DIY Board Games Cardboard City Planning

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, a lot of parents are finding it hard to keep their kids engaged and entertained while in quarantine. How can you keep your kids busy during the COVID-19 lockdown? Whether you're living a work-from-home life or are a stay-at-home parent, there are a lot of ways to keep the whole family from going stir-crazy, including fun scavenger hunts, cardboard games, board games and a lot of fun DIY (Do It Yourself) activities. 

To keep your children focused, engaged and amused throughout the curfew, here are some fun and creative DIY projects for your kids.

  • DIY Board Games

Designing your own board game is not only a fun activity but will also be a learning experience for your kids. Give them a poster board, markers and construction paper and ask them to design their own board game to play later in the day. For inspiration, you can assign them with a theme like outer space, candy land or their own fantasy world. Since it will require the use of critical thinking to create a meaningful game with a beginning and an end, it will be a unique learning experience for them and will keep them engaged throughout.

  • Cardboard City Planning

You probably have a lot of cardboards on your hand from past home deliveries. Hold onto those boxes, including food packaging and cereal boxes for a fun city planning project for your kids. Task them with designing their own city with cardboard, markers, scissors and whatever other supplies you might get your hands on. Make them design buses, buildings, car, houses and other things in a bustling metropolis. This project will help them keep engaged throughout the day, boost their creativity and imagination, and once it's done, your kids can use it as a backdrop for action figure fighting, toy car racing and whatever else their imagination makes them do.

Make an Obstacle Course Cool Science Experiments
  • Make an Obstacle Course

There are multiple ways to create your personal obstacle course. You can build one outside by breaking out the sidewalk chalk and designing one of the driveways with areas where the kids can hop or walk on their tiptoes. Or you can make one inside the house with chairs and pillows. Engaging your kids in making and designing a crazy obstacle course around the house will test their skills and keep them occupied throughout.

  • Cool Science Experiments

Enjoy some easy science experiments with common household ingredients. With simple reactions between vinegar and soda, you can take the learning up a notch by mixing colours to your timeless science experiments. You can try out experiments like walking water, bouncy balls, fireworks in a jar, exploding chain reaction, fizzing colours and lava lamp, or make a kid-friendly slime using liquid glue, contact solution, baking soda, food colouring and baby oil. You can also compete together in a paper aeroplane challenge and see who can fly the plane the most.

DIY Planters DIY Kaleidoscope
  • DIY Planters

Introduce your kids to the world of plants. Make a recycled tin can planter to teach them how to take care of their plants and also enhance their creativity and crafting skills. To make it a more fun family project, you can help them create bottle cap flowers to adorn the garden with some recycled art. 

  • DIY Kaleidoscope

Even though store-bought kaleidoscopes are great, making their own kaleidoscope will help them learn the process of it along with teaching them lessons on light and reflecting surfaces. All you will need is shiny mirror paper, a Pringles can, sequins, markers, glue/tape, construction paper and a screwdriver. It is easy to make, and you can conveniently find the steps to make it online. This activity can be a wholesome experience for all.

Make Sensory Bins DIY Laser Maze
  • Make Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are large containers filled with elements that stimulate a young child’s senses. They are versatile and make learning a fun process for young kids. These bins help focus and calm your child and teach them to explore the world with the help of their senses. You can come up with unique themes, seasons or holidays to make the sensory bin more relatable and interesting: such as dinosaur archaeology, ice cream, insect or ice, rainbow pasta, fall harvest corn, dishwashing and much more.

  • DIY Laser Maze

Using masking tape and a roll of crepe paper or a ball of yarn, string the crepe/yarn to the walls in different directions. And let the madness unfold as your kids try to bend, duck, twist and turn as they make their way to the other side of the room or corridor. Help your kids make differently-designed mazes and encourage them to make their way through them. This enthralling activity will give your children a sense of adventure, while also improving their motor skills and flexibility.  

The above-mentioned DIY projects can prove to be extremely helpful in engaging your kids and harnessing their boundless creativity and energy during the current period.

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