No matter what life throws at you, what you make out of it is something that truly matters. Life will only seem better by adding a little laughter and a lot of cheer. “Down in the dumps”, if this is what you have begun to feel during the COVID-19 lockdown, we have figured a wonderful way out to put you in the “I feel good” mood.

Slip in your comfy pajamas and sink into your couch with a bowl full of popcorns. Hit the play button as there is nothing quite like watching a film with your family to lift your mood. Add to your streaming queue those “pick-me-up” kinds and own a ticket to happiness. Here are some of the best feel-good movies we have rounded up for you. Watch them with you family and let the dopamine levels go silly!

Sister Act (1992) for the teen squad

This comic and timeless masterpiece is for the moody & cranky teenage gang who lately feels a lot stuck. Sister Act starring Whoopie Goldberg is sure to tickle your funny bone and infect you with sporadic humor. Its contemplative storyline coupled with effortless performance of contagious characters is simply indefinable. Well-tailored with impressive comic timings, perfect musical scores, and an excellent plot, the movie is no short of a fantastical tale. Apart from a psychological exploration, it is a paean to possibility that demonstrates positive change. With plenty of whammo, Sister Act is a great pick when it comes to best comedy movies of all time. It is sure to make you laugh, twirl and rock on your chair.

The Runaway Bride (1999) for the duo in love

A honey-dipped quixotic comedy for the romantic souls, The Runaway Bride is one of the best romantic movies of all time. Enjoyable and intriguing, it features a classic script offering a bite of the beauty in being and the momentous bids of life. Unlike usual love stories that have a dull or predictable end, this film is a bit beyond the ordinary. Both eloquent and gleeful, The Runaway Bride is meant to touch and stir you at the same time. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere turn out to be total charmers. An uplifting saga of love, some of its heart-rending scenes are sure to linger in your mind for a long time. Snuggle with your beloved and watch this movie in dim light with a glass of wine.

Shrek (2001) for teenyboppers

Talking about best movies for kids, rapt with astonishing visual delights, poignant narrative, and hilarious characters, Shrek is a must-watch. This endearing animated tale is whimsical and wonderful featuring out-and-out adventure, mild perils, and romance. Themes of inner beauty, loyalty, friendship, forgiveness, and love are central to this comic adventure. Excellently crafted, Shrek is a gripping fable with an elating quest and a happily-ever-after. Watch this marvelous fairytale dexterously brought to life, and kick-off a wild and whacky magical joyride.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) for the kinfolk

An epic family drama based on a true story, The Pursuit of Happiness is a soul-quenching film. It features an inspirational story artfully told, coupled with seamless direction. Actor Will Smith and son Jaden Smith’s performance is tender and impressive. The script is admirable characterizing just the right mix of entertainment and realism. Profound and undoubtedly intense, the film is an excellent biopic with a terrific central performance. The Pursuit of Happiness is sure to warm your heart and leave behind life messages. A clean-cut family drama, it is a moving anecdote with a wonderful plot and genuine emotions. Watch this one topping the best family movies list, with your folks and elevate your mood.

The Pink Panther (2006) for the elderly

For the elderly who wish to laugh out loud, The Pink Panther is an engaging comic mystery worth watching. Steve Martin, the iconic actor has delivered superb visual comedy which is hilarious. A remake of an old classic, the film is full of crazy gags, offering a pleasant escape from a mundane routine. Aptly colorful and notorious, it offers an ultimate slice of humor to the viewers. 

Watch happy films and get rid of the lackluster phase. Any day watching movies like these will lighten your mood and take your mind off the bad news. So, squeeze in with your loved ones and turn your heads to the matinee at home. Enjoy the much-needed break! 

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