Bangalore is India’s lively metropolitan city thriving with Its energetic culture and a growing IT industry.  It is the capital city of the state of Karnataka. The city attracts students, professionals, and tourists from across the world. The city is known by several names such as Air Conditioned City, City of Gardens, Silicon Valley of India, and Pub Capital of India and there are many places to visit in Bangalore.

The city is a perfect blend of past and present. The charming city has a lot to offer from amusement parks to art galleries. Bangalore has a mix of history, culture, architecture, and nature in store for tourists.

Bangalore Tourism

Bangalore is the only megacity in the country enjoying pleasant weather all through the year. For a tourist, there are many things to do in Bangalore and plenty of Bangalore resorts for a nice stay as apparent from Bangalore travel guides. Also, how to reach Bangalore shouldn’t be a question as it is a well-connected city. Blooming with industries and apartments, the city is in fact a hill station that houses a modern settlement. The city is home to natural beauties like forests, lakes, hills, and waterfalls. There are many places to visit in Bangalore owing to its rich history as well. There are plenty of restaurants in Bangalore as well.

Bangalore tourism offers many choices to tourists with respect to places to visit in the city. Also, you have plenty of unique things to do in Bangalore. There are plenty of shopping places, many beautiful sanctuaries, and many atypical experiences waiting for you in the amped-up city. Bangalore resorts offer good stay and with Bangalore travel guides, you won’t have any problem touring the city. You also have abundant choices in food with the many restaurants in Bangalore.

While the city can be visited at any time of the year, October to February months is the best time to visit Bangalore and how to reach Bangalore is not an issue. As the weather in the city becomes even more pleasant during October to February, it is regarded as the best time to visit Bangalore and explore the many places to visit in Bangalore.

Places to Visit in Bangalore - Bangalore Palace Places to Visit in Bangalore - Lalbagh Botonical Garden

Top 10 Places to Visit in Bangalore

Here are the top 10 places to visit in Bangalore:

#1 Cubbon Park - Places to Visit in Bangalore

Cubbon Park is an enormous park located in the centre of the city and one of the best places to visit in Bangalore. The vast 300-acre green area has well-cut walkways leading to alluring structures like the State Archeological Museum, Attara Kacheri, and Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall. The scenic tourist attraction has a thriving ecosystem with over 6,000 trees acting as the lungs of the city. The park is home to a vibrant flora and fauna. Exotic and indigenous, ornamental and flowering trees can be found here. It is a popular place for joggers, and nature lovers. The park is named after the former Commissioner of Mysore—Lord Cubbon. Bal Bhavan play area inside the park is a dedicated area for kids. Another attraction in the park that you can enjoy is the vast Bangalore Aquarium—the second-largest aquarium in India. Flowering plants, trees, and grasslands cover a major area of the park. A variety of plants and tree species can be found within the park. A variety of silver oak trees and Gulmohar trees can be found in the roadside parks. Cubbon Park is one of the top places to visit in Bangalore.

#2 Devanahalli Fort - Places to Visit in Bangaloret

Devanahalli Fort is located 35 km north-east of Bangalore. The fort originally built by the Saluva Dynasty in 1501 was taken over by Hyder Ali. Tipu Sultan, his famous son, was born here. Most of it is still in good condition, standing tall covering an area of 20 acres. Devanahalli Fort stands apart from other forts in India as a place of cultural importance for the history of battles fought here. The fort also has architectural importance and it is one of the biggest forts in the country. You can still see the ruins of age-old houses unshaken till date. Numerous temples are located inside the fort; some dedicated to the local deities. The major temples here are Chandramouleshwara temple, Siddheswar Swami temple and Raghavendra Swamy temple. Its walls marvel about the battles fought here with graffiti. The temples have undergone some minor damages from the various battles fought inside the fort. Make sure to include Devanahalli Fort in your list of places to visit in Bangalore!

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#3 Nandi Hills - Places to Visit in Bangalore

For those who want to explore the historical side of Bangalore, Nandi Hills is one of the top places to visit in Bangalore. Nandi Hills is an age-old hill fortress located in Chikkaballapur district near Bangalore. The picturesque hills are around 60km from Bangalore and offer an amazing view of sunrise. Visit Nandi Hills to witness the stunning sunrise early in the morning. The journey to the top is taxing due to the twisting roads and sharp bends. The morning breeze at the place has healing powers that make you feel happy. Apart from the natural scenery, the place has several places to visit like Tipu's Summer Palace, Nehru Nilaya, and Bhoga Nandeeshwara–a historic temple.

