When it comes to South India, there are multiple resorts that you can pick from for your vacation. And if you are a lover of food and want to truly explore the various delicacies that form a part of the culture and tradition of the Southern states, visiting a few resorts in one go is a great idea. We decided to give you a glimpse of the food that is prepared at our resorts and the delightful preparations that you will enjoy as you take a trip with your family.

Food at Ashtamudi

For most non-vegetarians, the cuisine of Kerala can be summed up in just two words. Rice (chor) and meen curry (fish curry). Pearl fish or karimeen, fried is a speciality here. Cooked in a spicy curry, its taste goes up several notches when had with organic rice or as some would prefer it, with fluffy appams (south Indian pancakes). A word of caution though, pearl fish has sharp bones, if you are a first timer, go easy. The mainstay of the cuisine of Kerala are coconuts and aromatic spices. It lends it that distinct taste. Vegetarians also have a plenty to choose from. They can go for rice with aviyal (assorted vegetables in a yogurt-coconut base), thoran (dry vegetable or greens) or appam with stew or parotta with curry. Of course, universal favourites like sambhar, rasam and other curries make sure everybody has a happy, full belly. Typical vegetables used in Kerala cuisine are the locally grown jackfruit, yam, tapioca, plantains and other tubers. An interesting fact is that in the case of mangoes and plantains, both the ripe and raw fruits are used in delicious ways. Another delicacy of South India is the Appam. Appam is God’s own country’s revered food and most popular among Kerala breakfast recipes that are healthy and easy to make. These white lacy pancakes have a crisp side with an airy, soft on touch, fluffy center. Savour this rice pancake with some yummy fish curry or prawn moilee and your day is made!

Food at Cherai

Food in Kerala is a fusion of Hindu, Muslim and Christian flavours. While you’re in Cherai, sample some of the local delicacies and other famous foods of Kerala such as the seafood. Savour the Meen peera, a tangy preparation using fresh anchovies flavoured with kokum, coconut and Kerala masalas. Karimeen Pollichathu is an exquisite dish of Pearlspot (a freshwater fish) grilled and wrapped in a banana leaf with onion and tomato based masalas. Treat yourself to other scrumptious dishes of Cherai such as crab, squid, prawns, lobster, scampi, mussels etc. You don’t have to search for restaurants in Cherai as Club Mahindra Cherai Beach resort chefs will serve you all these authentic treats at the resort itself. Enjoy the cuisine at Our Malabar Restaurant and Yavanapriya serving up lip smacking dishes of Kerala. Other delicacies include appams (a unique dosa), string hoppers, and the wholesome Meen moilee fish stew. Vegetarians can indulge in the Aviyal (vegatables cooked in a coconut paste), Thoran (A dry vegetable curry including jackfruits and yam), and a variety of tangy side dishes. The resort also offers separate food for children.

Food at Munnar

Begin your day with the most famous food of Kerala – dosa! However, you must also try vada, idli and appam for breakfast. They are delicious on your palate and light on your stomach. For lunch, try rice-based dishes like puttu and palappam. On another day, keep your tummy empty and sit down for a traditional Sadhya (meaning ‘banquet’ in Malayalam) served on a banana leaf. Sadhya is an appetising assortment of Aviyal (vegetables cooked in coconut paste), Thoran (a dry curry made with raw jackfruit and yam), stew (a mild and soothing creamy curry), Injipuli (a sour side dish made with ginger), sambhar, rasam and other mixed veggies. You must also relish biryani, fish curries and prawn curries. For dessert, have Payasam (a kind of kheer), one of the yummiest dishes of Kerala. Visit the local tea stalls called thattukadas to sip on a cup of tea made from fragrant tea leaves grown in Munnar. We suggest that you taste these local as well as global delights at Tea Room in Club Mahindra Munnar resort’s multi-cuisine restaurant.

Food at Yercaud

The food in Yercaud tends to please everyone’s taste buds. In addition to the quintessential idlis, dosas and other breakfast snacks, you get a tantalizing variety of non-vegetarian dishes. Spend your evenings by the lake with local favourites like capsicum fries, batter-fried green chillis, boiled eggs – referred to as Molagai Bhajji – or Mutta Bonda. These are served with a variety of chutneys. Appam and stew with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties are also served. And do not forget that you must end your food in Tamil Nadu with the famous filter coffee. The chefs at our Yercaud resort ensure that you and your family enjoy dishes from local as well as continental cuisines. Special food for children can be prepared on request.

Food at Puducherry

Pondicherry is in a unique position and so is its local cuisine. The local food in Tamil Nadu includes idli, dosa, rice, rasam and sambhar, as well as fiery chicken curries, flavoursome Biryanis and an array of seafood dishes including fried fish, prawn and crab roast. But the French influence gives a distinct rise to a unique Creole cuisine. Tucked away in the leafy lanes of the French Quarter are restaurants that specialise in this cuisine and will tantalise your taste buds with dishes such as the beef coconut curry, ragout de mutton, filet de boeuf, crème brulee, chateaubriand steak a la bearnaise, coq au vin, shellfish casserole, peach and litchi stew, scallops with curry leaves, roasted aubergine sauteed with spices and crab with mustard seeds and turmeric. It’s difficult to talk about French food without touching on baked goods and there are many eateries which serve airy croissants, fluffy madeleines, crusty baguettes, éclairs, pain au chocolat, torte, spinach, mushroom quiche and other French delights. Sea food in Puducherry is also a big favourite. Crab curry, clove roasted fish, prawns masala and fried fish are ever popular. The expert chefs at Club Mahindra Puducherry resort in Tamil Nadu ensure that you savour delicious food in Puducherry. The resort also offers separate specially prepared food for children, on request. You can check out the Club Mahindra reviews online for detailed information on the resorts.

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