Places To Visit In Munnar - Pothamedu View Point Places To Visit In Munnar - Kundala Lake

Kerala is the most beautiful state of South India. It has a coastal strip which is defined by a beautifully layered landscape. It has 600 km of Arabian sea coast and beaches in addition to a network of backwaters. The tea covered hills that surround Kerala are dotted with wildlife reserves and picturesque hill stations like Munnar and Thekkady. When you set foot in Kerala, you will be mesmerised by the palm-shaded greens which will guarantee you peace and serenity. In every way, Kerala is a world far from the hustle and bustle of the country. It has pleasant weather and the best of cities and stunning hill stations.

Apart from the houseboats, backwaters and Ayurvedic treatments, Kerala is also home to exotic birds and animals, notably the tiger. It is known for the delicious cuisines and temple festivals. There is a lot to do and see in Kerala. No matter what your travel personality is, you will find things to do and activities to engage in Kerala. Many tourists can never have enough of the beauty of Kerala, and they keep returning to this stunning land of backwaters, Ayurveda and natural beauty. Kerala is known as God's own country for a reason, and its natural beauty is proof of the same. Whether you are here for a weekend getaway or a long break with your family, there are a number of things to do and places to visit. Munnar is an important part of Kerala and remains at the top of the list of tourists. It is a must-visit destination in Kerala and will take you closer to nature. If you are visiting Kerala, you have to include Munnar in your itinerary. You can spend as many days as you like in Munnar while soaking in the beauty and the serenity of the destination. There are numerous activities you can indulge in with your friends and family when travelling to Munnar. Make the most of this stunning destination by spending time in peace and staring at the natural beauty that the hill station has to offer. It is a picturesque destination in the state of Kerala.

Regardless of your travel preferences, you will find that Munnar offers a peace that will make you fall in love with the beautiful hill station. Whether you are travelling to Munnar with your family, friends or on your honeymoon, you will not have a single dull moment. There is a lot when it comes to sightseeing in Munnar. The minute you enter Munnar, you will feel the cool and fresh air and be mesmerised by the picturesque landscape of the forests. Right from the tea gardens in Munnar to the hamlets that surround it, there is so much to do and see in Munnar. 

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Here are the top 30 places to Visit in Munnar 

1. Pothamedu View Point

2. TATA Tea Museum

3. Chokramudi Peak

4. Kundala Lake

5. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

6. Photo Point

7. Mattupetty Dam

8. Meesapulimala

9. Lockhart Gap

10. Lakkom Waterfalls

11. Elephant Park

12. Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park

13. Nyayamakad Waterfall

14. Devikulam

15. Chinnakanal Waterfalls

16. High Range Club17

17. Blossom Park

18. Kuthumkal Waterfalls

19. Sevenmallay Tea Estate

20. Rock Cave

21. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

22. Eravikulam National Park

23. Attukal Waterfalls

24. Anamudi Peak

25. Echo Point

26. Thirumeni Cultural Centre

27. Rose Garden

28. Hydel Park

29. Top Station

30. Indo Dairy Swiss Farm 

Pothamedu View Point - Best Places to Visit in Munnar

Located in lush greenery, the Pothamedu viewpoint remains one of the best places to visit in Munnar. An excellent choice for trekking in Munnar, this viewpoint will remain in your memories for a long time to come. It will give you one of the best views of Munnar. There is no entry fee, and the timings are from 9 AM to 7:30 PM. When enjoying the charming view of the valley of Munnar, you can enjoy a cup of tea at the shop nearby. Spending a few hours at the viewpoint in Munnar is easy. The best time to visit is during the evenings when you can watch the sunset down in the hills surrounding Munnar. It is one of the best places to visit in Munnar for a stimulating environment and a complete peace of mind. It is indeed a famous tourist destination in Munnar and is frequented by lovers of nature. It is also a heaven for photography lovers. If this is your first visit to Munnar, you need to include this viewpoint in your itinerary and ensure that you do not miss out on the stunning beauty that Munnar has to offer. The stunning location of Pothamedu View Point in Munnar is ideal for those tourists who want to get away from the mundane routine and want to view the plantations of tea, coffee and cardamom. Once you reach here, you will feel the serenity of this place and the glory of the valleys in Munnar. It is located at a height which makes it ideal for a relaxing day. It can be easily reached, and one can visit it at any time of the day. Try to spend a few hours in peace when you are at this peak in Munnar. It is also a perfect picnic spot for many in Munnar. You will only believe the beauty of this place when you visit it because pictures do not do justice to this stunning beauty of the place in Munnar.

