Whether you are a historian, an art student, an architect, a painter or just somebody looking for a wonderful place to holiday in, Jaipur should tick all the boxes for you.

Whether you are a historian, an art student, an architect, a painter or just somebody looking for a wonderful place to holiday in, Jaipur should tick all the boxes for you. It has everything for everyone: palaces, mansions, forts, manicured lawns and gardens, manmade lakes, endless deserts…Then there are the friendly people with their colourful attire, their spicy and flavourful food, and their warm hospitality. In your free time, you can explore Jaipur’s famous markets and taste its sumptuous street food. Once you finish sightseeing, you can retire to your hotel or resort room.

Jaipur is blessed with many beautiful spots to see, good weather for the most part of the year, and several attractions that gladden the heart of the most weary traveller. Whether visiting alone or in a group, make sure to mark Jaipur in your travel itinerary this year.

Best Time To Visit Jaipur

Jaipur is located in the State of Rajasthan, which is largely a desert. Being a desert city, it shows extremes of climate and harsh weather in the summer and winter season. Best time to visit Jaipur is the season you choose to travel to Jaipur depends on your holiday preferences and your tolerance to the weather. We recommend travelling to Jaipur in the months between October and December. The winter chill does not set in till late November, and you can enjoy sightseeing in pleasant weather. This period is also known as the tourist season in Jaipur, so there will be a lot of footfalls. You can refer to Jaipur tourism guides for a better idea of when to make a visit.

Pack a warm sweater or two for the cold evenings and nights, and do reach your Jaipur resort before dark to avoid travelling back in the dark. Also carry sturdy walking boots because many points are accessible on foot.

Places To Visit In Jaipur

Jaipur tourism is full of potential for everyone. Any age group and type of traveller will love being in Jaipur and seeing different places to visit in jaipur. Here are our recommendations for the top places to see in Jaipur with your loved ones:

* Hawa Mahal: This site is one of Jaipur tourism’s prized jewels. The beautiful Hawa Mahal was built in the year 1799 as an extension to the equally stunning City Palace complex. Both are important tourism spots for the city today. Hawa Mahal’s chief designer Lal Chand was an engineer who drew inspiration from Lord Krishna’s crown to design its façade. The Mahal was built for use by the royal queens and their attendants. Like most structures in Rajasthan designed for the exclusive use of women, this one too features delicate latticed windows, chhajjas and shaded balconies. These prevented people from the outside looking in, but the women could look out without being observed.

* City Palace: As mentioned in the point above, City Palace is one of Jaipur tourism’s most important spots. The stunning complex is visited by lakhs of people every year, and a full round can take you several hours. It was originally built as a mini township that had housing for both royalty as well as their subjects, with commercial complexes, small gardens and even offices in different parts of the complex. The City Palace was meant to house the reigning Rajasthani king of the day. The vast complex was built between the years 1729 and 1732. Today, it is preserved in near-perfect condition, and is open for viewing. Take a look at its courtyards, intricately carved columns, majestic balconies and stately buildings. The Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal palaces are also located at one end.

* Panna Meena Ka Kund: This curiously named stepwell is said to be an ode to legendary friends and ladies-in-waiting Panna and Meena. The story goes that the two would often meet here in their free time to exchange gossip without being overheard. Over time, other women of similar social standing also began joining in, and the spot became a meeting place for groups of women. Apart from this pretty tale, the stepwell itself is gorgeous and a testament to its great engineering – it stands as it was after being built in the 16th century! Every Jaipur tourism guidebook mentions this spot, and you should not miss it.

* Amer Fort: No visit to Jaipur is complete without a look at its majestic forts. The Amer Fort is one of them, a true testament to Rajput valour and grandeur. Its architectural plan is a thing of wonder, featuring many hidden passages and curving staircases not immediately apparent to the naked eye. It is built entirely of pink sandstone, as most old buildings in Jaipur are, and some parts are created in yellow sandstone. Visiting this 14th century fort should certainly feature in your list of things to do in Jaipur.

* Nahargarh Fort: Another fort you cannot miss is Nahargarh Fort. It is not just another pink building in Jaipur, but one of its most finely carved ones. Jaipur tourism guidebooks mention that its plain exterior was deliberately created to make the building as unobtrusive to invading marauders as possible. However, its delicately carved interiors are a different story altogether! Nahargarh Fort played an important part in the defence of the erstwhile Rajput kingdoms against the onslaughts of Mughal and British invaders, and it was never captured. You can take superb pictures of Jaipur city from the fort’s balconies.

