Bengaluru is an emerging world city that can easily keep pace with the best. Call it Bengaluru or Bangalore, the hectic pace can become overwhelming without an occasional break. There are numerous weekend getaways from Bangalore that will recharge your batteries quickly. There are many things to do in Bangalore for relaxation. But all those places to visit in Bangalore are still within city limits, which makes it impossible to relax amidst the constant buzz.

Even the best resorts in Bangalore cannot make all the noises go away. On the other hand, weekend trips from Bangalore take you on serene sojourns of leisurely exploration. There are numerous Club Mahindra resorts that enable you to enjoy quick weekend getaways around Bangalore. You don’t even have to travel too far, book one of the nearest Club Mahindra resorts and you’re ready. Here are our choices for relaxing nature weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is one of the closest weekend getaways near Bangalore. The 60-kilometre drive is among the quickest getaways from Bangalore. This hill station was Tipu Sultan’s favourite summer retreat. While you will find loads of adventure activities such as trekking, cycling and paragliding, the best thing to do here is to take it easy and listen to the voice of nature. Admire the views from Tipu’s Drop and go on peaceful nature walks. Find your spiritual connect at Yoganandeeshwara Temple built by the Cholas.


Wayanad is among the most stunning weekend getaways from Bangalore. The air is redolent with earthy aromas from the spice plantations and nature is in full bloom all around the year. Though a six-hour drive may seem a lot for weekend getaways around Bangalore, Wayanad is worth the efforts. Trek to Chambra Peak to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. Explore the ancient Edakkal Caves to gaze upon Neolithic artefacts and seek spiritual serenity at the Thirunelli and Jain temples.

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With a teeming wildlife sanctuary, Kabini is one of the most-visited weekend getaways near Bangalore. Settled besides the Kabini River, it is a treat for nature lovers. Unlike the plentiful things to do in Bangalore, there’s a small selection of activities here. But this is exactly what makes Kabini a dream getaway; you can get away from it all. The Jungle Safari is one of its highlights. Sightseeing includes the Kabini Dam and other things to do include a leisurely boat cruise on the river.


A visit to Coonoor is one of the most stunning weekend trips from Bangalore. Snuggled amidst the magnificent Nilgiris, Coonoor is closely connected with nature. It is one of those serene weekend getaways from Bangalore that assure complete peace of mind. Start your getaway with a ride in the Nilgiri Mountain Railways to set the tone for the rest of your weekend. Trek to the Hidden Valley and explore the tea factories. But the best thing to do here is to step back and relax.


What’s better for relaxation than the soothing sounds of the ocean? It might be one of the farthest weekend getaways from Bangalore, but Gokarna is blessed with a rare beauty and pristine beaches. If you’re looking for coastal getaways from Bangalore, look no further. Unlike the resorts in Bangalore, the resorts here are closer to nature. Catch a magical sunset at Nirvana Beach and be amazed by the bioluminescent plankton that lights up the beach. A holiday at Gokarna is all about rest and relaxation.


If you’re tired of the same old places to visit in Bangalore, Coorg offers multiple options for weekend getaways from Bangalore. From bathing elephants at Dubare Elephant Camp to touring coffee plantations, you will have a full weekend. You also get a choice between two Club Mahindra resorts in Coorg. It has amazing trekking trails that take you through lush landscapes. Go bird watching at the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and take a cycling tour to Kote Betta. Coorg’s the perfect place to connect with nature.

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Kodaikanal ranks high in the list of weekend getaways from Bangalore. The ‘Princess of the Hills’ welcomes you with its verdant dreamscapes that soothe the soul. Stroll along the Coaker’s Walk to take in the beautiful views and finish up with a misty boat ride in the Kodaikanal Lake. The Night Safari is an adventure to remember as are the Guna Caves. Bryant Park is perfect for a picnic while the Berijam Lake is a birdwatching paradise. Get closer to nature than you’ve ever been.

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Now that you have the list of the most relaxing weekend getaways from Bangalore, it is up to you to choose your holiday. Or you can do one better and enjoy each one of these amazing holiday destinations over several weekends.

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