How many of us have felt the need to sip on some strong coffee while at work? Everyone has a choice of coffee, regardless of the type of job they do. While some prefer their coffee black and without sugar and cream, some others crave the comfort that comes with a dollop of cream on top of an espresso shot. But coffee is almost unavoidable and there are a few things that ring true when it comes to consuming delicious caffeine.

Though these can be termed as stereotypes, they are clichés for a reason and if you look closely enough at the person who consumes this coffee, you will find that most of these clichés fit really well. So, what kind of a person are you depending on the kind of coffee you drink is a far-fetched assumption to make but you will be surprised to know how close it fits with your personality.


When it comes to people who order black coffee and spend their day consuming this piping hot drink from a flask, there is simply no cutting slack. These are people with a go-getter attitude and a classic Type A personality. Most black coffee drinkers are focussed, determined personalities who portray immense dedication in their work and are almost too charged up for the other people to handle. While they can come across as daunting and intimidating in a work space, they are also extremely accommodative and helpful. Competition does not scare them and they find taking up challenges extremely invigorating and exhilarating.


The cappuccino drinkers are people with a balanced attitude towards work and life. These are people who love to work and stay orderly and yet let themselves lose from time to time. Their choice of coffee says everything about their attitude towards life and while they do not necessarily shy away from adding a tiny bit of cream to the strong morning espresso, they are also not people who will choose to let go completely. They stick to deadlines and schedules and make sure that the work is done on time. Their personal life is also paid attention to and the balancing act is something that one should learn from a cappuccino drinker.


The fun-loving latte drinkers are usually the ones who believe in living life king size. These are people who have a live and let live philosophy in life and ensure that they implement it in their own life as well. The latte drinker is usually one who opts for cream and sugar over sweetners and milk powders. With oversized t-shirts, headphones in their ears and eyes glued to the laptop, these are people who don’t acknowledge peer pressure and are never necessarily worried by competition. The coolest of the lot, they are often found floating around in life and living every day to the fullest. Not easily affected by most things, they have a zen attitude and a calm persona which comes from the frothy, creamy milk and sugar that runs in their blood every morning.


Instant coffee by the name itself says laid back and less effort. The personality type is not far from the way you choose to consume this beverage and choosing instant coffee over the more refined artisan coffees or filter coffee that requires quite some effort, is a sign of laid back attitude and a slightly bored demeanour. These are people who crave fast results and would prefer to take the easier route rather than wait it out and show patience. They often tend to come up with quick ideas and are also able to think on their feet. Usually copywriters, artists, architects and people in the creative field, these are personalities that procrastinate the work till the deadline looms up. They are equally zen about their personal life and find it difficult to self-motivate themselves to work quicker. They rely on serious deadlines and usually meet most of them, much to the surprise of the serious black coffee folks.


Ever seen someone order a fancy iced latte and not have a smirk on their face or a brazen attitude towards life? Almost never! The iced latte queens are usually smitten with the idea of coffee than actually consuming the beverage. Not really one for coffee, they tend to drink this beverage more out of social standing than personal preference. Frappuccinos are the go-to with a Gucci handbag or a Chanel tote and these are people who take their appearance incredibly seriously. Often in the fashion industry, the iced latte drinkers are often in pencil heels or oxfords and they mean business!

While the personality types might be quite generalised and something you do not really identify specifically with, they speak about the stereotypical images that have been built for years around coffee drinkers. Regardless, coffee is a drink that never really goes out of style and while the various types can be confusing, our very famous filter coffee from South India, can never be refused by any of these people. Club Mahindra has 6 resorts in Kerala and while the resorts serve the best filter coffee, they also promise breath taking views as you sip on this hot beverage. Relish exquisite filter coffee in floating cottages of Ashtamudi during your family vacation in Kerala. A Club Mahindra membership offers you numerous Club Mahindra resorts to choose from when you are planning a family vacation.

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