When you think of a hill station, you think of fresh mountain air, cool climate, and long walks. There is, however, a whole lot more you can do when you’re vacationing at a hill station



There is no better place than a hill station for a long trek. The cool climate and fresh air make walking easier and more pleasant. Natural vegetation and the chirping of birds in the trees make it more enjoyable. The smell of the earth is refreshing.

When you visit a Club Mahindra hill station, don’t forget to carry your trekking shoes – you will be more comfortable with your own. We will take care of the rest, such as a hot meal, a warm room, and a cosy bed when you’re back from your trek.



People often confuse trekking, hiking, and trail walking. There is a subtle yet significant difference. While all three activities involve walking, trekking is usually undertaken for more than a day, which is why it is sometimes referred to as backpacking. Hiking, on the other hand, is generally a day-long trip.

At Club Mahindra, we offer you facilities for both trekking and hiking. Our resort shop can kit you up with all the gear you need. If you’re only going for a day trip, ask at the reception for the best hiking trails.



Kids love trains. Most hill stations have a mini or ‘toy’ train on which you can take a ride, such as the one from Ooty to Mettupalayam across the Nilgiris. You can make it a day trip or an overnight camping trip – the choice is yours.

The joy of riding with your kids in the little train and hearing your voice echo off the mountains when you shout to one another is an experience you should not miss. Just ask at our reception of Club Mahindra Ooty resort and we will arrange a trip for you. Have a look at these Club Mahindra resort reviews & know what members have to say about the holiday activities in Ooty!

Rock climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great activity to indulge in when you’re at a hill station – after all, where else can you find rocks aplenty? It sates your hunger for adventure and at the same time it’s safer than mountain climbing. Moreover, there is nothing like rock climbing for a full body workout, so you can make up for those missed gym hours while you are on vacation.

At Club Mahindra hill resorts, you can take a rock climbing tour either with your own group or with your fellow guests. We will supply all the gear and make travel arrangements for you – just let us know at the reception.

Bungee jumping

Bungee Jumping

This is another adventure sport that rejuvenates your whole body and provides a great thrill. While you go bungee jumping, let your kids roam in the play park or go on rides of their own. Most hill stations have an amusement park that includes bungee jumping, along with go-karting, dashing cars, a roller coaster, and a water park.

You can make it a day trip for fun and frolic or head back to your Club Mahindra resort for a warm lunch and a short nap before you head out again in the evening.


Zip Lining

Experience the thrill of zipping down mountain slopes while holding on the pulley with your hands. Another sport that can tingle every nerve in your body and give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Club Mahindra will make all arrangements including drop and pick-up. Head back to your room for a shower before having lunch at the restaurant and spending the rest of the afternoon getting a massage at the spa. What better way to rejuvenate?

For the not-so-adventurous


If you’re not the adventurous kind, you can nevertheless take leisurely walks around the resort and reconnect with nature. Most of our resorts are spread over a wide area and you will find plenty of trails within the resort itself for that after-dinner walk to burn some calories.

Of course, there are a number of activities within the resort itself to keep you entertained – such as the swimming pool where you can take an early morning or late afternoon dip. We also have an amphitheatre at most of our resorts so you can watch a movie if you like. Or else you can simply browse in the curio shop and the stalls put up by locals at our resorts.

Other activities

Shopping in Mall

Every hill station has a market road a.k.a. Mall Road where you can shop for local handicrafts and more. We even invite locals to our resort to display their wares for your convenience.

Every so often we arrange activities and shows for our guests. The locals conduct the shows – such as an orchestra, magic show, fire-eating, or a workshop teaching local crafts. At some resorts, we encourage guests to mingle with the locals and learn about their trade and cuisine.

Club Mahindra offers you all the comfort and luxury of modern times alongside a host of activities that will keep the entire family engrossed. So start planning your next holiday already!

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