A kid-friendly staycation should be about two things – learning and letting go. Learning all kinds of fun, new, exciting things. Letting go of the mundane, the everyday, the ordinary. With Club Mahindra, you get this, and more. Our holidays are designed around every member of the family. We’ve got a trunk of exceptional kids’ activities and experiences that will help your child develop into the best version of him/herself. Take a look at some of our best experiences for kids.

Best Experiences for Kids at Club Mahindra Resorts:

  • Fun Science

The Club Mahindra team believes that science is “GROOL” aka great and cool. And your kids will feel the same way with the number of exciting experiences we have for them.

Think about it. Gravity, light, sound... it’s all so fascinating, yet, there’s a simple explanation to each phenomenon. Our holiday experts have curated a whole experience around the curious world of science. So that, your kids can learn something new, in between the trips to the beach and pool. Fun Science is one of our most popular packages, as it offers little ones’ the chance to be stimulated and challenged within a beautiful vacation setting. From engaging experiments to interesting quizzes, children may navigate a universe of endless, educational possibilities. What’s more, each child will leave with a fully functional science kit, thoughtful return gift, and complete knowledge of the destination.

Club Mahindra resorts - Fun Science Club Mahindra resorts - Kids Disco
  • Kids’ Disco

While song and dance are meant for all, this foot-thumping experience is dedicated solely to your little show-stoppers. Now, here’s an opportunity for them to show off all those groovy moves they’ve learned at their dance class. What better place to pirouette, twirl, and leap, than at Club Mahindra’s dedicated dance arena? Let kids snap their fingers, shake those hips, flash those jazz hands – we’ll be there to cheer them every step of the way. Our in-house DJ has put together a playlist with some of the most popular tracks from Bollywood, Classic and Contemporary genres, that will inspire your toddlers to set the dance floor on fire. This is our way of encouraging youngsters to let go of their inhibitions, socialise with peers, unwind, and have a great time. Here’s highlighting one of Club Mahindra’s favourite kids’ activities.

Club Mahindra resorts - Junior Naturalist Club Mahindra resorts - Hocus Pocus
  • Junior Naturalist

Leaves rustling in the wind. Waves crashing onto the shore. Birds singing sweet, melodious songs. Did you know, nature calls out to the little ones? So, make sure they’re listening. One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the ability to love the natural environment. Because, is there anything more adventurous than exploring the great, big outdoors? At our earthy resorts, your kids are encouraged to discover, play, and grow alongside the trees, the grass, the mud, the pebbles, the flowers… The Junior Naturalist, in particular, aims to educate youngsters about the local flora and fauna of a Club Mahindra destination. From planting trees, to plucking fruits and vegetables, our knowledgeable and friendly guides will introduce your children to some important life skills. They will get to know about aromatic spices and observe how organic food is prepared. If that’s not amazing, what is?

  • Hocus Pocus

Club Mahindra and “magic” go hand in hand. As you know, our mission is to make every moment magical for our loyal members. And for us, this is as simple as saying “Abracadabra”! With this spirit in mind, we have built a very special experience for kids. Hocus Pocus is a thrilling event, curated with many wonderful learning takeaways. Your children will get to master incredible magic tricks, and even perform them on stage. From the shiny costumes, to the innovative props and dramatic sets, here’s an opportunity for the little magicians to put on a show of many incredible talents. Did you know this a great way to eradicate stage fear, and cultivate public speaking skills, hand-eye coordinating and confidence? Yes! This is not just an exciting hobby to cultivate; it’s a means to moulding stronger, more self-assured people. As you can see, this experience ticks a lot of the right boxes.

Are you ready to let your child board the Kids’ Express Train of Fun? So, while you’re enjoying a relaxing Ayurvedic massage or a romantic stroll, know that your children are offered the best experiences at Club Mahindra Resorts.

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