Bangaluru's Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) has launched an exciting new initiative with the introduction of a Leopard Safari, alongside significant afforestation efforts.

 Aimed at enhancing the park’s biodiversity this dual effort not only provides visitors with an enriched wildlife experience but also underscores the park's commitment to environmental conservation. A premier destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, the park characterizes an expansive area featuring a hilly terrain covered with lush greenery. Here visitors can spot diverse wildlife including tigers, leopards, and elephants. 

The recently introduced Leopard Safari, the first of its kind in the region, spanning 20 hectares of deciduous forest, is designed to provide a safe environment for both the animals and the visitors. Raising awareness about this species, their behavior, and their conservation needs, will offer visitors a unique opportunity to observe leopards in a natural habitat. 

Specially designed vehicles will take tourists through designated areas where leopards roam freely, ensuring minimal disturbance to the animals while allowing for close encounters that are both thrilling and educational.

Currently, this section of the park houses eight leopards, and fourteen leopards kept at Bannerghatta Biological Park’s rescue center add to the park’s leopard population.  In addition to the Leopard Safari, BBP has initiated extensive afforestation efforts as well. 

Recognizing the critical role of green cover in maintaining ecological balance, the park is offering saplings at reduced prices encouraging afforestation. This initiative aims to increase cognizance about biodiversity, the significance of forests, and ecological balance.

The park recently held a groundbreaking ceremony to commence the construction of five new animal enclosures and a skywalk. Connecting the zoo with the butterfly park, the skywalk will gift visitors with a chance to observe the birdlife and the tree canopies from close quarters. 

By offering immersive wildlife experiences, actively rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, Bannerghatta Biological Park continues to set a benchmark for other wildlife sanctuaries and parks across the country. Visitors and nature enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to these new additions, which promise to make Bannerghatta Biological Park a must-visit destination for wildlife lovers and conservationists alike.

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