Goa has everything that a popular coastal tourist spot must offer – sandy beaches, laid-back lifestyle, the famous Portuguese legacy and above all, good food. Scrumptious Goan cuisine is one of the reasons tourists throng to this happening destination. Your trip to Goa is incomplete without two things - a fantastic place to stay and savouring authentic Goa food.

There are many resorts in Goa, but the standout Club Mahindra Resorts in Goa are perfect if you are looking forward to enjoying Goan hospitality with your family. There are three Club Mahindra resorts to choose from in Goa, to make your stay exceptional – the Club Mahindra Emerald Palms, Acacia Palms Resort and the Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort.

The restaurants in all the resorts serve authentic Goan cuisine, from deliciously cooked inland delicacies to the mouth-watering seafood dishes. Rich in flavour, the food here has been influenced strongly by Portuguese culture and tradition. Although Goan food has several non-vegetarian star attractions, there are plenty of vegetarian options too. Goan food is also influenced by the traditions from the Maharashtrian Saraswat kitchen. The main ingredients used in Goan cuisine are coconut, kokum, tamarind, cashews and Red Goan chillies.

The expert chefs at Club Mahindra resorts make sure that you relish only the best and authentic Goa food at the resort. Binge on local delicacies like Pork Vindaloo, Sorpotel, Chicken Xacuti, traditional Goan fish curry and many more.

A few of the Goa food that you will truly enjoy at the resorts are:

Sr No

Must Try Food In Goa


Lobster Peri Peri


Chicken Xacuti


Pork Vindaloo


Khatkhate/ Vegetable Stew



Lobster Peri Peri

The Lobster Peri Peri is a dish that you should try while staying at the resort. Originating in Mozambique, the unique Peri Peri sauce was brought to Goa by the Portuguese. And the Portuguese influence reflects in the style of cooking. The lobster is marinated in the hot Peri-Peri sauce and cooked to perfection.

Chicken Xacuti

Pronounced as Sha-cu-ti, Chicken Xacuti is one of Goa’s most popular dishes. It is made using poppy seeds, coconut, and Kashmiri red chillies as its main ingredients. Spicy and full of flavour this dish too has strong Portuguese influences.

Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo is a Goan favourite where the ‘vin’ in Vindaloo means vinegar and ‘ahlo’ or ‘aloo’ means garlic. It is cooked using a thick red paste of red chillies, ginger, garlic and cumin ground using vinegar. The different blend of flavours will leave you wanting more.

Khatkhate/ Vegetable Stew

Khatkhate is a special dish served on special occasions among the Goan Hindus. This dish is traditionally prepared using a minimum of 5 vegetables. Cooked without oil, this vegetable stew is very healthy and nutritious as it is made with different vegetables.


Layered carefully to perfection, Bebinka is a traditional Goan sweet that is specially prepared during Christmas and New Year. It is made with plain flour, coconut milk, egg yolks and sugar or jaggery. The traditional Bebinka has anywhere between 7 to 16 layers. Goa is not only famous for food but also for scenic places to visit in Goa like Chapora Fort, Varca beach and Calungute beach.

It is not just the food that one can enjoy at the resorts in Goa. The resorts also offer spacious and comfortable rooms with a magnificent view and a laid-back elegance. The resorts boast of providing the best of amenities to its guests. Almost all the facilities that you can think during your vacation can be found in the Club Mahindra resorts, be it a swimming pool, gym, wi-fi internet etc. You can check out the Club Mahindra reviews online for detailed information on the resorts.

Even if you make it a point to try a new dish every day, you will still be surprised by the wide variety of Goa food available. Have a delicious stay!

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