A camera is a sketchbook, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity, and if you are a lover of photography, you would know what this phrase means. Residing in a dramatic country like India, one cannot stop pressing the click button. Every nook and corner has something to capture, and such stunning details are a delight to flip over in the later years.  

Nothing can be more interesting than wandering, observing, and seizing the moment forever. If you are an ardent roamer who wishes to gather conspicuous moments occurring in time, here are 8 Indian destinations you must visit.

Purani Dilli (Old Delhi)

Be ready to feel amazed by this part of the world that is sure to treat your lens with an unending string of epic moments. Purani Dilli will throw open doors and windows to people and places that will leave you in awe. The thespian neighborhood with narrow gullies & kooche (streets) and their unrelenting chaos will offer you a golden chance for candid street photography. Capture centuries-old buildings with architecture featuring artistic doors and windows, rickshaw pullers chewing betel nut, and a pack of locals smoking beedi. Roadside shops dating back to a different time require a special mention. You will also get to find several monuments in and around this place, offering you incredible moments worth capturing.


Rajasthan, the Land of Maharajas, tops the list when it comes to photography. Men with colorful turbans, brightly painted houses, garishly decorated camels, honey-hued palaces, and purani Hawelis offer fascinating compositions. The kaleidoscopic bazaars, plush gardens with fountains carved out of white marbles, and the desert with countless mirages are captivating sights to load your camera with. Rajasthan, a rainbow to the eyes of a photographer, has all that a camera person desires.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Catch on the camera Varanasi, which seems no less than a daydream. The oldest and one among the holiest cities of India, Varanasi, in just a few clicks, will sum up the circle of life. Spend a day at the ghats recording events you have never witnessed before. It will seem difficult to pull off your lens from the saffron-clad sadhus, a bunch of wooden boats rowing to and fro, pilgrims descending the steps to reach the river banks, and this mazelike town adorned with ancient temples. Brimming with life, Varanasi will lend you a chance to snap a spectrum of colors.

Himachal Pradesh 

Your camera might run short of space if you happen to capture the enchanting beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Go on a clicking spree around this spectacular landscape dotted with classic architecture perched on emerald green slopes. Make a showreel as you come across life in the mountains, a bit of hippie culture, jagged peaks carpeted with snow, and rivulets making their way through tiny villages. If nature photography is what you have been longing for, you will find no other place like this one.


Kerala, a photographer’s ecstasy, gifts shutterbugs great frames to take home. Decked with countless places of interest, Kerala, God’s own country, is austerely photogenic. Primeval temples to caramel-colored beaches, charming houseboats to tranquil backwaters, picturesque hill stations to rich wildlife, here a photographer never runs short of options. If you are on the lookout for a picture-postcard place, this is it.


Puducherry is the place where you get to photograph colonial-era villas painted in the color lemon. Here the bougainvilleas drape the townhouses, and tuk-tuks in gaudy colors run down up and down the streets. Primordial churches, sun-kissed beaches, and modish cafes serve as popular draws. The charm of Puducherry is such that it makes every photographer's jaw drop.

West Bengal

Snap the rickshaw pullers, Tongas, languorous trams, and striking bygone architecture, make your way to West Bengal. Wherever you place your camera, you get an ideal shot. West Bengal looks like a fantasy place coming to life straight out of a novel. The vintage old-style edifices add a distinct lure to this portion of the country that makes it an absolute delight to the camera lens and a photographer’s eye. 


Peppered with a contrasting setting, Ladakh possesses paradisiacal beauty worth seizing. What gives this whimsical Buddhist ex-kingdom an exhilarating feel is its remarkable rocky outcrops, quaint hamlets, fluttering prayer flags, and white-washed monasteries. The stark mountains hemming in the crystal blue waters will be the rarest view you could have ever encountered. Ladakh has always been a photographer’s jamboree for gathering pictures unbelievable. 

Head out for an extraordinary experience as India will leave you thrilled with a list of vivid places to go. What are you waiting for, toss your camera, photograph, and feel inspired as every spec has a beauty of its own. Photograph and breathe life in moments otherwise gone.

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