To make your holidays memorable and less taxing to plan, Club Mahindra with their wonderful holiday plans and comfortable dwellings, has been the abode for vacationers for years now. From the beginning of your journey until the end, you can be sure of having a memorable holiday that you would remember for the rest of your life. With hotels and resorts all over India and a few abroad, you can be sure to have a home to holiday in wherever you wish to go.

Club Mahindra resorts offers its member a delightful stay in the most stunning parts of the country with breath-taking views and state-of-the-art amenities. Apart from having various fun and adventurous activities such as trekking, evening entertainment for guests, and sports, Club Mahindra ensures that children, too, get the most of their stay at their resorts by arranging various interesting and entertaining activities for them. Some of the child-friendly activities provided by Club Mahindra are mentioned below.

Kid-Friendly Activities at Club Mahindra Resorts:

  • Kid’s Club

The Club Mahindra staff are happy to chaperone your kids and take care of them for some part of the day, wherein they play with the kids and entertain them while you unwind and relax yourselves. With so many kids getting together, the children are bound to make new friends and have a wonderful time playing with them.

  • Virtual World

For kids who love video games, the virtual is the perfect place to let them be. With an amazing collection of video games that would keep your children occupied, you can leave your children to enjoy by themselves while you take a tour around that you know your child would crib in.

  • Creative Corner 

Club Mahindra has a creative corner organized for both kids and their parents where you can unearth your talents, or perhaps polish them. With painting, craft kits, and hobby kits available, one can choose what they love to do the most and have a wonderful time creating things.

  • Workshop

There are several workshops organized by Club Mahindra for the entire family where one can choose the workshop they wish to attend during their free time. From baking pots, cooking, puppet making, and puppet shows, one can learn a lot along with having fun at the workshops organized.

  • Magic shows

Club Mahindra also organizes magic shows for the entire family with the magician making coins appear and disappear, pulling out an endless string of colorful handkerchiefs from your pockets, and a lot more.

With wonderful opportunities for your children to meet new friends and develop their talents and skills, your kids are bound to have a fun time learning along having the time of their lives. You can also check out Club Mahindra reviews and feedback to know more about the activities offered by Club Mahindra.

Grandparents playing with grandchildren

About Club Mahindra

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. (MHRIL), a part of Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group, offers quality family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships and brings to the industry values such as reliability, trust and customer satisfaction. Started in 1996, the company's flagship brand ‘Club Mahindra’, today has over 250,000 members , who can holiday at 100+ resorts in India and abroad.

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