A vacation is a time to get closer to your loved ones and spend some quality time with them. However, kids with their natural restlessness and boundless energy can often feel alienated or bored during a holiday outing. But not at Club Mahindra resorts. 

The family resorts of Club Mahindra regularly conduct kid-friendly workshops that children enjoy to their fullest. Following are the five most popular workshops for children organised at various Club Mahindra resorts across India.

Kid-friendly Workshops at Club Mahindra Resorts:

  • Puppet Making 
  • Pottery
  • Magician Workshop 
  • Towel Origami
  • Bamboo Craft Classes 


1.      Puppet Making 

Puppet plays are a great way to develop creativity in children. Children can develop a storyline and create new characters and situations while indulging in puppet play. Besides, puppet-making can be a great teaching aid to help children grasp difficult concepts or work on complex problems. 

So, a puppet making workshop in resorts can help children enjoy their vacation while adding a cool skill to their repertoire.

2.      Pottery 

Forming clay pots by rolling soft clay over the potter’s wheel can be a calming experience for kids. It’s one of those artistic activities in resorts that can help develop creativity, self-expression, and concentration among kids. Most importantly, children can learn to be patient and perseverant to get the best results. 

In the end, you can take home a beautiful, personalised souvenir created by your child and remind you of the best moments from your holiday. 

Club Mahindra Udaipur and Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh routinely organise puppet-making and pottery workshops for kids. A family vacation in these resorts can be a fulfilling experience for families with kids.

 3.      Magician Workshop 

Who doesn’t like magic shows? Children love watching magic shows. The exotic spells, the magician's caricature, and the storyline, can transport them to a world where everything is possible. However, learning a magic trick or two can work wonders in developing their confidence. 

Club Mahindra organises Young Magician workshops for children in many of its resorts in India. Accomplished magicians conduct these workshops to teach some simple yet impressive magic tricks disappearing coins, spoon bending, etc. Attending these sessions can help kids build their confidence, improve their social skills, and overcome their shyness.

4.      Towel Origami 

You must have noticed how some hotels welcome you by placing towels in unusual but beautiful shapes in your hotel rooms. This is called towel origami. Many kids-friendly resorts of Club Mahindra teach this art to kids. It can be a great way to tease young minds about how to create shapes through napkins and towels and impress their friends when they go back home.

5.      Bamboo Craft Classes 

Opulent tents, delightful cuisines, and the excitement of spotting tigers during the jungle safari can make your stay at the premium resort in Kanha by Club Mahindra the best resort for kids, especially the ones with a penchant for wildlife. Additionally, the resort is located deep inside the Kanha Tiger reserve, surrounded by dense forests of Bamboo and Sal trees. So, there are ample raw materials to indulge in some beautiful Bamboo crafts. 

The kids can learn to use bamboo to create decorative pieces, baskets, and simple utensils in this resort from the local artisans. 

So, next time you're checking into a Club Mahindra resort, enquire about their kid-friendly workshop. You might end up enrolling yourself with your kid in the workshop to strengthen the parent-child bond.

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