The beginning of summer means a lot of things and for most parents, the looming vacation time is a huge part of the summer break. While the children are in school, they are used to learning everything from the syllabus either by the way of rote learning or practical methods that professors these days implement. But no matter the style and approach of teaching, there are a wide variety of concepts and learnings that simply cannot be taught in a classroom. The exposure that the child gets through travel is a big example of this. We say child because when you travel as an adult, the kind of things that one would observe, absorb, and appreciate are completely different from the ones that one picks up as a school kid. Not only are children much more receptive when they are younger, they are also immensely curious. This makes traveling much more eventful and keeps one engrossed in the intricate details of life.

This year, ensure that your child gets the best of both worlds. Pick a spot from the numerous locations that Club Mahindra boasts of and simply book your stay before you can reconsider the vacation. Here are a few things that you could teach your children, which will help them grow beyond the material that is taught in classrooms.

  1. Kalaripayattu is an Ancient Martial Art of India.
  2. Kumbhalgarh is the Second Largest Wall.
  3. Amritsar’s Golden Temple is one of the country’s most peaceful, beautiful, and spiritual sites.
  4. Lotus Temple, in Delhi, is one of the most visited buildings in the world.
  5. Dal Lake in Kashmir has a floating post office, with an attached philatelic museum, built to resemble Srinagar’s famous houseboats.
  6. The Kumbh Mela is a Hindu pilgrimage that is the World’s Largest Human Gathering.
  7. Padmanabhaswamy Temple, in Kerala’s capital city, Thiruvananthapuram, is not only the richest Hindu temple in the world, it’s also believed to be the richest place of worship ever to have existed.
  8. There are more than 140 types of traditional Indian desserts.
  9. Delhi’s Khari Baoli is the World’s Largest Spice Market.
  10. There are more than 20 cafes owned by the French in Pondicherry today.

Now one may wonder how a simple piece of information like this one could possibly help your child, but you will be surprised to know what little bits of knowledge can do to your child’s brain. When you take the typical vacation to Kerala, don’t hold back. Do a little research yourself on the variety of things that the place offers, its culture, its history, and the rituals that the locals engage in. Try to eat local food and indulge yourself in the wide spreads that the resorts have for every meal. A leisure vacation can also include reading up about the place, and paying attention to architecture, the politics of the region and the subcultures that exist. Try to bring these to your kid’s notice and have a dialogue about what he/she has observed, what they feel, etc. These are a few things that drastically change the way one travels, gives perspective, and imparts learnings that one could never ordinarily learn while sitting in an enclosed classroom in the middle of a bustling city. You can check out the Club Mahindra reviews online for detailed information on the resorts.


Things to Teach Your Children That the Classroom Won't

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