* Galtaji Temple: Every Jaipur tourism guide lists this important place of worship as a must-visit destination. It is several centuries old, and is flanked by the Aravalli Hills on one side. The temple is part of a large complex, housing many shrines, prayer halls and even a designated space for healing hot water springs. The Galtaji temple is located at the centre of the complex, made out of rugged natural stone without carvings or other embellishment. The temple is said to be a wish fulfilling one, and stands inside the City Palace complex.

* Jantar Mantar: This one is different from the one at Delhi, and no less important. The Jantar Mantar at Jaipur is made entirely of stone, and was designed as a large astronomical observatory in 1733. It holds the distinction of being the largest observatory in the world, and still houses ancient brass and stone instruments to observe celestial bodies. It is truly a must-visit spot if you are headed to Jaipur.

* Albert Hall Museum: Located inside the premises of the Ram Niwas Garden, the Albert Hall Museum is Rajasthan’s oldest museum. It was not built as a museum at all – Jaipur tourism will inform you that it was designed as a concert hall and was so named because its architectural style was similar to that of England’s Albert Hall Museum. Its use as a concert space was stopped in the early 20th century. Today, it has a large collection of local and national artefacts spread over 16 galleries, all open for public viewing.

* Bapu Bazaar: No sightseeing trip in Jaipur is ever complete without checking out the local shopping bazaars, and we have the perfect recommendation for you: Bapu Bazaar. This shopper’s paradise is famous for authentic Rajasthani wares. If you want to buy local products like colourful mojris or juttis, or stoles, jute and cotton scarves, embroidered bags, etc. then you should head to this Bazaar. It is located near Sanganer Gate. On the extreme end of the market, you can buy brass work and ornaments, stone and other junk jewellery, etc. Jaipur tourism guides will tell you about the bazaar timings and the bargains you can expect to find there.

* Raj Mandir Cinema: Throughout history, Jaipur was a huge patron of the performing and visual arts. The Raj Mandir Cinema is a modern day proof of this fact. Built in the 1960s by a wealthy businessman who loved films, Mehtabchandra Golcha, the theatre is built on the lines of its patron’s observations of cinema theatres in other countries. Ever since its inception, it has been known as the last word in acoustics and a complete film watching experience. The initial years of the theatre were devoted to film screenings for members of the royal family. However, anyone can go catch a movie there today.

Where Should You Stay In Jaipur

Now that you have a fair idea of when to visit Jaipur and what to see there, it’s time to book yourself into a good resort for your holiday. We recommend the Club Mahindra Mansingh Towers in Jaipur for your holiday with your loved ones. The lavishly built property is the ideal choice for your dream vacation in Rajasthan’s royal city. There are different types of rooms, as also a superb on-site restaurant, spa, gym and large swimming pool. Your children can play in the designated gaming zone and even participate in specially curated workshops and activities. The resort is located conveniently close from Jaipur airport – ask them for directions on how to reach Jaipur from the airport or train station.

Whether it’s a short holiday or long one, whether you’re going alone or with your family, you will always have the best ever holiday experience with Club Mahindra Mansingh Towers.


Q: What is famous in Jaipur city?

Jaipur is most famous for being the Pink City of India. It earned this sobriquet owing to the pink sandstone being used to build many buildings in the city. However, it is also famous for its many royal palaces, forts, public gardens and the local delicacy ‘ghevar’.

Q: Which is the best fort in Jaipur?

There is no way to choose the best fort among the ones in Jaipur. We can certainly point you in the direction of the ones that are there, and you can see which one you like the most: Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort.

Q: Is Jaipur a good place a visit?

If you mean to ask about Jaipur’s tourism potential, then yes, it is a great place to visit. You can find everything you wish to see in a historical city here: palaces, museums, forts, gardens, stepwells, palace complexes, temples, etc. It is also one of the safest cities in India. Many solo travellers attest to its high safety quotient and the friendliness of the locals.

Q: What is famous in Jaipur for eating?

Jaipur’s sweet preparation ghevar is world famous. You will also like authentic Jaipuri food like laal maas, daal bati churma and kachoris.

Q: Where should I stay in Jaipur?

There are umpteen accommodation options in Jaipur, but we would recommend only the best one for you and your family. Book yourselves into the Club Mahindra Mansingh Towers Jaipur resort. It is one of the highest rated properties in Jaipur, and with good reason too: it is conveniently located from Jaipur airport, and is a lavish property with tastefully furnished rooms, a renowned on site restaurant, and excellent conferring and banqueting facilities. Many people combine their work and business holidays when they come to this unique resort property – they can quickly finish their pending work while their children can frolic in the kiddie pool or play in the gaming zone. You and the family can take long walks around the property as well.

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