India's majestic landscape is as unique as it is pretty. While you have the beaches and hills in the south, the towering mountains and the mighty Himalayan peaks stand tall and proud in the north. And, if you have been planning a family vacation to satiate your craving for being outdoors and adventure, it is time to listen to the ‘mountain is calling’ voice in your head and get going on a vacation in the mountains.  

While the prospect of going on a holiday to the mountains with your loved ones can be exciting, there is one thing that could potentially ruin the mood: packing. As much an overwhelming task as it may seem, packing is a necessary evil. Getting the necessary things will make a lot of difference in making your holiday a memorable experience.  

You can start packing by preparing a travel checklist to the mountain and jot down all the important things you need for the trip. The list comes in handy in making packing easy and fun.  

  • Get a Good Bag

The first thing you need to start packing for your holiday in the mountains is a sturdy and appropriate-sized backpack. It should have multiple compartments to keep all your gear, clothes, etc, separate and organised.  

Be sure that your backpack is neither too small nor too big. It should fit all the essentials without leaving too much of an extra space. Instead of stacking your gear on top of each other, it is best advised to arrange your clothes and the necessary items vertically. This way, you can easily see everything you have packed and remove things conveniently when needed.  

  • Appropriate Clothing

You must choose your clothing options carefully based on the location and the season. For example, suppose you are going to Shimla during the winter to experience snow or on a trekking expedition and climbing one of the snow-clad peaks. In that case, you must have warm clothes to keep protected from the cold.  

But if you are going during the off-season, it is best to go with low-maintenance and versatile clothing pieces. Here are five important factors you must consider while choosing the right pieces of clothing for your mountain trip: 

  • Easy to pack in your bag
  • It should go well with all your clothes; you should be able to mix and match.
  • Conceal stains and spills
  • It should be perfect for both warm and cool weather conditions
  • Feel comfortable wearing it, especially when you are outdoors for long hours exploring nature. 

Basically, the clothing you choose must be versatile. Apply the same principle while packing in your accessories. Also, while ticking off the clothing from your packing checklist for the mountain, consider the stay options.  

If the places you are visiting have a laundry facility, you may not have to carry an outfit for every day; you can perhaps do one load of laundry. This will save you a lot of packing hassle.  

  • Footwear

A pair of comfortable and sturdy shoes and perhaps a pair of flip-flops or sneakers should be at the top of your packing checklist for a mountain trip. A couple of pairs of footwear should be more than enough. Choose your footwear based on the activities you want to do on your holiday.  

For example, if you plan to go trekking or hiking, carry a pair of hiking boots. It is best advised to check your shoes for any damages before you pack them in. Also, if you are planning to explore popular tourist places, a pair of comfortable sports shoes or sneakers would be great.  

Lastly, it is a good practice to keep an extra pair of shoelaces and insoles so that you get enough cushioning on your feet.  

  • Camping Gear

If you plan to go on a trekking expedition, add camping gear to your mountain vacation packing list. If you love being outdoors, you must definitely go camping in the mountains. It is a wonderful experience that you must have. Sleeping under the stars and being surrounded by the towering mountains is sure to evoke a feeling of ethereal happiness.  

So, if you are ready to go camping and get your dose of adventure, make sure that you reserve your camping spot beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles. Once you have secured your camping spot, start putting the following things in your camping gear: 

  • Sleeping bag
  • Hiking poles
  • Backpacking tent
  • Compass and maps of the region
  • Ropes, sacks, carabineer 
  • Multi-tool 

  • Electronics and Gadgets

One of the important things to pack for a mountain trip is your camera. The landscape around the mountains in India is stunning and worth capturing. So, while you pack things for your holiday in the mountains, bring your DSLR camera along to capture the fun moments of the trip and the beautiful surroundings.  

The pictures you click will remind you of the happy moments for the rest of your life. But remember, you are travelling to a place where the terrain is rough and challenging. So, restrict yourself to carrying only essential gadgets like phones, chargers, cameras, etc.  

  • Other accessories list

Apart from the things discussed above, here are a few things you must include in your mountain vacation packing list. You may not need or use these accessories every day, but when the need arises, having these accessories can save the day.  

  • Headlamps and torches are always a handy device to have in your bag.  
  • A pair of good sunglasses are a must for an outing in the mountains on a sunny day. They also help you keep your eyes protected from dust and wind. 
  • Always keep a compass and map of the region you are visiting. This will help track your location and make your way to safety if something goes awry. 

That sums up the packing list for a holiday in the mountains. It covers a wide range of necessary and useful items. But you must pack to suit your travel preferences. There is no universal rule for packing. So, while you can use this checklist as a starting point to start packing, you can always add or remove certain items as per your specific requirements.  

Once you have the checklist, get down to packing and head on for a wonderful and adventure-filled holiday in the mountains. 

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