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In recent years, Dubai sitting smack-bang in the Middle East, has turned into a tourist haven.

In recent years, Dubai sitting smack-bang in the Middle East, has turned into a tourist haven. And the much-popularised Dubai shopping festival has certainly caught the imagination of the traveller. Dubai is a consumerist’s Mecca, but lovers of this Emirate insist it is not just about decadence. Dubai’s allure is more to do with polish and sophistication, a bit like a fairyland in the middle of acres of barren desert landscape. It has some of the world’s best hotels such as the iconic Burj Al Arab, the most amazing entertainment, amazing shopping, man-made islands, the world’s tallest towers, underwater delights and is the joy of those who revel in urban chic. Exciting, modern and pulsating with an insatiable energy, Dubai is undoubtedly a dream destination.

There are a number of activities to pick from when you visit this bustling city, be it sky diving from the Palm or visiting Atlanta or simply going for a dinner with your spouse to Atmosphere 360, one of the best nightlife spots in the city. But there are a few activities that are relatively less popular but also not as heavy on the pocket. These are activities that you can easily get organised for yourself when you stay at the Arabian Dreams resort in Dubai.

• Diving and Reef Gazing

dubai family vacation Offroad desert safari in Dubai

Home to the colour changing cuttle fish, there are a few sites on the sandy coastlines of Dubai that provide excellent opportunities for wreck diving. Though diving is restricted on the coast of Dubai, travel to one of the other Emirates for fabulous dives and to see coral reefs which have an abundant marine life. These are sites that are worthy of exploring and the entire experience will be exhilarating and worthy of taking the plunge.

• Desert Safari

Imagine being on a roller coaster for more than just 5 minutes? With the desert safari, the entire experience is nothing short of being on a roller coaster ride. For those with strong stomachs, don’t miss out on the amazing experience of a 4WD dashing on the sand dunes. Ride the sand waves on an ATV, drawn deeply on a shisha or take a camel ride. And end with watching a spectacular sunset or a belly dance performance.

• Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi is an amusement park offers spectacular rides and activities for both children and adults while a cruise around the creek with dinner thrown in is certainly an apt finale to a great vacation. This outdoor water park is entertaining and provides a relief from the heat. You can indulge in swimming, and also get on the rides. The Burj Al Arab Hotel is right next to the water park and makes for a great view.

• Miracle Garden

Wild Wadi Water Park dhow boat cruise ride

Dubbed the world’s largest flower garden, it is estimated to have 50 million flowers and is in itself a miracle considering that it is amidst a barren, desert landscape. Water recycling and drip irrigation are used and the gardens are closed during the hot summer months. The Miracle gardens are a sight to behold. The garden was launched on a Valentine’s day and is the world’s largest natural flower garden with more than 250 million plants apart from the flowers.

• Dhow Ride and Creek Cruise

Enjoy a boat ride down the shimmering waters on an authentic wooden Dhow. On board, enjoy numerous cups of qahwah, an Arabic coffee followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner. Or book a creek cruise to see old Dubai and have dinner on board. The whole experience of being a cruise while you are on a vacation need not be restricted to actually booking an overnight cruise. This way you can take your family for a special dinner and watch the fascinating lights of Dubai creek with music playing in the background, Tanura dance show and sip on your favourite cocktails.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Club Mahindra membership today & have a pleasant and memorable stay at Arabian Dreams resort in Dubai. Also, read through these Club Mahindra reviews to get a sneak peek of what members have to say about this resort!

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