TATA Tea Museum - Best Places to Visit in Munnar

Your trip to Munnar remains incomplete if you do not visit the famous Munnar tea museum. This museum is an integral part of Munnar and is more of an educational and enriching place for you. You will understand the importance of tea plantations in Munnar, and you will also have the chance to learn how and why the locals are highly dependent on this industry. It is a unique display in the culture of Munnar. These plantations have played a vital role in drawing tourists to Munnar. This museum in Munnar was established in 2005 and shares extensive information about the tea plantations and the tea industry in Munnar. It makes sure that the legacy of the people who have worked hard to develop and sustain these tea plantations and are recognised and appreciated by the public visiting Munnar. Right from the history of the plantation to how the tea culture was introduced in Munnar, everything is highlighted here. This is one of the top places for sightseeing in Munnar. The efforts and amount of hard work that people have put into the plantations during those days and the machines and tools in addition to the whole process that goes into cultivating, drying, plucking and lastly packaging will be displayed here in the documentary about Munnar. It is advisable to watch the 30 min documentary when you visit here. It will be an educational and enriching experience for you in Munnar. You will be able to see tools like magneto phone, typewriters, manual calculators, hand tea roller in addition to the iron oven that was actively used in those days in Munnar. You will also be able to see the sundial which is placed on a block of granite, and it was made in 1913. There is also a room where tourists can taste the different teas in the Munnar museum. Here you can find a wide variety of tea of the most exotic types of tea available in the world right here in Munnar.

This Munnar museum has become one of the top places to visit in Munnar over time. Local and foreign tourists frequent it throughout the year. The museum in Munnar remains closed on Monday and opens from 9 AM to 4 PM on the remaining days of the week. There is an entry fee for the same. The entry fee for adults remains INR 75, and for children, it is INR 35. This is one place in Munnar where you will not only learn about history but also about how tea became important for the economy of Munnar and how it generated employment and revenue for the locals here. It will be an educational visit to the museum, and you will be enlightened about the machinery and technology that has evolved over the years.

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Chokramudi Peak - Best Places to Visit in Munnar

This is an isolated hill located in Munnar which can get you hooked for hours at end. Located 7,200 feet above the sea level, the Chokramudi peak is located within the famous Eravikulam National Park, and is a must visit place in Munnar. There is a short and comfortable trek that can be completed within one day. It is one of the top places to visit in Munnar. The trekking on this peak in Munnar is easy and fairly simple, and it can be done in a day. The entire trek is about 10 km and will be done in three to five hours. Based on the level of expertise you have in trekking, you will need to consider the distance and duration as well. Chokramudi is the perfect place in Munnar for even amateur trekkers who want to start trekking. Munnar has excellent beauty and ambience which is seen from this peak. It has ravishing beauty in winters. You will feel cold if you are travelling between December to February in Munnar. The best time to visit Munnar is during winters. It has a dark atmosphere and a cool breeze which will attract many tourists to the peak. If you want to see natural beauty at its best, visit this peak in Munnar. It is perfect for a weekend getaway, and even if you have never trekked in the past, you can start with this remarkable peak in Munnar. It will give you memories of a lifetime.

