Nestled between Gujarat and Maharashtra, Daman is a semi-autonomous enclave at the mouth of the Daman Ganga River, surrounded by Gujarat, while Diu is a minuscule island off the Gujarat coast.

Daman has been known for its turquoise water, rustic beaches, charming villages and Portuguese ruins. It lies on the banks of the Daman Ganga River and was a Portuguese province for about 300 years before being liberated in 1961. Diu, too, was a former Portuguese colony with a rich history, architecture and culture. Diu is sometimes mistakenly thought to be Daman's neighbour, despite being nearly 672 km away.

From enjoying water activities at Nagoa Beach to exploring the marvellous Diu Fort, there are a plethora of things to do in Daman and Diu.

Before planning a trip to this union territory, here's everything you need to know about Daman and Diu tourism. Check out!

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Which is the best time for visiting Daman and Diu?

October - February (Winter):

October to February is perfect for visiting Daman and Diu. During this time, the weather remains salubrious, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 15°C. Besides, the ocean currents are mild, making it perfect for water sports like swimming, snorkelling and speed boating.

March-June (Summer):

Summers in Daman and Diu are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 27°C to 39°C. Afternoons are warm and humid. Evenings, on the other hand, are pleasant.

July - September (Monsoon):

Daman and Diu receives moderate to high rainfall during the monsoon season (July-September), with August being the wettest month of the year. If you are keen on visiting Daman and Diu during the monsoon, then carry along raincoats and umbrellas.

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How to reach Daman and Diu?

By Air:

Daman: To reach Daman, one has to fly down to Daman Airport, not a commercial airport; instead, it is mainly used as a military installation. Despite this, it operates daily flights between Mumbai and Baroda.

Diu: To reach Diu, one has to fly down to Diu Airport, the sole airport serving the Union Territories of Daman and Diu to the rest of India. Board flights to Diu Airport from Porbandar Airport or Mumbai Airport.

By Train:

Daman: To reach Daman, one has to get off at Vapi Railway Station, which is 10.5 km away from the central hub of Daman. Next, you can hire a private car to explore around the place or reach the hotel.

Diu: To reach Daman, one has to get off at Vapi Railway Station, which is 87.6 km away from the central hub of Daman. Next, you can hire a private car to explore around the place or reach the hotel.

By Road:

Daman: Several state-owned and privately-owned buses run between Surat and Daman. Tourists can also take the bus from Mumbai to Daman. Furthermore, National Highway number 8 also connects Daman to Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Mumbai, among other Indian cities, via road.

Diu: Porbandar, Junagadh and Veraval are all served by buses. As a result, to reach Diu by bus, you must first travel to one of these locations. From Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Baroda, you can self-drive along NH8.

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Which are the top places to visit in Daman and Diu?

Nagoa Beach:

Nagoa Beach is a beautiful, white-sanded crescent-shaped beach. It is one of the highlights of Daman and Diu tourism. Due to its popularity, Nagoa Beach has a plethora of resorts nearby, some of which are right on the beach, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Besides, many water activities are available at Nagoa Beach, which travellers can enjoy.

Diu Fort:

Diu Fort is one of the grandest possessions of Daman and Diu tourism among the many architectural marvels erected by European rule. It was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD, with a scenic view of the sea, following a defence agreement between the Bahadurshah, Sultan of Gujarat, and the Portuguese when Humayun, the Mughal Emperor, assaulted the former. Visit the Diu Fort early in the morning to avoid the crowds and easily explore the entire fort complex.

Naida Caves:

The undiscovered jewel of Daman and Diu tourism is Naida Caves. The Naida Caves, located outside the Diu Fort's city wall, is a series of interconnected caves with an extensive network of tunnels and square hewn steps that are yet to be explored. Many people believe these caverns are man-made, while others believe they are natural. It is said that the Portuguese took building materials from these caves while constructing the Diu Fort, resulting in the cavern's troughs and crests. After that, the Naida Caves was subjected to natural wear and tear long after the Portuguese had left, which gave them their current appearance. Naida Caves also features a natural aperture that allows light into the tunnels, making them photogenic. It is preferable to visit the Naida Caves during the day. Otherwise, low light will make it challenging to explore the place.

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Sunset Point, Diu:

Sunset Point, a picturesque hillside near Diu's Chakritirath Beach, provides an unforgettable experience. Here, one can gaze at the setting sun as it displays vibrant hues against the backdrop of Hoka trees, which add to the beauty of the landscape.

St. Paul's Church:

St. Paul's Church, one of the most popular places to visit in Daman and Diu, is 400 years old and looks like the Bom Jesus Church in Goa. This church, which has a Gothic architectural style, is the largest Portuguese Catholic church on the island. It has fascinating volutes and shell-like designs that are a sight to behold. Once you enter the church premise, you will experience a soul-soothing sensation to sit in complete stillness and pray to the almighty.

Which are the top resorts in Daman and Diu?

1. The Deltin, Daman:

The Deltin is a 5-star hotel with well-appointed rooms and on-site dining. It also provides internet access, room service, laundry, transfers and parking for a relaxing stay. Besides, there are recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, spa, gym and health club.

2. Radhika Beach Resort, Diu:

An excellent choice for travellers visiting Diu, Radhika Beach Resort is an ideal luxury retreat with lavish rooms and on-site eateries. Plus, it houses a host of recreational facilities like an outdoor pool, gym and outdoor sports.

3. Gold Beach Resort, Daman:

The Gold Beach Resort in Daman, which overlooks the Arabian Sea, is an excellent retreat from the city's hustle-bustle. The Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Suite are the three categories of rooms available. Spice Galleon is the hotel's seaside restaurant, where guests are served a wide variety of foods from across the world. In addition, the hotel has a swimming pool and a fitness club for visitors to relax in.

4. Kostamar Beach Resort, Diu:

The Kostamar Beach Resort is located directly across from the magnificent Nagoa Beach. There are 48 Royal Deluxe, 6 Royal Villa and 4 Royal Suite rooms available. Delicious and mouth-watering delights created from the freshest ingredients are served in the in-house restaurant. Room service and housekeeping are available 24* 7, ensuring a pleasant stay.

Which are the best restaurants in Daman and Diu?

O’ Coqueiro Music Garden Restaurant, Diu:

O Coqueiro is a must-visit for anyone in Diu looking for more than a smidgeon of Portuguese delicacies. The fish dumplings are a must-try, and vegetarians will find enough to enjoy on the menu, including pasta, coconut curry and falafel-hummus platters.

Daman Delite:

Daman Delite is a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar with a lovely atmosphere that serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian food from Indian, Mughlai, Chinese and continental cuisines.

Prato Delicioso:

Prato Delicioso is a multi-cuisine establishment that serves Indian, Chinese and Continental fare. The seafood offered here, in particular, is sure to make you salivate.

Chulawala Restaurant & Bar:

Diu Chulawala Restaurant is located on Nagoa Beach and specialises in sea delicacies and Thai cuisine.

How to get around in Daman and Diu?

In Daman and Diu, taxis and auto-rickshaws are available for hire to explore the region.

Offering an amalgamation of history, culture and natural beauty, Daman and Diu is the ideal destination if you want to escape the monotony of city life. Take cues from our blog and plan a perfect trip to this beautiful Indian union territory.

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