We have all heard tremendous amount of advice when it comes to travelling with the kids.

We have all heard a tremendous amount of advice when it comes to traveling with the kids. The kind of advice given by other parents and people who have recently traveled with toddlers or teenagers can be overwhelming. In such situations, if you are traveling with your children for the very first time, there are a few basic ground rules that you can adhere to, to make your trip fun, peaceful and less taxing. Every child is different and while some children are quite flexible, some others crave routine and some are just completely jittery by the travails of derailed planes, jet lag or any fluctuations in the itinerary. The best way to go about ensuring a safe and enjoyable vacation is to follow these basic rules, five tips that will make your stay away from home with the kids memorable.


When it comes to going on a vacation, planning well in advance is the most strategic way to handle the trip. It not only saves tremendously on cost but also helps you to do a fair amount of research about the kind of places you would want to visit, the spots that are overrated and can easily be given a miss and what kind of activities the children will enjoy more. Since your accommodation with Club Mahindra is an aspect that you never have to worry about, the most important booking to get out of the way is your way of commute to the destination. In case, you plan to fly or even take a train, booking the tickets well in advance is recommended. The flight tickets go up very easily and with children involved, the number of heads are already more.


An important part of travelling, especially, when you travel with kids is to ensure that you don’t go with a very fixed itinerary and a schedule that is tight and difficult to manage. A leisure trip that allows everyone to relax and soak in the environment is a better choice than one where you have sightseeing spots aligned for a visit back to back. Children are very moody and their interests keep changing very often. Let your children pick and activity or two for every day of the trip, involve the family in decisions about what to order for a meal, what tourist spots should be visited, etc.

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We are usually very disciplinary with our children and it can be hard to separate this aspect of your personality when you go on a vacation with them. However, a trip is meant for enjoyment, rejuvenation and letting yourself go a little. Your children are also allowed to do so and letting them ease up and break the rules that you have set, back at home, should be on the cards. Let them use the IPad or their phone as much as they please on a vacation. Limitation of screen time is a good rule to follow on a daily basis, but on a vacation, learn to let it go. Craving and eating an ice cream or chocolates every day, binging on packets of chips, allowing the kids to drink coffee in bed and such other rules are easily bent and should definitely be overlooked while on a vacation.


The advantage of staying with Club Mahindra is the ease with which you can travel. Your accommodation is not just a place that you stay, it is an experience. The Club Mahindra staff will ensure that all your needs are taken care of and you have access to all the facilities that you require. Things like towels, tea/coffee service, access to the spa, pool, and massages are all taken care of by the resort. When it comes to traveling with children, there are a number of things that will crop up for which you might need help from the staff at the resort. Everything you might need has been anticipated and arranged in a way where you don’t need to pack excessively for a vacation. Make sure you pack light and do not burden your luggage with unnecessary items that are likely to be available at the resort. You can even call the Club Mahindra resort and enquire about availability.

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The Club Mahindra properties are vastly expansive and there is ample space to roam around and soak in the atmosphere of calm. Your children are waiting for some time to themselves just as much as you are. Let them explore the property, indulge in swimming sessions or a game of tennis or take a massage without you by their side. Give them space to experience the trip on their own. The Club Mahindra resorts are extremely safe and that should make it very easy for parents to trust the staff and the premises in order to let the children roam around freely. Also, read through these Club Mahindra reviews & get a sneak peek of what members have to say about their family vacation at Club Mahindra resorts.

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