Kundala Lake

No words can describe the beauty of this lake in Munnar. Start your journey to the Top Station and reach the lake about 20 km into your drive. Munnar has excellent backdrops of the lush green hill grades and stunning sunrises. Do not miss out this lake while sightseeing in Munnar. There is unmatched beauty of the Neelakurinji flowers that bloom once in twelve years, and it has cherry blossoms which make it a perfect dreamy location in Munnar. It is one of the top places to visit in Munnar. This lake in Munnar attracts hundreds of tourists each year and tourists can spend long hours by just gazing at the natural beauty. It is an artificial lake which also has Asia's first Arch dam. You can engage in many memorable boating experiences like pedal boats, row boats and Kashmiri shikara. You can visit the lake in Munnar anytime during the day. There is a vast Tata tea golf course here, and there is a waterfall located near the lake. You can visit the Munnar waterfall when you visit the lake in Munnar. This lake should be on the top of your itinerary as the best places to visit in Munnar. You can opt for different types of boating facilities here. There are various options like speed boating, pedal boating, row boating, Shikara boating and much more. There are balloon shooting games and horseback rides which keep the kids and adults engaged visiting Munnar. You will also find a number of food stalls near the lake. It is beautifully connected to Munnar and the villages nearby and can be reached quite easily.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to famous endangered species in Munnar, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by Eravikulam National Park in the south and by Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary on its Northern side. This Munnar sanctuary has some well-known but endangered species like the giant squirrel, tufted grey langur, elephants, a number of Hanuman monkeys, crocodile, spotted deer, gaur, tiger, leopard and Slender Loris in addition to other flora and fauna. It is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers when it comes to sightseeing in Munnar. The wildlife sanctuary in Munnar remains open from 8 AM to 5 PM, and the entry fee is INR 10 for Indian adults and INR 5 for children. Foreign nationals in Munnar have to shell out INR 100.

This sanctuary in Munnar has a total area of 90 sq. Km and is unique in terms of the floral, geomorphological, ecological and cultural factors of Munnar. It is one of the 12 protected areas of Kerala, and this sanctuary is a must visit when in Munnar. It is the perfect place for trekking, and it is one place in Munnar which receives very less amount of rainfall every year. Due to this, it is blessed with unique habitat types like dry thorn scrub, deciduous forests, shoals, grasslands and riparian forest. It also has an extensive forest of sandalwood nearby. This is an added attraction in Munnar. In addition to the exotic wildlife of Munnar, the sanctuary also has about 1000 species of flowering plants and a wide variety of medicinal plants. You will be able to sight 225 recorded species of birds and many endangered species as well. The Munnar sanctuary is known for the numerous eco-tourism activities like river trekking, nature trail, medicinal garden, trekking to the cultural site and camping.

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Photo Point

A lesser known place in Munnar but also one of the most beautiful places to visit in Munnar. The point is basically a curve that is located about 3 km from the hill station of Munnar. Photo point in Munnar stands by its name completely. If you think that nothing is mesmerising about the location here, you just need to pause and step out of the vehicle to make the most of the natural beauty this place in Munnar has to offer. It is an incredibly photogenic place in Munnar that many tourists are not aware of. It is an essential place for sight-seeing in Munnar because it highlights the natural beauty of the destination. You will notice the leaves of the beautiful trees and the hills surrounding Munnar. Be prepared to walk among floating clouds and gushing brooks. This is an extremely amazing location for photography enthusiasts, and it has made it to one of the must-visit places in Munnar. The Photo Point in Munnar is a must visit for one and all. When you are here, you will appreciate the natural beauty that Kerala is blessed with and you will understand why it is known as God's own country. There may not be enough words that can do justice to the beauty of Munnar. You have to see it to believe it. The Photo Point is in full bloom during the months of monsoon in Munnar. This is the time of the year when it is surrounded by lush greenery, and the reason why a lot of tourists prefer to visit Munnar during the months of monsoon is because of the immense natural beauty.

Mattupetty Dam

Located at a distance of 13 km from Munnar, the Mattupetty Dam is an extremely important spot for sight-seeing in Munnar. This dam in Munnar lies close to the famous Anamudi Peak, which is popular for trekking. Mattupetty Dam is particularly famous among tourists because of the lovely climate the surrounding areas enjoy and the lake. The still waters of the lake offer not only a peaceful environment but also a gorgeous reflection of gardens that surround it. Mattupetty Dam is the highest dam in Munnar and Mattupetty itself is located at about 1,700 m above the sea level. It is the perfect places to visit in Munnar and remains at the top of everyone's go-to list. Although the dam is a favourite for sightseeing in Munnar, it also serves an important purpose.

