Diwali is the festival of lights and positivity all around. It is the time to clean and decorate your house and go shopping. But what about the kids? There should be something more apart from receiving new clothes and bursting firecrackers.

Well, it can be the right opportunity to teach them some simple crafts that can go a long way in teaching creative hobbies to them. Consider the following craft ideas for Diwali to fuel your kid’s imagination and creativity.

Candle Holder Made from Bangles 

It is one of the easiest Diwali craft ideas that don’t require elaborate preparations. All you need is some old glass bangles, glue, and a candle. Pick out some colourful bangles that reflect light well. Ask your child to glue 5-8 bangles together to form a small tower. Now place a candle or a Diwali Diya in the middle of the tower.

Ensure that the height of the lamp holder is not too high to cover the flames.

Diwali Lanterns Made of Paper 

There are numerous readymade Diwali Lanterns available in the market. But nothing beats the joy of making a Diwali lantern at home. It is one of those time-tested Diwali crafts for kids that helps them boost their confidence to create something beautiful. 

Help your kid in cutting different thick colour papers in equal sizes. Now draw simple shapes on the paper or cut holes of different shapes in them. Make different shapes using these papers with enough space to hold a bulb inside. 

You can make even simple cuboid shapes for a start. You can experiment with thermocol and cardboard to make the lantern more stable. Now, install a small bulb and turn on the light. Remember, the child should enjoy the process.

Diya Painting

It is one of those easy Diwali crafts for kids where a child’s natural love for colours is used. Kids love to make a mess out of different colours. So why not give them a proper canvas? The earthen Diyas are ideal for this purpose. Give your child some marker pens, watercolours, and brushes. Now, there are two ways to proceed further. 

  1. Draw some shapes on the Diyas and ask your child to colour them.
  2. Give complete freedom to your kid about the shape and colour the child chooses. Don't fret over the outcome. Just observe how your child expresses themself through various shapes and colours.

Diwali Greeting Card

Where is the fun in sending readymade greeting cards to people you care about? Instead, encourage children to make their own Diwali Greeting Cards. The innocent design flaws, the grammatical errors, and the beautifully imperfect crude designs can put a smile on the face of the receiver. 

Greeting cards can be one of those Diwali crafts ideas for children that can go a long way in instilling an artistic bend of mind. First, provide them with papers, markers, crayons, etc. Then, guide them with basic ideas about making those greeting cards and see how their minds ignite.

Diwali Banner

How can the strangers know that the house belongs to a child with thousand ideas brewing inside the little head? Teach your kid to make Diwali banners. A Diwali banner can give your child the perfect outlet for a creative outflow. You can help with ideas and implementation.

A Diwali banner can be simple or complex, depending on the kid’s age and creativity. Begin with making simple banners using art paper, and colour paper. After that, encourage your kid to step up creativity using thermocol, various chart papers, and other art stationeries.  

Diwali brings in a welcome respite from the routine life of kids. So, it is the perfect time to help them explore their talents outside the purview of regular studies. Diwali crafts can be a great way to unwind and aid your kid's mental development.


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