If the question, “Which are the best weekend getaways near me?” is weighing heavily on your mind, you are not alone. This is the question that stumps the most experienced of travellers regularly. Weekend getaways are the ‘pick-me-up’ of the holiday world that refresh you with a concentrated dose of fun and relaxation. The answer to your question of “best weekend getaways near me” will change with your home city. What are you looking for?

Most tourist destinations can be categorised based on the experiences they offer, such as adventure or culture. You can decide your best places to visit nearby by choosing one. Most tourist destinations have one or more Club Mahindra resorts, making it easier for you to book your weekend getaways. No more wondering “will I get accommodation at getaways near me?” If you desire a cultural weekend, here are some amazing weekend getaways for culture afficionados.


It is fitting that Jaisalmer features first in the list of cultural getaways. It is one of the best places to visit nearby Delhi. Also known as ‘Golden City’, the former medieval trading centre is a gem of a tourist destination. The local bazaars are a microcosm of Rajasthani culture. Experience more culture with a tour of the Jain Temples. Marvel at the strength of Jaisalmer Fort and get glimpses of the old opulence in the lovingly preserved havelis. It’s a treat for culture afficionados.


Often known as the architectural hub of northern India, Lucknow is a confident answer to your “getaways near me” conundrum. The city presents a compelling case for its claim on the title of cultural getaway owing to its multifaceted history that has varying shades of dance, poetry, and music. Bara Imambara, Memorial Museum, British Residency, and Jama Masjid will add colour to your itinerary. The Heritage Walk will take you on a leisurely exploration of the city and offer glimpses of its rich cultural heritage.


Mahatma Gandhi’s chosen city for his Sabarmati Ashram is a colourful tapestry of culture and traditions. It’s the best place to start your cultural exploration of Ahmedabad. The Jhulta Minara is an architectural marvel while the Victoria Garden is an island of tranquillity. The Calico Museum of Textiles is a chronicle of the city’s rich past as a textile hub while Science City is a step into the future. End your tour at Manek Chowk which is the best place to sample Ahmedabad’s culinary abundance.

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Rajasthan has many Club Mahindra resorts, one of which is in Jaipur. Like most Rajasthani cities, Jaipur has a royal pedigree that goes back many centuries. Admire Jal Mahal’s architectural beauty and the intricate latticework that adorns Hawa Mahal. The Amer Fort is a sentinel out of time, while the City Palace is a witness to Jaipur’s regal grandeur. Marvel at the mixed Indian and European architecture of Nahargarh Fort and enjoy colourful folk-dance performances at Chokhi Dhani. End your cultural exploration in Jaipur’s bazaars.

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The historic city of Pune is a rich repository of culture that dates back hundreds of years. Having played an important part in the regional geopolitics, Pune has earned its distinction of being Maharashtra’s cultural hub. The Lal Mahal and Shanivar Wada, both located in the heart of the city, are living embodiments of culture and history. Take a side trip to the mighty Sinhagad and explore 2000-year-old Buddhist caves. Pune is also the venue of various cultural events. Catch one for a rare treat.


Known as Tanjore in the ancient times, Tamil Nadu’s temple town is steeped with culture. The 11th-century Brihadeeshwarar Temple offers a detailed account of its 1000 years of existence. The Maratha Palace is a significant milestone in the cultural confluence of Maratha and Chola kingdoms while the Saraswathi Mahal Library is a storehouse of ancient Indian Literature with a collection of 49,000 volumes. While the Vijaynagar Fort features mesmerising architecture, Gangaikonda Cholapuram showcases Chola architecture. Do not miss visiting Thanjavur if you truly appreciate culture.


Karnataka’s cultural gem is the best place to catch glimpses of its rich history. The 15th-century Vijaya Vittala Temple will entrance you with its architecture. The Queen’s Bath is an enormous royal bath that features an impressive dome and detailed carvings. The Archaeological Museum is a treasure trove of the region’s history. Spend some time at the Daroji Bear Sanctuary and enjoy culture of a different kind at Hippie Island. If it’s culture you are after, Hampi will supply can keep up a steady supply.

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These destinations will satiate your appetite for culture on a quick weekend getaway. Refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul with a culture-infused weekend escape. Book your Club Mahindra holiday today and embark on an epic journey of history, intrigue, and culture.

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