Along with helping to generate energy it also is essential for the thriving wildlife in the area as it is an available source of water. The entry fee for the dam is INR 10. What makes it one of the best places to visit in Munnar is that it also caters to adventure lovers as you can indulge in speed boating activities here.

Places To Visit In Munnar - Meesapulimala Places To Visit In Munnar - Devikulam


Located at a distance of about15 km from the beautiful hill station of Munnar is the peak of Meesapulimala. It lies in Rhodo valley which is known for the beautiful Rhododendron trees and is at the height of 8,000 feet above the sea level. It is undoubtedly one of the best places for sightseeing in Munnar. One of the highest peaks located in Munnar which can be trekked, it is one of the top places to visit in Munnar. The peak borders Tamil Nadu on one side and Kerala on the other, and it is a moderately challenging trek which takes approximately one day. This trek in Munnar goes through eight hills in order to reach the peak. It is an idyllic place and will ensure you attain peace, and this is what makes it one of the top places to visit in Munnar. This Munnar trek will start from the base of the first hill, and it will continue to the forest of Shola grassland. Initially, the trek will be a little steep, and in no time, you will be at the peak of the first of the eight hills in Munnar. Right from the mountain tops, you will get the best view of Munnar as well as the Suryanelli town. When you descend from the hill, you will cross the Anayirankal lake in Munnar, and you might get a glimpse of the wildlife of Shola forests which have come to give you a welcome by the time you are at the seventh peak of the hills in Munnar. The final peak which is the Meesapulimala peak promises to give you the most breathtaking views of Munnar.

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Lockhart Gap

This viewpoint in Munnar offers a gorgeous landscape to immerse yourself in. From here you can see mist shrouding the various layers of the hills. This serene and picturesque destination in Munnar is approximately 13 km from Munnar. Here you can spend an hour or so taking in the stunning view of the hills against the blue skies, as white as cotton mist descends on the mountain roads, to create one of the most spectacular sights you will come across in Munnar. Lockhart Gap gets its name from the gap which can be seen from both the mountains which appear to be a heart shape. It is an important place to go to in Munnar. It can be easily reached through the Munnar-Madurai highway. When here, you will breathe in the aroma of tea leaves. No pictures can do justice to this beautiful place in Munnar. As soon as you make a trip here, you will realise that this is one of the most breath-taking places to visit in Munnar. A trek on the roads which lead you to this point in Munnar is something that should not be missed. One can easily spend a few hours at this place in Munnar which gives you the scent of tea and fresh air. Admire the lush green beauty of Munnar and soak in the picturesque view. If you want to be amidst nature in Munnar, this is the place to be.

Lakkom Waterfalls

Lakkom Waterfalls are located in Eravikulamm National Park, which is on the way from Munnar to Udumalaipettai. The waterfall in Munnar starts from the stream of Eravikulam, about 30 km from Munnar. It is only a short walk away from the main road and can be accessed by adults of all ages in Munnar. The originating point of the water stream is the Eravikulam plateau, and only the bottom fall is accessible from here. You can travel through the tea plantations on a narrow trail and notice the pure magic of nature while you go sightseeing in Munnar. The water is very clear in the pool. You can visit the waterfalls in Munnar from 9 AM to 4 PM, and the charges are INR 20. The sight of this charming waterfall in Munnar is spellbinding as it takes a plunge out of the thick green forest from a distance. It is worth every effort in Munnar. You will also find a small shop located at a little distance from the fall in Munnar. This Munnar shop serves excellent Kerala food which includes rice, fish and sambhar. This is one of the most important places to visit in Munnar.

