For every child, the father is their first ever superhero. The father-child bond is unmatchable. And, to celebrate this bond, we get one day, i.e., Father’s Day. It is not just any ordinary day, but an opportunity for you to express your gratitude to your friend, philosopher and greatest supporter and cheerleader. 

Every year, the world celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. Although, one day is not enough to thank your father enough for all their care and unprecedented love they shower on you every day, you can do something to show them how special they are and how much they mean to you. 

If you are looking for father’s day celebration ideas, we have got your back. We have compiled a list of some unique ideas to celebrate the most special person in our lives.

Organise a Movie Night 

movie night

Does your father love watching movies? Does he have any favourite movie or does he like to watch a specific genre of movie? If yes, then you can host a movie night for him. After all, Father’s Day is all about entertaining the hard-working man and putting a smile on his face. 

You can make the movie night even more enthralling by inviting over his long-distance friends or close colleagues at work and surprise him. Know his favourite movie, it could be from his childhood favourite or from the 80s. As you play the movie, the feeling of nostalgia and your heart-warming gesture will truly make him feel special. 

Make sure that you keep tubs of popcorn, or your father’s favourite snack and beverage ready. A movie marathon with family and friends can never go wrong. 

Create a Short Video 

Create a short video

Another great way to celebrate father’s day is to make a short video dedicated to him. Bring out your old family albums, pick and choose a few pictures of you and your father. It could be pictures of your childhood or some landmark events in life like your dad’s 10th work anniversary, pictures of the day when he won the best employee award, his graduation day, etc. 

Compile all these pictures and make a quirky video with some humorous animations and captions. You and your father can relive all the beautiful moments you have shared through the years. It is one of the best ideas for Father’s day celebration that would delight your superhero to no end. 

Take him on a Holiday to his Favourite Destination

holiday to his favourite destination

Your father may have been working hard relentlessly for all these years to provide you with the best of everything. He may have sacrificed many things in life; he may have given up all his small joys for your sake. Now, it is time to repay him for all that he has done for you and give him the chance to enjoy and indulge in things that he loves. 

And what better way to show your appreciation and gratitude than taking him on a family holiday to his favourite holiday. It could be the place where he first met your mother and they fell in love there or your father may have always expressed his wish to go on a holiday in the mountains. Whatever his wishes, you can make it come true. 

If you can’t organise a trip for any reason, this father’s day, you can gift your father a Club Mahindra Membership. This will give him the chance to holiday at more than 100+ Club Mahindra resorts in India and abroad and enjoy indulging in more than 2000+ unique and exquisite experiences at any time he wants. 

Gifting a Club Mahindra membership is like giving wings to your father’s dreams of travelling and exploring new places and getting new experiences.

Dedicate a Poem/Song or an Artwork to your Dad

Dedicate a poem

You may think it is a cliché. Yes, it is.  But it never goes wrong. You cannot deny the fact that a dedicated piece of art, poem or song can fill anyone’s heart with immense joy. If you are good with painting or a pencil in your hand, you can create a beautiful portrait of your father or create a cartoon caricature of your father. 

If you are good with words, or can play a musical instrument, you can compose an original musical or write a poem/song for him. Just let your creative juices flow freely. The heartfelt dedication will make him feel special. 

Cook a special dinner

Cook a special dinner

A father day’s celebration may be incomplete without a special meal for the special person that you are celebrating. Yes, your mom may cook a storm in the kitchen. But, today, you can take the baton over and whip a few delicious and your father’s favourite food items. 

It could be a simple cup cake or a special grandmother’s recipe. Whatever it is try to cook a special dinner for him and he would be more than happy with your efforts alone and sweet gesture. You can make the meal special by sharing a tub of ice cream for dessert after dinner. Needless to say, pick the ice cream that is his favourite flavour. 

Now that you know how to celebrate Father’s Day, make the day special for your superhero dad. 

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