There are many places to visit in Gir that you and your family will love!

Known for its Asiatic lions, Gir or Sasan Gir is a popular tourist destination in Gujarat and attracts thousands of tourists each year. It is the only place where one can spot Asiatic lions in large numbers and at close proximity. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, this place is a must-visit.

A jungle safari in Gir is a must. If lucky, you might spot the mighty lions immediately. If you are less fortunate, you might want to book a couple of safaris during your stay so that you can maximise your chances.

Travelling with family members who might not be very excited about wildlife? Don’t worry. There are plenty of other places to visit in Sasan Gir. Whether you are looking for a clean beach or want a peek into history, there is something for every traveller.

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Make a note of these places and make the most of your trip to Gir. All these are tourist attractions near Gir and can be a part of your itinerary. 

  • Somnath Temple 

Somnath Temple

One of the most famous temples in India, Somnath is 46 km from Gir. It is one of the richest temples in the country. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva and is considered to be the first of the twelve. The temple is associated with a rich history and culture. The construction of the present temple was completed in 1951. 

  • Daman and Diu Near Gir 

Daman and Diu Near Gir

A union territory in western India, Diu is a small island near Junagadh. It has a beautiful beach and there are many attractions including temples, a fort, and churches. The weather in Diu is charming and pleasant, and so it attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. 

  • Dwarka in Gir 

Dwarka In Gir

One of the famous places to visit near Gir, Dwarka is located in Jamnagar. The major attraction here is a temple of Lord Krishna that was built in the 16th century. A flag is hoisted in the temple tower five times every single day – a sight you shouldn’t miss. Dwarka is considered one of the ‘Char Dham’ (four pilgrimage sites) in India according to the Hindu religion and is considered to be a holy city. It is one of the top places to visit in Gir.

There is a lighthouse located near Dwarka, which offers some beautiful sweeping views of the surroundings. Go there for the best sunset view. 

  • Girnar Mountain 

Girnar Mountain

This mountain is 1100 metres tall and is 5 km from Junagadh. There are numerous Jain temples at the top, built between 1128 and 1500. These ancient temples attract a number of tourists. To reach the peak, one has to climb 10,000 steps. The first Jain temples are located at 7,000 steps and a fair is held in the months of January and February.

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  • Nalsarovar Lake Near Gir 

Nalsarovar Lake Near Gir

If you are into birding, this is the place to be. This lake is a famous water reservoir located near Gir. It is frequented by water birds and other migratory birds. Some of the birds you can spot here are the pied woodpecker, black-headed cuckoo, and the common sparrow. With luck and a little patience, you can click some really wonderful pictures of birds. 

  • Durbar Hall Museum Near Gir 

Durbar Hall Museum Near Gir

A lot of rich history is associated with Gir. Located in Junagadh, Durbar Hall Museum near Diwan Chowk is a delight for history buffs. It preserves some rare items of the Nawabs, such as their armour, weapon, chandeliers, palanquins, and howdahs. You will also find a collection of silver articles, thrones, costumes, paintings, tapestries and silver articles. There are pictures of the royal family in a gallery. The museum remains open throughout the week from 9 AM to 6 PM. Exploring it will take 2-3 hours. It is one of the best places to visit in Gir for people who like the heritage and culture of the place.

  • Uparkot Fort In Gir 

Uparkot Fort In Gir

Dating back to 316 BC, the fort is said to have been built during the time of Chandragupta Maurya. It was abandoned for a very long time; when rediscovered, it was covered by dense jungle. It is now amongst the best places to visit in Gir. 

  • Kamleshwar Dam In Gir 

Kamleshwar Dam In Gir

Situated in Gir National Park, the dam is built over seven rivers that drain in this area. These rivers are Hiran, Shingoda, Godavari, Datardi, Macchundri, Raval and Saraswati. The dam is the lifeline of Gir and is a very serene place. You will get to see a number of birds and animals, including antelopes, crocodiles, and deer. 

  • Tulsi Shyam Mandir 

Tulsi Shyam Mandir

The Tulsi Shyam Temple is named after Lord Krishna and a demon called Tul. It is about 700 years old and located on a hill, requiring visitors to climb 100 steps. The temple's main idol is believed to be 3,000 years old and made of dark stone. It is one of the amazing places to visit in Gir forest, offering a peaceful and natural setting. The temple is known for its three hot springs, with temperatures ranging from warm to boiling. The hot springs are natural due to sulphur in the water. The place is mentioned in ancient texts as 'Taptodak,' famous for its hot springs where people can take a dip. 

  • Madhavpur Beach 

Madhavpur Beach

Madhavpur Beach is one of Gujarat's most picturesque sandy beaches and one of the popular places to visit in Gir. It is located on the Arabian Sea coast and is an ideal place for family vacations in a peaceful natural setting. The beach is named after Madhav Rao, a notable king. According to legend, it is the town where Lord Krishna married Rukmini. The water here is crystal clear, and the beach is fringed with coconut trees, adding to its beauty. With its wide shoreline and limited commercial activity, Madhavpur Beach is a must-visit destination. 

  • Mahabat Maqbara Complex 

Mahabat Maqbara Complex

This stunning building is one of India's most beautiful places, known for its impressive architecture. It took over ten years to complete and features detailed carvings, beautiful arches, French-style windows, columns, and shiny silver doors. Each minaret of the nearby mosque has spiral stairs from top to bottom. Despite its beauty, Mahabat Maqbara is not very well-known and is a hidden gem on a busy road. It is the burial place of Wazir Bahaduddinbhai Hasainbhai, an important noble in the court of Nawab Mahabat Khan II of Junagadh.

How To Visit Sasan Gir Forest

How To Visit Sasan Gir Forest by Air:

The nearest airport to Sasan Gir is Keshod Airport, which is about 70 km away. Another option is Rajkot Airport, which is approximately 160 km from the park. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Sasan Gir.

How To Visit Sasan Gir Forest by Train:

Another nearby station is Veraval, which is around 40 km away. From these stations, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach the park.

How To Visit Sasan Gir Forest by Road:

Sasan Gir is well-connected by road to major cities in Gujarat. You can drive from Ahmedabad (about 360 km), Rajkot (about 160 km), or Vadodara (about 400 km) to Sasan Gir. Alternatively, you can take a state transport bus or a private bus from these cities to reach the park.

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