A lot of families in India plan their holidays during November and December. Yes, these months are a great time to travel to India. However, if you are considering places to visit outside India in April, that's a fascinating idea. It is one of the best months to experience and feel the magic of spring in the north and autumn in the south. 

Countries like Sri Lanka, Spain, Bolivia, and many more feature pleasant climates that make for wonderful places to visit outside India in April. During this time of year, as summer starts to set in, the sun is mild, and the breeze is soothing in most places, making your holiday experience comfortable. 

If you are unsure where to go, here is our recommendation on the best places to visit in April outside India. 


  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka
  • Japan
  • Bolivia
  • Spain 
  • Netherlands


Undoubtedly one of the best tourist places in Asia, Vietnam attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Known for its vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, rich history, sun-kissed beaches, and iconic monuments, are a few reasons why it is one of the best places to visit in April outside India. 

While you can visit Vietnam any time of the year, the country has its unique charm in April. During this time of the year, the weather is pleasant, with temperatures hovering around 24 degrees Celsius. It is a great time to relax by the beach and indulge in various fun activities to suit your interests. 

  • Best places to visit in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay
  • Capital City - Hanoi
  • Languages spoken – Vietnamese
  • Currency – Vietnamese Dong
  • Best places to stay – Citadines Regency (Saigon), Citadines Marina (Halong), Somerset Hoa Binh (Hanoi)

Sri Lanka

Popularly known as the 'Emerald Island,' Sri Lanka is a paradise for travellers, especially beach lovers. With its soaking and soothing rays of the sun and boasting pristine sun-kissed beaches, Sri Lanka perfectly encapsulates the true essence of Asian hospitality and culture. 

Evergreen forests, endless slopes of tea plantations, palm-fringed beaches, ancient temples, and aromatic spice gardens welcome tourists from all over the world. If you are bitten by the wanderlust bug, Sri Lanka is one of the best tourist places to visit in April outside India. Here, you can lounge on miles of unspoiled beaches and discover the country's unique culture. 

A tear-drop shaped nation, Sri Lanka is also known as the pearl of the Indian ocean. And owning to its close proximity to India, it is a great place to manifest your inner sense of luxury without breaking a bank. 

  • Best places to visit in Sri Lanka – Kandy, Colombo, Sigiriya, Nuwara Eliya, Jaffna
  • Capital City - Colombo
  • Languages spoken – Sinhalese
  • Currency – Sri Lankan Rupee
  • Best places to stay – Mount Lavinia (Colombo)


Japan is like a Pandora's box, which holds many surprises within and pleases all kinds of travellers. Thanks to its stunning shrines, gorgeous gardens, enchanting palaces, magnificent mountains, delectable cuisine, and many other wonders. 

A technological wonderland, Japan is one of the best places to visit in April outside India for a good reason. During this time of the year, the countryside of Japan turns pink with the blossoming of the Cherry or Sakura trees, as the locals call them. The sight of pink-blooming flowers is a visual treat and is worth travelling to. 

Also, in April, Japan celebrates one of its most important festivals, the Hanami festival, which is observed to welcome the cherry blossom season. The celebrations of this festival are unique and reflect the beautiful culture and traditions of Japan. 

  • Best places to visit in Japan – Kyoto, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Asakusa, Hakone, Shibuya
  • Capital City - Tokyo
  • Languages spoken – Japanese, Miyako, Kyukyu
  • Currency – Japanese Yen


From the vast and mighty Amazon rainforests to the world's largest salt flats, the expansive Atacama Desert, and the soaring Andes Mountain Peaks, Bolivia rewards the tourist with a variety of landscapes. A precious gem in South America, Bolivia is still quite an underrated tourist destination, and it does not receive half the tourists to its neighbouring countries like Chile, Brazil, or Argentina. You may admire the stunning beauty of this land without the hassles of rushing. 

Also, fewer crowds means you can get the best out of the popular Bolivian experiences. You must try riding a bike between La Paz and Los Yungas, the so-called death road in Bolivia, or drink from the iconic Fountain of Youth, Lake Titicaca.

So, start planning your trip to one of the best-kept secrets of South America. What makes Bolivia one of the best places to visit outside India in April is that it marks the end of the rainy season, and you get to witness the exquisite beauty of the region. Also, the weather at this time of the year is pleasant, creating a perfect setting for sightseeing and adventurous excursions. 

  • Best places to visit in Bolivia – La Paz, Salar De Uyuni, Potosi, Sucre, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba
  • Capital City – La Paz
  • Languages spoken – Spanish, Aymara, Quechua
  • Currency – Bolivian Boliviano


One of the most visited countries in the world, Spain is an incredible travel destination. It is packed with many amazing attractions and gives you a chance to enjoy awesome experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life. Home to many World Heritage Sites, sun-kissed Mediterranean beaches, lip-smacking cuisine, and multi-faceted culture, the only problem you will have while visiting the country is not knowing where to start. 

Reeking of charm and elegance from every nook and corner, Spain is a one-of-a-kind country that tends to cast a spell on tourists, leaving them in a state of perpetual awe of its beauty. A country where both old-world charm and modern sophistication coexist in perfect harmony, Spain must feature on your travel bucket list.

  • Best places to visit in Spain – Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Seville, Granada, Toledo
  • Capital City – Madrid
  • Languages spoken – Spanish, Catalan, Basque
  • Currency – Euro
  • Best places to stay – Holiday Club Vista Amadores, Holiday Club Playa Amadores, Holiday Club Jardin Amadores, Holiday Club Puerto Calma (Canary Islands)


A dazzling jewel on the European tourism map, the Netherlands is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations in the world. It is sure to steal your heart. A treasure trove of history, culture, arts, and heritage, the Netherlands has elegance oozing out from every corner. 

While the cities are bustling with commercial activities, the countryside has a serene setting, and the landscape is no less than a fairy tale land. From endless flower fields and high windmills to stunning water canals and scenic landscapes, the Netherlands has everything you want in a holiday destination under one roof. 

  • Best places to visit in the Netherlands – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hague, Leiden, Arnhem
  • Capital City – Amsterdam
  • Languages spoken – Dutch, French, German, English
  • Currency – Euro

Although the list of countries mentioned above is not comprehensive, we have specifically hand-picked destinations as they have something to offer to please everyone in your family. All these places have beautiful nightlife for the young ones to enjoy, scenic landscapes for you to relax and feel close to nature, rich history for the history buffs, and architectural wonders for the photography enthusiasts; what else can you ask for?

So, start packing your bags and get set to go. A wonderful holiday experience awaits you outside the boundaries of India! 

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