Indian cuisine has a reputation for giving the world many amazing dishes like biryani, butter chicken, rogan josh and many more. The style of cooking and the ingredients used in Indian cuisine vary from one state to another. You can find a variety of dishes from meat-based curries to vegetable stews, and an assortment of local spices and ingredients that give each dish its distinct flavour.  

While Indian cuisine is renowned for its aroma, spices, and complex flavours, the dishes are healthy and packed with many nutrients. So, if you are looking for some healthy Indian dishes that are also tasty, we have got your covered. We list a few dishes that nourish your mind and body. 

Healthy Breakfast Items 

In India, the culture of having a fulfilling breakfast is quite prevalent throughout the country. Many healthcare experts have corroborated that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, you can start your day on the right note with these delicious and nutritious breakfast items.  

  •     Poha

Poha is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in India. Made of flattened rice flakes, it is easy to make and is a healthy Indian food. The rice flakes are soaked in water for 10-15 minutes and then tempered with an assortment of spices, and onions. Some people like to add a few boiled veggies like potato, peas, and carrots and serve it with toppings of peanuts. These add-ons not only add a delightful texture but also enhance the nutritional value of the dish, providing calcium, iron, and proteins.  

  •     Chilla 

Chilla is India’s very own savoury pancake. Typically, Chilla is made of chickpea flour (besan), infused with spices, and veggies like cucumber, onion, tomato, and served with yoghurt or pickles. While flour-based Chilla is tasty and healthy enough, it can also be made of sprouted legumes. It contains a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, etc., that helps combat diseases such as diabetes.

  •     Idli

A south Indian delicacy, and a national favourite, Idli is one of the healthy Indian dishes. Made of rice batter, and steamed, it is fluffy, light, nutritious and fulfilling. It is served with coconut chutney, sambhar, and is a great way to kick-start your day.    

Healthy Lunch/Dinner Dishes 

Indians have great affinity to having an elaborate lunch/dinner, especially on the weekends. For many families, having lunch/dinner together is a ritual; it is a time to catch up with each other. Typically, Indian lunch/dinner includes rice/roti, a gravy and some sides.  

  •     Kerala-style Fish Curry

Kerala fish curry has a reputation for being one of the tastiest dishes in India. The tangy, spicy, sour, and sweet flavours of the curry is a treat to the taste buds. But what makes it a healthy dish is the use of spices, coconut and the fish, such as mackerel and kingfish. Many studies have linked eating fish to good heart health and healthy skin.  

  •     Daal 

A humble, comforting and simple food, Daal is one of the best Indian dishes. It is available all over India, but the taste may vary based on the region. It is a fragrant lentil soup or curry, flavoured with spices like cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, and garam masala. It is rich in protein and soluble fibre content that helps in improving gut health.  

  •     Rajma Rice 

Rajma rice is a popular delicacy in India. It is made of red kidney beans, which is cooked in a delicious and aromatic gravy and served with hot rice. The meal is fulfilling and gives you an energy boost to power through your rest of the day. 

Healthy Sweet Treats 

After a delicious lunch, you may crave for something sweet. And, you can satiate your carvings guilt-free with the delicious yet healthy sweet dishes.  

  •     Gajar Ka Halwa

One of the most popular sweet Indian dishes, especially during the winters, Gajar Ka Halwa is made by cooking shredded carrots in milk until it is fully absorbed. It is flavoured with desi ghee, and cardamom. You can replace the sugar with jaggery and enjoy a delicious and healthy sweet treat.  

  •     Nuts Ladoo 

Ladoos are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine, and one of the most popular sweet Indian dishes. They are balls of goodness, and love. While there are endless varieties of ladoos in India, if you are looking for healthy, tasty, and Indian vegan dishes, nuts ladoo is the perfect dessert option for you. Packed with the goodness of nuts and dates, you can have it anytime of the day absolutely guilt-free.  

So, there you have a list of healthy Indian dishes that also score high on the taste quotient. 


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