Adorned with the natural wonders, ancient temples, virgin beaches, and majestic structures, Maharashtra is one of the ultimate locations for a relaxing family vacation.

Adorned with the natural wonders, ancient temples, virgin beaches, and majestic structures, Maharashtra is one of the ultimate locations for a relaxing family vacation. You may choose to travel via road or train. What is guaranteed is a wonderful experience of travelling along with greenery and mesmerising backdrops. This state has a lot on the platter to offer to nature aficionados and avid travellers. If you are out on a family vacation, Maharashtra is one of the best places to visit.

Tourist Places to Visit In Maharashtra

Panchgani - Maharashtra Tourism Venna Lake - Maharashtra Tourism

• Panchgani in Maharashtra

Getting its beautiful name from the five surrounding hills, this hill station is an example of sheer beauty and relaxation. This serene town is one of the prime locations in Maharashtra that tourists love to visit. Panchgani offers some excellent opportunities for photographers as well. Visit for the picturesque sunrise points and the scenic view of the valley that will stay with you long after you have left. There are a lot of other tourist points to visit in Panchgani, Maharashtra that you will absolutely love.

• Venna Lake in Maharashtra

Tourists flock over from different corners of the world to witness this charming beauty that is the Venna Lake. One of the most visited tourist places in Maharashtra, Venna Lake has a serene and calm atmosphere that attracts visitors. After all, who would want to miss an experience of looking at the mesmerising surroundings while enjoying the thrilling experience of boating in the lake? This is the perfect spot for a family day out, making it a must-visit tourist place in Maharashtra.

• Echo Point in Maharashtra

Surrounded by the Sahyadri ranges, this scenic location known as the Echo Point is a major tourist attraction in Matheran. For all you nature lovers, this is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday in Maharashtra. Enjoy a surreal experience surrounded by clouds and the lush greenery. You could also go bird watching and visit nature camps in the nearby areas. Just a moment to connect with nature is what prompts tourists to visit this location.

Echo Point - Maharashtra Tourism Pratapgadh Fort - Maharashtra Tourism

• Pratapgadh Fort in Maharashtra

Another famous tourist destination in Maharashtra that narrates the history of this majestic state is the Pratapgadh Fort. Visit Mahabaleshwar and about 24 kilometres from there, you will be greeted by the sight of this grand palace. An exciting monument of historical significance, the Pratapgadh Fort is one with rich stories from the times of Chhatrapati Shivaji himself. If that doesn’t get you excited, what will? Visit the land of warriors and kings and you will have the best time ever.

Things to Do in Maharashtra

1. Scuba Diving in Maharashtra

For those who love the thrill of scuba diving can enjoy it at the Maharashtrian beaches. Scuba diving in Malvan is a unique experience. Home to several beaches, Maharashtra is one place where you will get to be thrilled by the life underwater. It will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

2. Horse Riding in Maharashtra

Pune is one of the best locations in Maharashtra to enjoy the nature trails on the back of a horse. There are various horse-riding camps here with a wide selection of horses for you to choose from. If you are a riding enthusiast or have always wanted to ride a horse, Maharashtra is the place to seek your thrills.

3. Trekking in Maharashtra

The majestic forts in Maharashtra offer several opportunities for a proper trekking adventure. Raigad is one of the locations you could head to. One of the best for trekking, this place is swamped with visitors from all over the world who want to witness the sheer beauty of nature on foot. Beginning your trek in the morning, you could explore the entire area with ease through the day. 

4. Camping in Maharashtra

Imagine trekking and camping in the legendary forts of Maharashtra. Exciting, isn’t it? Enjoy the pristine beauty of the nature camps in Khopoli and you will be captivated by everything around you. Camping in Maharashtra is best enjoyed in one of these nature camps. For those who love scenic views, spending a night in the camps of Khopoli will ensure you have a wonderful time connecting with nature.

How to Reach Maharashtra

With international and domestic airports, well-connected rail network, and the roads, it is a wonderful experience travelling to and in Maharashtra. The roads are wide and well-maintained and the journeys promise to be scenic with views that look straight out of the movies. Travelling to Maharashtra will always be fun for the family. You can play various games while on a road trip or on the train. After all, a family that travels together, stay together.

Best Time to Visit Maharashtra

Although Maharashtra promises fun vacations all year long, the best time to visit the place would be between October and March. The weather is not extremely humid and if you are lucky, you might even get to witness the occasional rain shower. The weather in Maharashtra is always beautiful and pleasant, and the non-seasonal showers that take you by surprise add to the beauty. In Mumbai, for instance, Marine Drive seems magical as dark clouds hover around, giving it a gorgeous look.

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