There is no denying that the COVID-19 lockdown has been difficult for children. They cannot completely comprehend what is going on except that they cannot meet their friends or go to a park or playground anymore. That’s why, it is essential to keep them busy with fun indoor activities such as indulging in arts and crafts. Do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts for kids is a great way to teach them about creating things use spare parts lying around the house. Here are 5 such DIY crafts that parents and kids can do together:

#1 Marble Maze

Things required: Toilet paper rolls, tape, glue and marbles

When the COVID-19 lockdown was announced, for some reason, toilet rolls became a basic necessity for people. But what are these people doing about the cardboard rolls? Don’t discard them because you can make good use of those for different craft activities to do with kids. One such being the Marble maze. You will need about 10-12 toilet rolls for the entire maze. Start with building the ‘towers’. This can be a mix of one toilet paper roll high or two rolls (one on top of the the other) taped together. Next, you have to make the pipes that will connect the towers and act as a path for the marble (or ball or pom pom). For this, cut the remaining rolls vertically in half.The next step requires parental guidance if small kids are involved in this activity. You need to make slits int the towers that are wide enough for the pipes to fit inside. Make sure that these slits are not on the same level; they need to be slanting downwards from one tower to the other so that the marble can slide. With every insert, make sure to test your maze and make adjustments accordingly. Once done, make sure everything is taped and glued together and watch the marble roll through your very own maze!

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#2 Tree of Buttons

Things required: Blank sheets of paper, sketch pens/paints, box of spare buttons and glue

Every house has a box full of spare buttons that have been collected over the years and stored away. It’s time to make good use of these buttons. This is easy craft work for kids and will keep them occupied for a while. Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a bare tree (without leaves) using sketch pens or paints. Make enough branches so that when done, the tree looks more full. Now. time for kids to go crazy with these buttons! Use glue to stick the buttons on the tree and make it look as colourful and fun as possible. The end result is always a pleasing sight and if you want to hang this piece of artwork, just make sure that the glue has dried up and buttons are properly stuck.

#3 Thumbprint Bookmarks

Things required: Blank sheets of white paper, paints and scissors

Got book-lovers in the house? It’s time to make some bookmarks! Bookmarks are one of the easiest crafts for kids and they turn out to quite useful. Cut your white paper vertically into strips, maintaining 4-5 cms width for each. Before you start painting, lay down newspapers or scrap paper so that the paint does spread everywhere and make a mess. Now, tell your kids that using only their thumb prints, the bookmark needs to be painted and made colourful. It can be just one colour or a rainbow of colours - let them get creative! You can also take this as a teaching moment and tell them all about thumb prints and the unique identity of each. Literally, each kid will end up having a bookmark with one-of-a-kind prints on it! Before using these bookmarks, make sure that the paints have completely dried otherwise it will end up leaving a print in your book.

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#4 Glow-in-the-dark Bubbles

Things required: Highlighters (Sharpies preferred in shades of yellow, pink and green), bubble solution, wire-cutter and bubble ring

Kid or an adult, glow-in-the-dark objects will always prove to be fascinating. Now, combine this concept with blowing bubbles - sounds cool, right? Time to make your home quarantine glow up! Your first step for glow-in-the-dark bubbles is to remove the ink tube from the highlighter. Be careful and use a wire cutter since the ink can spread everywhere. Add this to a 250 ml bottle of bubble solution. Let it stay inside till all the ink leaves the tube and gets mixed with the bubble solution. For this glow-in-the-dark solution to actually work, you need to place the bottle in a dark and cool corner for about 24 hours. When the time finally arrives for making the bubbles, you will notice that the solution is luminescent. Dunk the bubble ring a few times in till a sheet of solution forms in the ring. Now blow and watch glow-in-the-dark bubbles taking shape and floating though the room!

#5 Ice Cream Sticks Photo Frames

Things required: Lots of ice cream sticks, paints/sketch pens/colourful markers, glue

Another quick and easy crafts for kids idea! Collect all the ice cream sticks you find lying around the house and start colouring, painting or drawing these sticks. It can be different colours, shapes, designs - whatever takes your kid’s fancy but try making each one different. Next, take two ice cream sticks and place one on top of the other to form an ‘L’ shape and glue them together at the base. Add another two ice creams to this shape to make a closed square/rectangle. Voila! Your photo frame is ready! :)

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