Your workplace scenario can make a great T.V Show, has this thought ever struck your mind? Spending 8 hours daily among people who are strange in their ways can be something epic.

Workplace shows are any day enjoyable, this out-of-the-ordinary dynamics if watched on screen is sure to glue you to your seats. So, if you are thinking to watch them, here are some of the funniest shows capturing corporate work life that you must add to your binge streaming queue.

The Office

An American T.V version of an award-winning British sitcom, this show is going to make you laugh out loud. Corporate culture can be hilarious, is one thing that you are going to be sure of while watching The Office. One of the best comedy shows ever made, it offers the viewers a great plot and classic characters. Live through a crazy mix of pranks, gossip, romance, and utter foolishness. If you have ever hated your boss and your job, you will simply love watching this. Discover a jittery emotional standpoint of the office world and crack some tips and tricks on managing the fuss.

Ugly Betty

An all-time favorite Ugly Betty is sure to hold your attention. Watch just the right combination of hilarity with drama, sentiments, and elements of grit. Featuring engaging plots and sub-plots, this comedy show is a must-watch. Not forgetting to mention its endearing characters that will keep you engaged right from the beginning till the end. A blend of a telenovela with the American sitcom Ugly Betty will make you laugh and touch your soul at the same time. 

The Office - TV Show Ugly Betty - TV Show

Silicon Valley

Possibly one of the funniest shows you have ever seen, Silicon Valley will woo you with its perfect comedy timings. Showcasing an amazing character line, this show will infect you with peals of laughter. For a group of techies who dream to change the world, Silicon Valley will be an ultimate pick. Watch this show and find your way through a labyrinth of hurdles, technology setbacks, and slander. Scathing and witty, this well-depicted show is out of the ordinary.

30 Rock

Lauded with loads of mirth, 30 Rock is a smart comedy characterizing strong gimmicks and cultural references that makes it worth watching. Its clever & wacky storyline benefits from a strong ensemble of characters. Each one of them deserves praise. The wit and banter evident in the writing are supreme coupled with an awesome direction that adds on the value. 30 Rock showcases parody of the genre, as well as self-deprecating humor, handled skillfully. Don’t miss this brilliant show that flows smoothly. 


Silicon Valley - TV Show 30 Rock - TV Show


The ones who are known for frequent goof-ups at workplace are going to love Workaholics. The weirdly appealing characters are sure to tickle your funny bone. The name itself might just drive you to watch this show and that will be enough. This show is a perfect match for that gang of friends who work together and live together. So, if you and your friends share the same workplace and live under the same roof, then this show could be extremely relatable. Entertaining and funny, the episodes will appear pretty real and will keep you laughing.

Workaholics - TV Show

Giggle while you watch these online and lighten your mood. We’re sure, you will be able to relate to at least one of the characters from these shows. Do let us know in the comment section, which one is your favourite show.

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