The world continues to reel from the effects of the Coronavirus

The world continues to reel from the effects of the Coronavirus, while you must endure a forced COVID-19 lockdown till April 14. But no matter what – you can stay home to catch up on your reading. Now is the time to read all the books you didn’t have the time for before, especially during the Family Reading Hour. These are our recommendations for good reads while you are at home during the Covid-19 outbreak:

6 Books to Read with Family

#1 When you See Me, Laura Gardner: Writer Laura Gardner returns with a bang, continuing the next instalment of detective DD Warren, with returning characters Flora Dane and FBI Agent Kimberly Quincy. The trio are on the trail of an old unsolved case, but which suddenly begins to generate both leads and interest. In the process, Flora must confront her own past and wonder anew if her kidnapper ever told his secret to anyone…This explosive thriller will keep you glued to your seat.

Amazing Books to Read - When you See Me, Laura Gardner Amazing Books to Read - A Man Called Ove, Fredrick Bachman

#2 A Man Called Ove, Fredrick Bachman: This book was released in the year 2012, but it continues to be on the bestseller lists for its theme about loneliness, depression, and the love of strangers. Ove Lindahl is forced into retirement after working for 43 years, and he is undergoing depression after losing his wife to cancer six months ago. He plans to commit suicide, but each of his attempts is thwarted by his new neighbour, the immigrant Parvaneh and her family. A hilarious but stark look at modern life for senior citizens, the book is sure to warm your heart.

#3 Until the End of Time, Brian Greene: If you like science, time theory, the creation of the universe and other such concepts, then you will be enthralled by this one. Greene takes the reader through the Big Bang Theory, how life and the human mind merged to create modern cities, why the human condition is defined by concepts like myth, religion, love, creativity and storytelling, etc.

Amazing Books to Read - Until the End of Time, Brian Greene Amazing Books to Read - A Very Stable Genius

#4 A Very Stable Genius: Donald Trump’s Testing of America, Philip Rucker, Carol Leonig: The US proceeds towards Presidential elections at the end of what is promising to be a troubled year. This book is penned by Washington Post journalists Rucker and Leonig, and it delves deep into how the current US President handled the Presidency in the first three years. It outlines conflicts with senior staff, decisions taken either late or unthinkingly, the intolerance of criticism etc. in pitiless detail. Fans of current affairs and world politics will enjoy this one.

#5 The Mirror and the Light, Hilary Mantel: Booker Prize winner Mantel closes her Thomas Cromwell trilogy with this book, a final look at the life of a legendary man of court and advisor to Henry the 8th. Rising from nothing to become the most influential man in court, Cromwell straddles the present and the past, and enters a modern era of a nation asserting itself through courage and passion.

Amazing Books to Read - The Mirror and the Light, Hilary Mantel Amazing Books to Read - Weather, Jenny Offill

#6 Weather, Jenny Offill: This delightful book delves deep into the psychology of Lizzie, a librarian as well as a fake psychologist. Hired by a mentor to address the former’s mail, she begins to both stretch and redact the boundaries of her limited experience to help the world. As her previously turbulent home life begins to stabilise, Lizzie starts to question her own place in the world and her true calling.

These books should keep you entertained and give you something constructive to do during the Covid-19 lockdown. The best thing to do is for everyone in the house to pick up one book each and then exchange them once they are done reading theirs. This will help create meaningful conversations and also help pass time amidst this Covid-19 home quarantine.

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