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Maharashtra – The truly ‘Maha’ state!

Everything about Maharashtra – the third largest state in India spanning 307,713 sq. km. of the western region of the country is ‘Maha’ – its rich history, diversity, culture, cuisine and, of course, its large-hearted people. Maharashtra offers a variety of terrains to choose from, be it coastal plains, plateaus, hill ranges or and river valleys. So, there is absolutely no dearth of places to visit in Maharashtra.

Resorts in Maharashtra

If you’re looking for the best beach resorts in Maharashtra, Green Leaf The Resort & Spa at Ganpatipule (a Club Mahindra associate property), offers you a unique and unforgettable holiday experience. Located in the Ratnagiri district on the serene Konkan coast, Ganpatipule is known for its pristine beach, clear blue sea and one of the most visited Swayambhu Lord Ganesha Temple. The resort is nestled on a hill offering guests a bird's eye-view of the Arabian Sea and unexplored beach oves.

Spread over 8 acres of dense forest, Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar Sherwood, our hill resort in Maharashtra, offers pleasant climate of the Sahyadris, abundance of nature, adventure activities and great food. While you’re here, do binge on the juicy strawberries and carrots straight from the farms.

The cosy rooms in both the resorts provide numerous amenities and stunning views of the surroundings, assuring you perfect relaxation and comfort. And there are spas and swimming pools, along with fun activities, to offer you and ideal family holiday.

Best time to visit

While most people head to Mahabaleshwar during summers to beat the heat, there are others who prefer it as a monsoon getaway, when this quaint hill station resembles paradise garnished with countless raindrops. With its beach terrain, Ganpatipule makes for an ideal beach vacation during both – monsoons and summers. There are some who prefer to visit between October and February to experience the chilly winds.

Specialities of Maharashtrian cuisine

Maharashtrian cuisine consists of rich curries and dishes made from typical Indian spices. Our restaurants offer you local delicacies of the state including the famous Maharashtrian Thali. Lick your fingers as you enjoy delicious Malvani delicacies such as the Sol Kadhi, Kombdi Vade, Kavda Curry, Phanasachi Bhaji and Kajuchi Aamti, Mori Masala, Fish Masala, Bombil Fry and Paplet Saar, while in Ganpatipule. In Mahabaleshwar, you can savour the Maharashtrian version of burger, ‘Vada Pav’ and Chikkis. If you’re a weight-watcher, you can binge on strawberries, mulberries, carrots, corn and many delicious preparations using the same.

So many sites to sight!

When in Maharashtra, visit Jaigadh Fort, Ratnadurg Fort, Thiba Palace and Someshwar Creek at Ganpatipule and the 400-year old Swayambhu Ganpati Temple after which the town is named.

The places to explore in Mahabaleshwar are Panchgani, Bombay Point, Lodwick point, Pratapgad Fort, Arthur’s seat, Venna Lake and Wilson point. There are so many places to visit in Maharashtra that you might just need to extend your vacation!

Countless fun activities await you!

Our activity managers will be glad to organise an adventurous trek for your entire family along the Sahyadris, or horse-riding and boating at the Venna Lake, in Mahabaleshwar. In Ganapatipule, you can enjoy a relaxed, long walks along the beach.

But if you wish to stay indoors, you can enjoy the fun activities organised within the resort like pottery; board games and outdoor activities at the resort. So you see, you will never run out of things to do here.  

How to reach

Best way to reach Mahabaleshwar is through Pune (120 kms) or Mumbai (265 kms) which are well connected by air and road. You can reach Ganpatipule from Mumbai (333kms), Pune (326 kms), Goa (280 kms).

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