In Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district, there is only one thing that can parallel the gorgeous mangoes the place produces- the stunning, innumerable beaches. The endless coastline offers every visitor something to soothe their souls - from pristine beaches to ancient temples adorning the coast.

While there is no answer to the question ‘which is the best beach in Ratnagiri?’, there definitely is a list of eight beaches that you must check out on a trip to this place blessed by the Arabian sea.

Ganpatipule Beach

Looking for a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and yet close enough that you still feel a part of the human civilisation? Then head to Ganpatipule because it lies right in that sweet spot. You can catch a beautiful sunset, as your kids make sandcastles out of the beautiful white sand. It’s a good idea to visit the famous Ganpatipule temple also known as ‘Swayambhu temple’. The 400-year-old Ganesha idol that graces the temple is said to have naturally risen from the land. Even if you don’t believe this folklore, it is worth a visit just to bask in the spiritual glory of the place.

Ganeshgule Beach

About 45 kms south of its sister beach mentioned above, Ganeshgule beach also gets its name from the Ganesha temple located 10 minutes from the beach. A secluded beach stretched over 1.5kms, Ganeshgule will give you the peace and tranquillity you seek without the constant humdrum of vendors trying to sell you something. If you are game for a little hike, you can head to either of the two hills flanking the beach, and catch the sunset from a beautiful altitude.

Velas Beach

Let’s talk about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where you get to see hundreds of Olive Ridley turtle eggs on the beach. During the annual Turtle Festival held in March or April. If you time your visit right, you can even catch the baby turtles taking their first steps into the sea! Velas Beach is a true reflection of the power of the people in protecting Nature- the village panchayat and Forest Department comes together to prevent poaching and harm to the growingly endangered species.

Murud Beach

If you have a penchant for wildlife photography, then this Ratnagiri Sea beach should definitely be on your list of places to visit. Head out to the sea early morning on a dolphin-spotting boat ride and capture the stunning dolphins swimming in their natural habitat. Once you are back at the shore, you can move on to the seagulls that flock the shoreline, without a care for the human population around! In case you want to indulge in some beach or water sports, check out the parasailing, dune buggy rides, and water scooter facilities available at the beach.

Kolthare Beach

Located 20kms from Dapoli, the drive to Kolthare Beach itself will bring you joy. Lined with coconut trees and verdant fields, your drive to the beach will prime your mind for relaxation even before you put your feet on the sand! You can also seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu at the nearby temple which is frequented by the locals.

Bhatye Beach

As you walk on the soft black-ish sand commonly found at Bhatye Beach, you will also be met with the sound of laughter from kids playing a friendly game of volleyball or cricket. The beach is frequented by locals- be it families out on a picnic, or a group of children practicing their favourite helicopter shot. Catch the sunrise or the sunset from the Kohinoor Point, where calm meets the different hues of the sky.

Anjarle Beach

Touted as one of Ratnagiri’s least polluted beaches, Anjarle is a must-visit if teal waters and palm trees get you excited. Reaching here will take you some effort, as it is located deep within the forests. However, once you reach the beach, you will see a variety of fishing boats on the horizon to keep you company. Just like Velas Beach, you may chance upon turtle hatchlings

Arey Ware Beach

Situated between the main town of Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule, Arey Ware Beach gets its name from the two nearby villages. The soft sand will make you want to just lay down and sunbathe, so make sure you carry your sunscreen! Also, pack a picnic basket or a lunch bag as the beach doesn’t have many eateries around. 

Where to stay while visiting the beaches in Ratnagiri?

If beaches in Ganpatipule or any of its surrounding beaches is your destination, check out the Courtyard Resort and Spa, a Club Mahindra affiliate resort in Ganpatipule. You get unobstructed views of the coast while you gorge on delicious meals prepared by the resort chef.

A beach holiday can never go wrong. So, plan a trip to Ratnagiri, explore the magnificent beaches and enjoy a laid-back vacation! You can go on a summer holiday to the beaches in Ratnagiri and you may also gorge on the delicious and the world-famous Alphono mangoes. 

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