Carmelagiri Elephant Park

The Carmelagiri elephant park inMunnar is one place where you can indulge in exciting excursions that will take you across the park while you sit on the top of an elephant. It is one of the best places to visit in Munnar. You can go for one half day tour or opt for one hour tour of the slopes, the tea plantations and make the most of the beauty of Munnar. It will be a memorable experience for you and your family in Munnar. If you are travelling to Munnar with kids, this is a must do. It will be an incredibly joyful experience for the children to ride on the elephant in Munnar while exploring the natural beauty of the place. The Carmelagiri elephant park in Munnar remains open from morning 9 AM to evening 5 PM, and the entry fee for the same is INR 400 for a 15-minute ride on the elephant. Keep the camera ready as you move through this scenic destination in Munnar. It is a fun activity which can only be enjoyed at this park in Munnar.

Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park

The amusement park located in Munnar is a must visit. This is one place in Munnar where you can enjoy a number of activities like a 12D rider, dashing cars, Zip Line, Natural waterfall, Charlie Chaplin walk in addition to more activities. It is the only amusement park in Munnar and is the best place to visit in Munnar if you are with kids. The amusement park is open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM and the entry fee is INR 800 per person. Right from dancing to the Lazy River as well as the Wave pool, there are many water activities you can indulge in when in Munnar. Besides, there are activities like rainforest trek and rock climbing for those who are keen on getting a thrill. This place has everything including bungee jump and nature walks, play sport and treehouses and enough adventures to make the most of your time in Munnar. It is one tourist place to visit in Munnar which offers something for everybody, and it is filled with much fun and joy. If you are in Munnar and want to make the most of your time here, this is the place to head to. Whether you are travelling with your friends or family to Munnar, a visit to the adventure and amusement park in Munnar will refresh you and energise you. There is a lot to do at the park for each one of you. You could also choose to chill and relax in the park with your friends while in Munnar.

Nyayamakad Waterfall

Located between Rajamala andMunnar, this beautiful waterfall should certainly make it to your list of places for sightseeing in Munnar as it is adored by many. It is a must visit place in Munnar. The largest waterfall currently in Munnar will make you want to spend long hours merely staring at the natural beauty. While on your journey to this waterfall in Munnar, you will witness the local lifestyle through the estate. There is a 10 km long route from the hill station of Munnar, and there are small rivulets which flow down the hilly slopes. This is nature at its best, and you will have memorable moments with your family here in Munnar. It is advisable to visit the waterfall during daylight. You will also see a number of tea pickers from Munnar and will see the famous Nilgiri Tahr. This beauty of a place in Munnar is usually under mist because the water falls from a significant height and is a paradise for every visitor to Munnar who is here looking for peace or adventure. If you are in Munnar, you have to make it a point to visit as many waterfalls as you can, and this one should be on your list. You need to remember that every waterfall will introduce you to natural beauty and while you are in Munnar, why not make the most of it.


The beautiful hill station is of Munnar all about beauty and greenery. This is why it is important that Devikulam in Munnar is added to your list of places to see. It is located at a close distance from Munnar and is a perfect destination for a trip. It is home to beautiful and enthralling sites and scenery. It is a famous attraction in Munnar for its natural beauty. Devikulam translates into a lake of Devi, and it is a perfect alternative to the crowded tourist places in Munnar. You will find exotic fauna and flora here which makes it is a huge attraction in Kerala. A lot of locals as well as tourists visit this lake time and again. You will also notice a number of tea plantations as well as spice plantations within this area of Munnar. You can also add Devikulam to the list of places to visit in Munnar if you want to experience spiritual rejuvenation. When you head to Devikulam, you will get a break from the bustle of tourists and walk into the unchartered hill station that will take you close to nature. If you want to explore Munnar at your own pace and soak in the peace and serenity of Munnar, you have to head to this destination located close to Munnar. Keep a day aside for a visit to this hill station near Munnar and come home with memories of a lifetime.

