Monsoon is one of the best seasons for travelling across India, as you can see and experience the true colour of nature. The fresh showers breathe life into the surroundings and paint the hills, mountains in million shades of green. Not to mention, the monsoon is also the time when you get to see the seasonal waterfalls in its full glory.  

The sights of the lush greenery around you and the sweet scent of the earth nourishes the soul. Also, given the diverse topography of India, monsoon is the best time of the year when you can go trekking. If you are looking for suggestions for best monsoon treks in India, we have got you covered. We list down the best places to go trekking in India during monsoon that would surely give you an experience of a lifetime. 

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand 

The Valley of Flower National Park in Uttarakhand remains open only during the monsoon season from July to September, making it one of the most loved places to go for monsoon treks in India. The valley has etched its name in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this valley comes under the core zone in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.  

During the monsoon season, the rain covers the valley in a colour sheet of beautiful flowers, which enhances the beauty of this place, which seems out of this world. The pleasant weather makes the trek to this place even more charming, and along the way, you can spot many colourful butterflies and birds. Make sure that you carry a good quality camera, as you would want to click everything you see.  

Chembara Peak, Kerala 

The Chembara Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad, Kerala and one of the most beautiful places to go trekking during the monsoon season. The trail leading up to the peak is replete with mist, cliffs shrouded in fluffy clouds,  tea estates and a watchtower. While the trail in itself is pretty, once you reach the peak, a perfect climax awaits you as you would be greeted to the stunning view of the heart-shaped Chembara Lake.  

If you are heading for a trek to Chembara Peak, it is better to start making your way up early, as the 7-km long trek may take a few hours to complete, depending on your speed and fitness. Also, if you are an amateur, it is better to trek with a group so that you can watch each other’s back and the whole journey towards the top becomes much easier when you have company.  

Rajmachi, Maharashtra 

Located in Lonavala, Rajmachi is one of the best treks in India for beginners and first time trekkers. The way up to Rajmachi is fairly easy, and what makes this trek better than other trails nearby is that it is less crowded, which allows you to climb at your own place.  

You can walk on marked route from Lonavala and reach the pinnacle of the hills in about 3-4 hours. During your journey to the top, you can enjoy breathtaking view of the Kataldhar waterfall and Bhor Ghat, which gives you the perfect monsoon feel.  

Hukyachi Khadi, Goa 

A seasonal waterfall near the Kumthal Village in Goa, Hukyachi Khadi is one of the best treks in India during monsoon. It is a haven for both nature and adventure lovers. Boasting a rich biodiversity, the climb to the top is about 4.5 kms long, and it may take 3-4 hours for you to complete the trek one way.  

As you make your way to the peak, you can get a bird-eye view of the rubber plantations, the thick forest below, which looks like a huge blanket of green, and rivulets. Traverse through the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and be ready to cross a river and walk through spice plantations, all this only adds to the charm of the trek. 

Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh 

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular trekking destinations in India. There are many trails throughout the state, and each has its unique charm. However, if you have to choose the best trekking in North India during monsoon, choose the Hampta Pass Trek.  

Many trekking experts who have scaled this peak suggest that it is one of the most dramatic treks in Himachal Pradesh as it lets you be surrounded by the most beautiful natural surroundings. Located on the Pir Panjal range, the trek connects the valley of Kullu and Lahaul.  

Depending on your pace and the number of stops you take, the trek should take about 4-6 days. However, every step you take towards your destination, you would feel rewarded with the scenery of thick forests, green meadows and rivers.  

The monsoon adds another layer of charm to the trek as it decorates the trail with colourful flowers.  

Trekking in monsoon can be great fun. Apart from putting your fitness and stamina levels to test, it also gives you the opportunity to travel to a new location, and explore new terrains. So, head to one of these places for a thrilling monsoon trekking experience. 


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