In a remarkable twist to the traditional train journey, the introduction of Vistadome coaches on trains heading to Kashmir has turned the commute into a sought-after tourist attraction. 

The Vistadome coaches, operated by the Indian Railways, have quickly become a sensation among tourists, transforming the once routine train ride into an immersive visual experience. As the trains traverse the scenic route leading to Kashmir, passengers are treated to panoramic views of the breathtaking beauty that the region has to offer. 

These specially designed coaches, equipped with large glass windows and a transparent roof, offer passengers unparalleled views of the snow-clad landscapes of the Kashmir Valley. The train operates for six days and the tickets are priced at Rs. 960. Running from Banihal to Budgam this 40-seater vistadome coach is air-conditioned. It also boasts of an observation lounge, and seats that can rotate, allowing passengers to enjoy 360-degree superb views all through the 135 km route. 

Beyond the visual spectacle, the Vistadome coaches prioritize comfort and luxury. Spacious and well-appointed seats provide passengers with a relaxing environment to soak in the picturesque surroundings. 

The winter season, with its pristine white landscapes, adds an extra layer of magic to the Vistadome experience. The snow-covered Kashmir Valley becomes a fairy-tale setting, captivating the hearts of passengers. Tourists are quick to capture and share their experiences, turning the Vistadome journey into a trending topic on social media.

As the word spreads about this unique travel experience, the Vistadome coaches have emerged as a standout attraction, drawing tourists not just for the destination but for the journey itself. The integration of these coaches has successfully elevated the train ride to Kashmir into an unmissable adventure, leaving travelers with indelible memories of a scenic railway journey like no other.

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