Road Trips with Kids

Road trips are always fun. But once you become parents, the travel enthusiast couple within you can take a backseat.

Well, it’s very normal to fret about the comfort and safety of your munchkins.

However, this does not mean that you as a parent should forgo your love for travelling or going on these long road trips. In fact, take them with you and give them the experience of their lifetime.

Choosing the destination mindfully and taking proper measures can make your driving vacations enjoyable for you and your kid. 

Getting curious already? Below are the top 5 driving holidays in India you can cherish with your kids.

1.      The Golden Triangle: Delhi to Jaipur via Agra

Delhi, Agra, and are India's three most culturally rich cities with vibrant pasts. And the best time to drive downs to these cities is around the winter season.

Irrespective of your kids' age, driving around the Golden Triangle can be your ideal road trip with them. From majestic palaces and tombs to forts and eateries, there is something for every type of kid on this road trip.

The total distance from Delhi to Jaipur via Agra is around 449 km. It is better to use NH 93 (Yamuna Expressway) over NH 8 to have an easy-peasy driving experience.

A word of caution. The winter also makes these places prone to fogs, especially around the end of December and the beginning of January. The visibility can get very low due to fog and is infamous for causing various accidents on the route. Avoid travelling during fog and ensure your car has adequate fog lamps. 

2.      Delhi to Mussoorie 

To seek a respite from the scorching heat of Delhi, driving holidays with your kids to Mussoorie can be the best choice sometimes. Your children will love watching different geographical terrains such as hills and valleys and witnessing natural streams, waterfalls, wildlife, etc.

Besides, nothing can replace the joy of pulling over to a roadside Dhaba or Chai shop for a piping hot tea or delicious Maggi. 

You can reach Mussoorie in around 6 to 7 hours by driving down NH 58. However, with kids, you can surely expect to make more than 1-stop and stretch this time to 8-9 hours.

It is better to avoid the route in monsoons.

Once you have reached Mussoorie, enjoy your stay in the iconic Club Mahindra Mussoorie resort. It is one of the best accommodations you can opt for while travelling with your children.

3.      Dehradun to Nainital

Wish to go on a family road trip holiday during the summer vacations? Believe it or not, even Dehradun can become quite hot during the summers. Driving from Dehradun to Nainital can bring the much-needed respite from the dreary summers to the valleys.

To reach Nainital from Dehradun, you will have to take NH 74. A proficient driver can conveniently cover the distance between the two hill stations (278 km) in around 6 to 7 hours. The good condition of the roads makes the trip more comfortable. But do take some spare time for stopovers when travelling with kids.

Your children will love the proximity to nature as they enjoy the view from the car windows. Also, they would relish the Dhaba-style foods available en route.

4.      Bangalore to Coorg

If you are from Bangalore, driving may seem like a nightmare to you, given the traffic situation in the city. However, plan a family road trip to the Coorg hills if you wish to run away from the chaotic city life for a few days.

Pleasant weather, scenic view of the Western Ghats, and easy-going roads make the road trip memorable. If you drive down the NH 275, you can reach Coorg, the Scotland of India, from Bangalore in just 5 to 6 hours. But that’s when you drive non-stop. With stops, the travel time can extend to 8 hours or more. Moreover, try to plan a trip early in the morning to escape the morning rush of Bangalore city.

5.      Kolkata to Digha

This one is immensely popular with the Bengalis. A road trip to Digha from Kolkata seems perfect for those Durga puja holidays.

Well-maintained roads, Instagram-worthy landscapes, golden beach and crystal blue ocean water of the Bay of Bengal- the Kolkata to Digha road trip is a complete package for your family.

You can drive down NH 6 or NH 116B to reach Digha from Kolkata in about 6 hours, including stops.

Drive Around with your Munchkins! 

Wait no more and plan a road trip with your kids this upcoming festive season. Make the most out of their school holidays. Don’t forget to make them active participants throughout the road trip planning.

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