Chinnakanal Waterfalls

When you drive about 20 km from Munnar on the highway that leads to Thekkady, you will come across this beautiful waterfall located in the hill station of Munnar on the roadside. It is one of the top places to visit in Munnar. The source of the waterfall is River Devikulam. The Munnar waterfall remains surrounded by greenery. You can visit it anytime during the day when in Munnar. You can merely stare at the natural beauty for long hours, or venture into the waters for a more refreshing time at these falls. An ideal place for a short picnic, don't forget to carry your camera or a mat where you can simply laze around and enjoy the beauty. A visit during monsoons will offer a completely stunning look of the falls when it looks like milk is being poured down from a height. If you plan to visit Chinnakanal Waterfalls in Munnar during this season, it is best to avoid getting into the water or you must take extra precaution while doing so. This is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Munnar for the experience of a lifetime. The waterfall is easy to reach in Munnar. Depending on the amount of time on hand, you can enjoy peace and solitude at this waterfall. It is also an excellent opportunity for photo enthusiasts in Munnar to click excellent photos with the stunning backdrop of the falls.

High Range Club

Located in the lush greenery of Munnar, the High Range Club is a mansion which oozes British heritage and culture. It is one of the top places for sightseeing in Munnar. If you want to get away from the monotonous life, this is the place to go to when in Munnar. High Range Club in Munnar was a tea planter’s club at one point of time, and it has still retained the old-world charm. While you are at the Club in Munnar, you can be a part of the different things to do at the club for the guests in Munnar. It is a huge 6-acre property in Munnar which is equipped with a 9-hole golf course in addition to other facilities likes Squash, Billiards and Tennis. You can visit the club anytime during the day, and the entry fees is INR 100. The club in Munnar also has a park for kids to play while you indulge in the excellent dining experience inside the dining room. A visit to the High Range Club in Munnar will indeed be a unique experience for one and all. It is an ideal place to visit no matter your age or personality. Spend a relaxing day at the club and indulge in the activities with your family. Adults, as well as children visiti ng Munnar, have a wonderful time here. It is a must visit place when in Munnar. You will be able to spend quality time with your children at the club in Munnar.

Blossom Park

Blossom Park in Munnar is a delight to visit and should be on your list of sightseeing in Munnar. It has everything from a tiny canal to swings and a beautiful maze of colourful flowers on its banks. It has soft grasses for kids to play and has the perfect location to relax. You can make the most of the vegetation around the area at the park in Munnar while you listen to cackling of the water birds. It remains open from 9 AM to 7 PM, and the entry fee is INR 2 for children and INR 10 for adults. This beautiful land in Munnar has hill slopes surrounding it and is one place where you can feel serene and peaceful. Not many of us find the time to spend hours with nature and at the Blossom Park in Munnar, you will not only be able to spend quality time with nature but will also be able to make the most of it with your children. Due to the minimal entry fee and numerous activities to indulge in, this park in Munnar is a favourite of the locals and is frequented by them time and again. When in Munnar, you can easily spend a couple of hours lounging under the sun here.

Kuthumkal Waterfalls

There is no dearth of beautiful waterfalls in Munnar, and you might be missing out on one of the best if you do not include Kuthumkal waterfall in your itinerary in Munnar. One of the top tourist places in Munnar, Kuthumkal waterfall is the best place to visit with your friends and family when travelling to Munnar. It is located at a distance of 28 km from Munnar and is the perfect place for a getaway for some peace and tranquillity. Munnar is known for the presence of numerous waterfalls, and each waterfall is a delight in itself. The best thing about this beautiful place to visit in Munnar is the mist that emerges from the high-speed flow of water from the waterfall. It is a widely popular picnic spot and has an ambience which is ideal for lovers of nature. The ones who are looking for something different to engage in on the weekend in Munnar, pack lunch and spend your afternoon at the waterfalls. The waterfall can be visited between 9 AM to 5 PM throughout the week.

Sevenmallay Tea Estate

Munnar is well known for the tea plantations and if you are here, you have to visit the plantation at least once. This estate is managed and owned by the Tata Tea Company. It is located near the to Kanan Devan hills, and the name of the estate remains an ode to the Hindu God Shiv and Mallay which represents a hill in Munnar. There is no entry fee at this plantation in Munnar, and you can visit it anytime during the day. It has beautiful scenery and lush green plantations with a bungalow at its centre. It is indeed the best places to visit in Munnar. You will be mesmerised at the beauty of this place in Munnar. Plan a visit on a clear day and spend a couple of hours here in peace and solitude. Your trip to Munnar remains incomplete if you do not visit this beautiful tea estate.

