The chilly mornings, the misty sky, the morning fog and the cold breeze in December signal only one thing – Christmas! One of the most loved, popular and awaited times of the year because it beckons celebrations, gifting and delicious food. 

The joy of celebrating Christmas multiplies in the company of your family members and loved ones, especially with children. The kids make every special occasion even better with their positive energy and joyful smiles. 

Celebrating Christmas with kids is a wonderful chance for you to spend quality time with them and strengthen your bond. So, to help you in your endeavour, we bring you a list of amazing and fun Christmas activities for kids so that you can celebrate the auspicious occasion together as a family. 

Help your child write a letter to Santa Claus

Kids usually associate Christmas with Santa Claus, and they love him. So, this year, instead of buying a special present for your little one, why not make your child take that extra effort and ask them to write a letter to Santa himself?

Get all the necessary supplies like paper, pen/pencil, crayons, sketch pens, and an envelope and sit with your child to write the letter. Help them to write a proper letter with a sweet message to Santa and what they would like Santa to gift them. 

Once the letter is ready, help your child decorate it and mail it off to Santa’s address. This is not just another one-time fun Christmas activity for kids and families, but it is also a great way to create lifelong memories. Keep these letters safe, and when your child grows up, you can show them these letters and reminisce about the good times. 

Have a storytelling session

Christmas is a magical time, and what makes it even better is the beautiful stories around it. So, if you are looking for interesting things to do on Christmas with kids, snuggle up under the blanket with some of your favourite goodies, like hot chocolate and cookies and tell the Christmas stories to your children. 

You can do this activity during your bedtime, preferably on Christmas eve, so that they can wake up in a festive mood on the big day! There are plenty of delightful Christmas stories for kids, you can read about them online and narrate the same in your own style to your kids. 

As you narrate these stories to your kids, make sure to encourage them to ask questions. This will not only spur their imagination but also improve their thinking capacity. 

Participate in a donation drive

Christmas celebrations are not just about having fun but it is also about sharing the joy and giving. Among the many family activities on Christmas, this is the best one that can give you unimaginable happiness and, at the same time, help others enjoy the festival. 

You can even make the Christmas donation drive an annual family tradition and help your kid learn an invaluable life lesson that sharing is caring and the best way to spread joy. Also, it helps instil the virtue of kindness. You can look for a donation drive in your locality and donate anything you want; things that are just lying idle and unused at home. 

You can give away old clothes, toys, or even some food items. If you don’t find any donation drive, you can directly visit the closest shelter home and donate. What you think is unnecessary may be exactly the thing that others want, and they will thank you for it. 

Make a Christmas tree or some other crafts

Christmas celebrations may seem incomplete without the Christmas tree. It sets the mood right for the occasion and lights up the entire house. But, instead of buying a Christmas tree from the market, you can make it yourself at home. 

This is one of the best family activities on Christmas break that can keep your kids engaged and happy at the same time. Get all the necessary stuff to make the tree and the decorative items, and set up a workstation where you and your kids can get to work and make the tree. 

While the tree is up and ready, set it up in a corner where you would want it to be and let your children take the lead with decoration. Encourage them to let their imagination and creativity run wild and help them wherever possible to decorate the tree. 

After all the hard work, when your tree is finally up and ready, don’t forget to appreciate your kids’ work and click a family picture with the tree in the background. It would serve as a wonderful reminder of the good times and make an excellent family story when your children grow up. 

Sing Christmas Carols

If you think Christmas carols are only to be sung in churches, you have got it all wrong. There are many carols, you can pick a few favourite ones and sing together with your family to celebrate the occasion. 

Always involve the kids in everything you do, and teach them the songs that you learnt in school for perhaps your parents. This way, you can pass on the family legacy and keep the old traditions alive. 

Not to mention, singing Christmas carols is not just about singing songs about the lord and praising him, but it is also about creating happy memories for the future. 

Watch a Christmas movie together

What is better than narrating Christmas stories and singing carols? Watch a Christmas movie. It is one of the most fun things to do in Christmas with kids. So, this year, on Christmas, call all your family members home and watch a popular Christmas movie or two together. 

There are many classic movie options that you can pick. While you host a movie night at home, tell your children why you are doing this; it is an opportunity for all the family to gather at once place and celebrate the festival together. 

Your kids will surely enjoy this activity for more than one reason. Firstly, they get to enjoy the movie while munching on their favourite snacks. Secondly, they may be eager to meet their favourite cousin, aunt, uncle or grandparents. 

Plan a Holiday 

While celebrating Christmas at home is great. This year, you can try doing something different and more exciting, like planning a family holiday. You can decide a destination unanimously and get going. 

Depending on what your family likes and what you want to do, you can enjoy a relaxing beach-side Christmas vacation or go to the hills and unwind in the laps of nature while indulging in fun activities. 

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Wherever you go, the best way to ensure that you have unlimited fun, get your stay booking done at one of the 125+ Club Mahindra resorts across India and abroad. If your family likes leisurely travelling, you can enjoy the premium amenities at these resorts and feel like royalty. 

Not to mention, during Christmas, Club Mahindra Resorts celebrate the occasion with great enthusiasm and many events are organised to keep you and your family, especially kids, entertained. Special Christmas activities for kids are planned that will keep your little one interested. 

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