#4 Bangalore Palace

Your list of places to visit in Bangalore would be incomplete without the Bangalore Palace! The Bangalore Palace was built in the year 1887 by King Chamaraja Wadiyar. It was designed after England's Windsor Castle. The reason why the palace has Tudor-style architecture consists of fortified towers, green lawns, arches, and remarkable woodcarvings in the interiors. Witness the elegant splendour of one of South India’s most perdurable dynasties. The royal family still lives here.

#5 National Gallery of Modern Art

The National Gallery of Modern Art on Palace Road in Bangalore opened in 2009. It is the third of its kind in India following Delhi and Mumbai. Housed in a Colonial mansion, it is set in a garden setting with two interconnected wings. While one of the wings features works from early 18th century to the time of India's Independence, the other wing displays work from modern and contemporary artists. The gallery is a wonderful treasure trove of art displaying paintings by Raja Ravi Verma, Rabindranath Tagore, Amrita Sher-Gil, and Jamini Roy among others. The gallery showcases the cultural roots of India and its development. The gallery opened in February 2009 after years of work. It has a display space of 1551 sq meters. Later, an addition of a new gallery block of 1260 sq meters was made. A café was also opened near the main building.

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#6 Tipu Sultan's Palace and Fort

This is yet another great addition for your historical places to visit in Bangalore. Tipu Sultan's Palace and Fort is situated inside Bangalore Fort. It was originally built by Kempe Gowda using mud. Hyder Ali started its reconstruction in Indo-Islamic architecture form. His son, Tipu Sultan, was the one to complete the reconstruction in 1791. The palace stands strong on a stone plinth and it is constructed with teak wood, stone, plaster, and mortar. The two-story structure palace is supported by carved wooden pillars resting over the stone base. The pillars support the giant wooden beams encompassing the entire palace. The bases of the pillars are crafted beautifully appearing as if they are emerging from flowers. The walls and ceiling are embellished with amazing floral motifs. A Hindu temple lies in the courtyard of the fort. The modern city of Bangalore has a history associated with the mighty emperor Tipu Sultan and his gallantry. The fort is situated close to the Krishna Rajendra city market, which can be visited along.

#7 Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh is a famous botanical garden located in Bangalore. It is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Again, a variety of bird species are found here like Common Egret, Myna, Parakeets, and Pond Heron. The spacious garden was a Mughal-style garden private to the city's royal rulers. The garden was constituted by Hyder Ali in 1760. Later, his son Tipu Sultan extended it. Designed taking inspiration from the Crystal Palace in London, today the garden is spread over 240 acres. The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is named so for the red roses that bloom here throughout the year. The garden is said to house the most diverse species of plants in the world. The focal point of the garden is a humongous glasshouse built in the year 1889 to honour the visit of the Prince of Wales. There is also an aquarium and a lake in the garden. It is spread over 240 acres and is one of the major places to visit in Bangalore.

#8 Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Soudha is regarded as one of the most impressive buildings in Bangalore and one of the top places to visit in Bangalore. With a height of around 46 meters, it is one of the most striking structures in the city of Bangalore. It was built under the chief minister, Mr Kengal Hanumanthaiah as a testimony to Indian temple architecture. Majorly, granite was used in its construction. Vidhana Soudha, first opened in 1956, is a landmark of Bangalore. Located next to Cubbon Park,  the enormous building is an example of neo-Dravidian architecture having four domes. The building comprises three hundred rooms that house around twenty-two departments of the state government including the Legislative Chamber of Karnataka Government and other government departments. While not open to the public, you can view its stunning beauty in the night.

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#9 Bangalore High Court

Officially known as Karnataka Uccha Nyayalaya is the High Court of the Indian state of Karnataka. Previously called the High Court of Mysore, it functions out of a brick building called Attara Kacheri. It is a red, two-storied building, built during the rule of Tipu Sultan in 1867. It has remarkable neoclassical architecture. Housing the High Court and lower courts it is located opposite to Vidana Soudha and near Cubbon Park. There are many beautiful structures around Bangalore High Court. There is a red, Gothic-style State Central Library building nearby, with a huge stone and fluted pillars. Then there is a Government Museum with a collection of stone carvings and artifacts dating back to the 12th century. Near to the museum is Venkatappa Art Gallery, showcasing famous paintings, wooden sculptures of artist Venkatappa, and plaster of Paris works.