Rock Cave

You will notice the board of the rock cave entrance while you are going from Munnar to Thekkady. There is an interesting story you need to know about the rock cave before you make a visit. It is popularly known as Malayil Kallan Guha and it means someone who lives on the mountain and there is a story of a thief who resided inside the cave and used to rob people who were travelling on this road to Munnar. It is opposite the Lockhart Gap and gives some of the best views of Munnar. It remains soaked in the mist and clouds and is one of the best places in Munnar to stop by and enjoy a break.

These are some of the top places to visit in Munnar. The beautiful destination in Kerala offers something for every travel personality. Irrespective of your purpose of travel, you could be looking to spend the day with nature or wanting to learn more about the tea plantations in Munnar, this is the place to be. No matter your personality is or your purpose of travel, you will find a number of things to do here. Munnar is one destination where you will never get bored. It will offer you excellent views at all times and will soak you in the mesmerising greenery. When you plan your trip to Munnar, include the places of sightseeing in Munnar mentioned here. You need to keep the weather in mind when heading to different places like the cave or the waterfall in Munnar.

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What are the best Munnar sightseeing places to visit in Munnar with family?

Munnar is a great family holiday destination! There are so many places to visit in Munnar that will work in favour of every kind of holiday-maker - from the relaxed one to the adventure-seeker. Chokramudi Peak, Kundala Lake, Lakkam Waterfalls, Blossom Park, Rock Cave, Anamudi Peak, Indo Dairy Swiss Farm, Rose Garden, Echo Point and Devikulam are some of the sightseeing places to visit in Munnar with you family while on a holiday in Munnar.

What are the top activities in Munnar?

Top things to do in Munnar include touring the tea estates, go street shopping, enjoying a picnic at Lakkam Waterfalls, enjoy an elephant safari, savouring local Kerala food, enjoying a shikara ride at Kundala Lake, go trekking and camping to Echo Point, trying watersports, watching Kathakali in Punarjani Traditional Village and relaxing with a therapeutic spa session.

What is famous in Munnar?

Munnar is very famous for its tea so make sure to include TATA Tea Estate as one of the places to visit in Munnar while on a family holiday. Munnar is also blessed with ranging terrains so you can go camping and trekking, and enjoy the stunning views. Make sure to also check out the local markets for the

What should I buy in Munnar?

Munnar has a lot to offer in terms of shopping opportunities so nobody is going to go back home empty handed! Tea, coffee, spices, homemade chocolates and cashews are must-buys from Munnar. Apart from these, you can also buy some shawls, wooden utensils and handicrafts. Some of the famous shopping places to visit in Munnar are Mattupetty Dam Market, Johnson’s Wood Craft, Munnar Market, Munnar Inn Spices Shopping Mall and Aranya Naturals.

What is the famous food of Munnar?

Munnar offers a wide variety of authentic Kerala and Malabari food, and some popular Western options too. From the Kerala Stew with Appams to Puttu with Kadala Curry, there is a lot of delicious vegetarian food to enjoy. Munnar also offers a delicious platter of non-vegetarian dishes. There is the Spicy Chicken Fry, Kerala Prawn Curry, Beef Fry and much more. For a complete culinary experience, dig in with your fingers and relish an authentic Kairali thali!

How cold is Munnar in December?

Munnar enjoys pleasant weather all year but for those who love chilly winters, Munnar is a great choice for a family vacation in December. The average temperature during this month generally lies between 10-15 degrees Celsius. Make sure to carry warm clothes and stay nestled close to those heaters!

What are the most popular things to do in Munnar with kids?

Munnar is a great place to go on a holiday with kids. Some of the places to visit in Munnar with kids include the TATA Tea Estate, Rose Garden, Kundala Lake, Indo Dairy Swiss Farm and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

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