Dum Phukt’, where ‘Dum’ means ‘to breathe’ and ‘Phukt’ means ‘to cook’. Also known as Awadhi Biryani, this dish is known for its aroma yet mild flavours.

  • Calcutta Biryani

    Kolkata Biryani in India

There is a certain nostalgic value in calling this subtle yet flavourful dish “Calcutta Biryani” and not “Kolkata Biryani”. Known for its use of yellow rice with yogurt-marinated meat, this sweet-tasting Biryani also traditionally comes with boiled potatoes and soft-boiled eggs. You will also find nutmeg, kewra, and saffron in most Calcutta Biryanis.

  • Thalassery Biryani

    Thalassery Biryani in India

Coming from the Malabar region of Kerala, Thalassery Biryani uses a local variety of rice- Jeerakasala or Khyma. The rice is traditionally cooked and served separately from the meat. The dish includes Malabar spices, fried onions, fennel seeds, raisins, and sauteed cashews, apart from the meat. As you may have guessed from the ingredient list, Thalassery Biryani both sweet and spicy. 

  • Bombay Biryani

    Bombay Biryani in India

Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures, so you are bound to find all types of Biryanis here. However, the Maximum city has a Biryani of its own to boast about. Made from chicken or mutton, Bombay Biryani comes with dried plums, kewra water, and fried spicy potatoes. The unusual combination of ingredients come together beautifully to give a tangy and sweet taste. 

  • Sindhi Biryani

    Sindhi Biryani in India

A popular biryani in India, the Sindhi Biryani finds its origin in Sindh province of Pakistan. Boasting of a piquant taste, the Sindhi Biryani uses a lot of roasted spices, chopped chillies, nuts, mint leaves, coriander leaves, onions, dried fruits and sour yogurt. You will also find plums and potatoes in the most traditional Sindhi Biryanis.

  • Ambur Biryani

    Ambur Biryani in India

The culinary experience of Tamil Nadu starts with getting your hands on the perfectly cooked Ambur Biryani. Made up of Seeraga samba rice, spices and meat soaked in yogurt, coriander, and mint, the Ambur Biryani is best served with brinjal curry.

  • Tehari Biryani

    Tehari Biryani in India

This one is going to cause some controversy amongst the most ardent biryani lovers, but here we go- this Biryani is made without any meat. You may call it ‘pulao’, but legend says that this version of Biryani was popular amongst the vegetarian book keepers of the royal Mughal Court. Made with carrots, potatoes, and other veggies, the Tehari Biryani is a wholesome dish for those who are willing to give a non-meat Biryani a try.

If you are wondering where you can get the best of these Biryanis, then you may want to consider going on a food tour to one or more cities/states that are home to them. Check out Club Mahindra affiliated resorts in these places for you are bound to get to gorge on scrumptious local cuisine while enjoying a pleasant stay at the resort.  

So, how many of these on the list of ‘best biryanis in India do you intend to taste?

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