Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate the first Hindu temple in UAE on February 13. 

In a historic moment that bridges cultural and religious ties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate the first Hindu temple in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The grand ceremony, scheduled to take place on 14 February, marks a significant milestone in the diplomatic relations between India and the UAE, as well as a symbol of religious inclusivity in the Gulf region.

The temple, known as the 'BAPS Hindu Mandir,' stands at a height of 108 feet, 262 feet in length and 180 feet in width. The 27-acre site is located at Abu Mureikhah, which is near Al Rahba off the Dubai–Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Highway in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This architectural marvel sprawls across 27 acres of land that was generously gifted by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in the year 2015.

The temple showcases traditional Hindu craftsmanship and design, creating a sacred space for worship, meditation, and cultural exchange. Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, a revered figure in the Swaminarayan Hindu tradition, the temple also houses idols of several other Hindu deities. 

The inauguration ceremony is expected to draw dignitaries from both India and the UAE, underscoring the strong bilateral relations between the two nations. Prime Minister Modi's presence at the event emphasizes the cultural and spiritual significance of the temple, highlighting the shared values that bind India and the UAE.

The construction of the BAPS Hindu Mandir is a testament to the UAE's commitment to fostering religious diversity and promoting tolerance. The leadership of the UAE has consistently demonstrated a dedication to creating an inclusive society that embraces people of various faiths, and the inauguration of the Hindu temple aligns with this vision.

The temple complex is not only a place of worship but also a cultural center that aims to promote understanding and harmony between different communities. Its presence in the heart of the Middle East reflects the global nature of Hinduism and India's rich cultural heritage.

As Prime Minister Modi inaugurates the Temple, it not only signifies the establishment of a sacred space but also marks a symbolic step towards religious pluralism and unity in the UAE, fostering a spirit of mutual respect and understanding among diverse communities.

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