Kids Activities - Flag Flag off a Treasure Hunt Kids Activities - Play a Board Game

It has rightly been said “children learn as they play. More importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” In times like these it’s obvious we can’t let our children experience the outdoors but that doesn’t mean there is no room for play. There are endless indoor activities that can happily keep your kids engaged. Let’s scroll down to learn about some fun activities that your kids would love to indulge in!

A Bedsheet Tent House

Kids always look forward to having their own cozy space where they can realize their world of imagination. Thus putting up an indoor tent house would be a great idea. All you need is a bed sheet and few pillows. From reading storybooks to fondling stuff toys, the tent house will become their favorite place for recreation.

Flag off a Treasure Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the most engaging activities your kids will enjoy thoroughly. Prepare a list of objects that are familiar to both you and your kids. Go around the house hiding them in specific places and chalk out clues that lead young players to each of them. Throw open the floor and let the little ones navigate and explore. A treasure hunt is going to keep them on their toes.

Play a Board Game

Come together for classic board games like scrabble, monopoly, chess, Chinese checkers, etc. These games are surely going to keep their brain buzzing. Encourage your kids to learn about planning, teamwork, and possibilities to win. Indulge them in board games meant to entertain as well as educate. 

Kids Activities - Stage a Fun Dress- up Kids Activities - Delight in Thumb- painting

Stage a Fun Dress- up

Now that they have fewer chances to get ready and go out for a party, staging an in-house fashion show will be awesome. Costumes aren’t just for outings; they can also work wonders at home. Let the kids dive into the costume trunk and get dressed up the way they want. Kids love being a part of fun dress-ups all year round, this one activity will make their imagination run wild.

Delight in Thumb- painting

One of the most interesting activities for children, thumb painting is the easiest way to paint. Let your kids dip their tiny thumb into a riot of colors and leave impressions on paper. Watch them randomly create wonderful shapes, and brush up their creative skills. 

Play Hide and Seek

An epic game played over generations, engaging in a game of hide and seek will be super-fun. This game will not only make naughty urchins joyful but will also improve their memory, self-control, and mental flexibility. It will bring their muscles in movement with all the running around and is also going to refresh them. 

Kids Activities - Play Hide and Seek Kids Activities - Let them try their hands on Origami

Let them try their hands on Origami

The craft of Origami is a great way to get creative juices flowing. Hand over a bunch of colored sheets to your kids and teach them this fantastic art of paper folding. Try making fans, envelopes, jumping frogs, and several other things that are easy to craft. Help children discover the pleasure in creating stuff with their own hands.

Gather for a Storytelling session

Round up the kids for a storytelling session and open their minds to a brand-new world. Ask the elderly to take the lead in narrating fascinating stories from their childhood. Story-telling sessions are the ones kids never wish to miss out on. Encourage them to concoct characters and stories, give them the freedom to express themselves.

Tap on the Tunes

Make a little space in your living room for a casual dance party. Put on your kid's favorite music and shake off a dull day. Dancing is another way of exercising, energizing, and burning little calories. Let the kids bounce around to upbeat tunes. Dancing will improve their agility, flexibility and will also teach them the significance of harmony. 

Kids Activities - Gather for a Storytelling session Kids Activities - Bake Cookies

Bake Cookies

Another great activity to keep your kids engrossed is baking. Teach your kids the art of baking cookies as it will be a great pass time for you and also your kids. Try out easy recipes and create delicious treats and lasting memories.

Choose one or more of these indoor activities and don’t let them miss outdoor fun!

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