Located in Karnataka’s verdant Coorg district, Virajpet is about 35 kms away from Madikeri and is equally mesmerising. As the plains give way to the hills and the road begins to curve upwards, the wide vistas of forested slopes and valleys act as a soothing balm. There are thick jungles, paddy fields, and coffee plantations interspersed with pepper and cardamom plants. In between are little streams and rivulets, occasional waterfalls during the monsoons, and then there is the river Cauvery, revered by the Kodavas. Just round the corner, Virajpet suddenly comes into view and it is almost like a picture postcard. Most families prefer to visit Coorg between October and May when the climate is pleasant! We decided to give you a glimpse of the kind of food that is available in Virajpet.

• Pandi Curry

The very mention of Coorg will bring forth images of lush green landscapes, sweet aroma of coffee beans and paddy fields. Just as these things are synonymous with a trip to Coorg the most eminent and well-known food of Coorg is the pandi curry. Tender and succulent pieces of pork will melt in the mouth as a host of different flavours will arouse your palette’s curiosity. This delicious curry is cooked by our chefs and served in the most authentic, traditional manner.

• Kadumbuttu

Extremely popular in every kitchen in Coorg, kadumbuttu are essentially steamed rice dumplings that go very well with the Pandi Curry. These are soft, tender and get very moist when immersed in the curry. A great combination is to have them in a bowl and slurp away the last bit of curry. The spicy and tangy pandi curry adds just the right kind of flavour to these balls which are made of flour and contain grated coconut. The kodava community which is an intrinsic part of Coorg is often used to making these dumplings and the curry for daily meals. Add a little butter to the dumplings and you are in for a treat!

• Neyi Koolu

Koolu which means boiled rice and kanji which is rice gruel are the staple items and often consumed for daily meals with ghee. Not only do we try to incorporate the local delicacies, our chefs have been trained to specialise in the food that is specific to every area. Sample a little bit of this rice after consuming curry and the dumplings.

• Nool Puttu

Idiyappam is a famous dish that is consumed all around the world and is also famously known as nool puttu. This kerala style string hopper that is made from rice flour is eaten typically with a range of curries that are also available at the buffet served at the resort. Not just a breakfast item, this is a food item that is served in kannada.

• Chekke Kuru Curry

A delicious vegetarian dish served with hot rice or the hoppers for a noon mean, this is a curry that is made from jackfruit. Not only is it nutritious since it is made from jackfruit seeds and cucumber. An aromatic coconut mixture and fried shallots give the curry a fine and rich texture, something that is special to South Indian cuisines.

• Mange Pajji

This is a typical mixture that soothes the palate and is one of the most rewarding dishes that can be consumed over the summers. This is essentially a mango raita and goes very well with Neyi Koolu. Curd, mangoes and grated coconut are combined together to make a fine paste and seasoning is then added to give the mixture an added zest.

• Tharri Payasam

For dessert lovers, our Virajpet resort serves Tharri Payasam which is a quintessential South Indian style kheer in with broken grains and rice. You can always have a nice filter coffee or jaggery instead if you wish to skip out on this heavy mixture. However, the kheer is also made of rawa, cardamom and coconut milk sometimes which is less heavy and easily digested.

At Club Mahindra Virajpet resort in Coorg, the chefs will prepare authentic Coorgi food for you with delicious, age-old recipes! Our guests are pampered with dishes from other cuisines, too, at the resort’s restaurants – Aromas. You may even while away your time at the resort’s stunning lounge and bar Coorgenburg. When needed, the Virajpet resort in Coorg will provide special food for your little ones.

Along with relishing the famous local Coorgi food at Virajpet resort, here is a list of other things to do in Coorg to make the most of your family vacation in Virajpet, Coorg.

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