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As parents, you do a lot to teach your kids skills that will serve them good when they become adults. However, there is an essential attribute to pass down to kids, and that is caring for the environment and the planet we live in. It is important that you pass down eco-friendly living tips so that your kids love and care about the environment in the future.

Kids are like little sponges. They soak up much information and are highly impressionable and perceptive, especially to novel experiences. And like new lessons and experiences, your kid can readily catch up on an idea as well like how to love mother Earth and live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle

7 ways you can teach your kids to live an eco-friendly lifestyle:

  • First of all, explain it to them the importance of eco-friendly living


To get your kids interested in living an eco-friendly lifestyle, teach them its importance. Relate things they are doing on a day-to-day basis to their immediate environment and show them news or cartoons about the environment. You can talk to them about the importance of heading an environmentally-friendly lifestyle for a healthy future.

  • Teach them the three Rs—Reduce, reuse, recycle

The three R’s rule of reducing, reusing and recycling forms the basis of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Teach your kids to reduce the use of food and things as much as possible. Develop, in your kids, a habit to reuse by reusing stuff yourself. Keep at your home and teach your kids to sort waste into separate containers like plastic, paper, glass, and cans so that they can be recycled. Kids can easily learn to sort items, being young and curious. 

Everyone has something that could be turned into something new and rewarding. You can teach the concept of recycling to your kids by transforming their old toys into something exciting, seating with them.

  • Very important: teach your kids to keep the environment clean

Do your kids pick up litter after them and deposit it to bins responsibly? If not, it is high time to cultivate in them the habit of keeping the environment clean. Adults who throw trash in public are probably the ones who were not taught the importance of waste disposal when they were kids. Teach your kids that littering is wrong and the importance of picking up litter after eating.

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  •  Teach them how to conserve existing resources

We have limited resources of water, food, energy, etc. And the world population is ever-increasing. Teaching your kids to conserve existing resources is an important part of teaching them how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Even small actions like putting food back in the refrigerator, closing the fridge, turning the water tap off, turning off lights, not wasting water between brushing teeth, washing hands with less water, etc. can help develop the habit of conservation.

  • Encourage your kids to use environmentally friendly transport

Teach your kids how to take public transit, the environmental impact of riding bicycles, how walking is a better way to reach nearby places, etc. All these habits will help them become healthy and fit grown-ups and environmentally responsible.

  • Spend time with your kids out in the nature, often

Teach your kids to respect the outdoors to teach them eco-living ideas. Go to the local park and go on an easy walk with your kid while showing them how to appreciate the beauty of the ecosystem. You can even get in some fun exercise with your kids over there. Similarly, visit the zoo, the marine park, go to the beach, go on a bush walk, and show your kids the real beauty of nature. Teach them why exactly they should follow eco-friendly living tips.

You can even schedule an outdoor play session with your kid to increase her appreciation for nature. Positive experiences in the outdoors can create a sense of respect for nature in the minds of kids.

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  • Set an example

There is an adage that says—Your behaviour is the best means to promote your idea. Kids do what they see, especially the younger munchkins. So, the best way to teach them to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is by following it yourself. 

You can do many other small actions at home and pass on to your kids' eco-living ideas like take short showers, teach your kids the importance of car maintenance, make them aware of environmental issues, take care of your home, practice doing more with less, plant a tree, etc. Know that the next generation will design the future of the whole planet. So, now is the perfect time to focus on giving them eco-friendly living tips and preparing them for the changing environment.


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