#10 Turahalli Forest

Turahalli Forest has to be one of the best places to visit in Bangalore! Turahalli Forest is the last surviving forest area in Bangalore. Situated on the Kanakapura Road, this area has small hillocks, narrow trails, and dense vegetation. While vehicles are banned inside the reserve forest, it is often populated by cyclists. The forest offers many outdoor activities like hiking and rock-climbing. The Turahalli Forest area houses many places of interest when you want an escape from city life. Spend a day enjoying the plentiful beauty of Mother Nature at this forest.

Places to Visit in Bangalore - Vidhana Soudha Places to Visit in Bangalore - Nandi Hills


Bangalore is a hub of sprawling tech parks, chic boutiques, and enterprising micro-breweries. It is a city with many personalities having a multi-layered history. Experience the classic royal charm of the city by visiting the beautiful architectural places to visit in Bangalore.

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What are the top sightseeing places in Bangalore?

These are the top sightseeing places in Bangalore:

- Historical Monuments (Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, ISKCON Temple)

- Parks and Gardens (Cubbon Park, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bugle Rock Park)

- Natural Attractions (Thottikallu Falls, Ulsoor Lake, Nandi Hills)

What is famous in Bangalore?

From chickpet sarees to the traditional dance forms, authentic Udupi food to lush green gardens, Bangalore is famous for a multitude of things. There is something in store for every kind of traveller - nature lover, technology aficionado, foodie, history enthusiast or adventure seeker!

Is Bangalore worth visiting?

Yes, absolutely! Bangalore is home to some of the most interesting historical monuments and events. What’s more, its local food and culture add to the charm and beauty of the city. There are numerous places to visit and even more things to do in Bangalore so you will never have a dull moment!

What are the top activities in Bangalore?

These are some the top activities in Bangalore - taking a stroll in Lalbagh Botanical Garden, learning about the history of the Tipu Sultan Palace, explore Brigade Road, witness wildlife at Bannerghatta National Park, camp on Nandi Hills, have a picnic at Cubbon Park, shop at MG Road, go on the Uttari Betta trek, visit Vidhana Soudha and eat at VV Puram Food Street.

What food is famous in Bangalore?

Bangalore is known for its diverse and vibrant array of local food. From the humble Idli-Sambar and Rasam-Medu Vada to the mighty Kebabs and Biryani, Bangalore has a lot to offer. Some of the must-try dishes include Dal Obbattu, Idli-Sambhar, Dosa, Kebabs, Bisi Bele Bath, Mangalore Buns and Filter Kaapi.

How expensive is Bangalore?

A week long trip in Bangalore for two people will cost anywhere between 25-30k. It depends on what activities you indulge in, the accommodation you choose and how you are travelling to and from Bangalore.

How many days are enough for Bangalore?

A 2-3 nights stay is perfect to experience the hotel and discover the destination. You can always choose to extend the stay if you wish to further explore Bengaluru.

Which area is best to stay in Bangalore?

If you are travelling to Bangalore with your family, there is no better place than the Eagleton Golf Resort, an affiliate resort of Club Mahindra.

What are the best day trips from Bangalore?

Some of the best day trips from Bangalore include visiting Nandi Hills, enjoying the segmented waterfalls at Shivanasamudra, going to Hogenakkal Falls, exploring monuments in Hassan and soaking in nature at Antaragange.

What should I buy in Bangalore?

Mysore silk sari, sandalwood products, Channapatna wooden toys, Tibetan handicrafts, spices and masalas, Bidri work jewellery and sweets are some things that you must buy in Bangalore.

What are the amenities provided in the resorts in Bangalore?

Club Mahindra Bangalore resorts offer the following amenities: Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Conference Hall/Banquet Hall, Children’s Play Area, Wi-fi in Common Areas, Multi-cuisine Restaurant, Spa and Business Centre.

Are resorts in Bangalore Covid-19 Safe?

Yes, absolutely! Club Mahindra Bangalore resorts make sure that guests enjoy their #CMSafeStay without having to worry at all about the health and hygiene aspects. Club Mahindra has partnered with Bureau Veritas to ensure that every resort is cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Do resorts in Bangalore have free parking?

Yes, there is complimentary parking at the resort for guests.

Do any family resorts in Bangalore have a spa onsite?

Yes, Club Mahindra Bangalore family resorts have a spa on-site.

Which resorts in Bangalore have rooms with a private balcony?

At Club Mahindra Eagleton Golf Resort in Bangalore, rooms come with private balconies so that you can soak in the beautiful surroundings.

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