Are you looking for the perfect family vacation? Have you considered the Scotland of India? Coorg in Karnataka is not at all an expensive destination, and your family would be thrilled at the idea of a trip to India's Scotland. The quiet and soothing green landscape, the varied wildlife and the eye-catching coffee plantations of Coorg welcomes you and promises a trip to remember.

Coorg, also known as KODAGU, is considered to be the ‘Scotland of the East’. It is easily accessible and well connected, so definitely you would not be paying a fortune on the travel. You need to book your flight till Mysore and enjoy your fabulous road trip to Coorg. You would not require any passports, and there are no visa costs. There are umpteen hotels and resorts in Coorg where you can enjoy your family vacation and indulge in a vast array of activities. We guarantee you that your family would wish to re-visit the picture-perfect and mesmerising destination, Coorg.

Coorg is situated on the eastern side of slopes of the Western Ghats, in the state of Karnataka and shares its borders with Kerala. Being a hilly district, Coorg is blessed with an abundance of greenery and water. You will not regret even a minute of your stay in this perfect holiday destination. Coorg is not just a picture-perfect place to relax and rejuvenate, but Coorg also offers lots of activities to ensure an adrenaline rush. From sightseeing to trekking, from enjoying walks in plantations to being part of festivals, from ayurvedic massages to rafting, from shopping to fishing, Coorg offers something unique for every traveller. A solo traveller or a family together, all can choose Coorg which is amongst the favourite hill-stations for most tourists. With the aroma of tea and coffee brimming in the air, the smell of Coorg will remain with you forever.

30 things to do in Coorg during a family vacation

If you follow our list, be assured that you and your family may not be willing to leave this quaint hill station, Coorg.

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Things to do in Coorg


Explore Abbey Falls


Cleanse Your Bad Karmas At Talacauvery


Feel Like Royalty At Raja's Seat


Feel The Presence Of Mahatma Gandhi At Gandhi Mantap


Thrilling Experience At Nagarhole National Park


Visit Coffee Plantations


Visit A Tea Estate


Electrifying White River Rafting In Barapole River


Trek To The Tadiandamol Peak


Explore Gorgeous Iruppu Falls


Visit Honnamana Kere Lake


Taste The History At Madikeri Fort


Explore Mallalli Falls


Try Fishing At The Fishing Camp


Indulge In Kunde Habba Festival


Hockey Festival


Embark On A Journey To Mandalpatti


Explore The Triveni Sangam Of South - Bhagamandala


Rejuvenate With Ayurvedic Treatments


Explore Omkareshwara Temple


Visit Rameshwara Temple


Visit Somwarpete


Explore Nalakunad Palace


Experience The Nilekani Falls At Honey Valley


Visit Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary


Camping Adventure


Try The Night Safari


Got Wings? Fly!


Adventure Of Rappelling


Go Shopping

1. Experience The Popular Abbey Falls - Things to do in Coorg

Approximately 5km from the main town, lies the spectacular waterfall gushing from a height of 70 feet known as the Abbey (or Abbi) Falls. Due to the height of this waterfall, the view is unparalleled and can only be experienced in Coorg. Words cannot do justice in describing the natural beauty of Coorg, which makes it a destination you should add to your list of things to do in Coorg. This magnificent attraction in Coorg will remain the highpoint of your family vacation in Coorg.

These waterfalls were earlier called ‘Jessy Falls’, named after the daughter of the 1st British Chaplain of Coorg. Once the British departed from India, this area became the property of the Government of India. It was later sold to Mr Neravanda B. Nanaiah who set up private plantations around the place and renamed the place. Later the waterfalls were made accessible to the public again, making sure that tourists like you to enjoy its beauty.

To reach these waterfalls, you will have to trek a bit. Do not be disheartened by the trek. It is a very short one, and quite an experience in itself as you will walk through the myriad of aromatic and green plantations of coffee, cardamom, pepper, and other spices. It is an enriching experience in Coorg especially for the first-timers to see and feel these spices and plants and get enchanted with the mixed fragrances that float in its air.

Thousands of visitors visit this place in Coorg daily. The white foams of splashing water and lush green surroundings are just stunning. You can watch the waterfall standing on the over-bridge, which hangs opposite to it and enjoy the gentle spray of water that splashes by your face. You are not allowed to go inside the waterfall because of safety reasons. But, even from a distance, you are bound to enjoy this spot, and you would wish to come back again for the amazing experience it offers.

If you love to click pictures, then you will be captivated by this place in Coorg. The beautiful carpet of green with different varieties of flowers and plants adorning it along with a majestic waterfall is the main attraction of this place in Coorg. You can easily spend hours gazing at the mesmerising view and capturing a few snaps to treasure in your memories.

Please note that the best time to visit the Abbey falls is during the monsoon season. Though it is non-perennial, the full beauty of this waterfalls can be experienced from July to October. However, one needs to be extra careful during the monsoons as the roads become slippery. Also, be cautious of leeches in the plantation area and carry salt with you, to be applied in case a leech gets stuck on your skin.

The Abbey Falls remains open from morning 9:00 AM to evening 5:00 PM and it is open all days of the week.

The entry fees for visiting the Abbey Falls is a meagre Rs 15 per head.

2. Cleanse Your Bad Karmas At Talacauvery - Things to do in Coorg

Talacauvery, known as the source of the river Kaveri (or Cauvery), is located on the Brahmagiri hill, near Bhagamandala in Coorg. It is a place of pilgrimage in Coorg and one of the most popular activities in Coorg.

It is believed that the river Cauvery originated as a spring in a tank like (kund) structure, which was erected by the Kodavas. After this kund, the river again flows underground and erupts again at a distance. Bathing in this kund, on special days, is considered very auspicious.

At this place in Coorg, near the kund, is a temple of the Goddess Kaveriamma. It is extraordinary, and pilgrims from far-flung areas throng this temple. Especially on the day of the Cauvery Changrandi day, thousands of visitors reach here to experience the rise of the birth spring of Cauvery and witness the water gush high.

Along with the Goddess Kaveriamma, Lord Agasthiswara is also worshipped in this temple. He is believed to be the link between River Kaveri, Sage Agasthya and Lord Ganesh. As per the Hindu mythology, it was at this very place that Lord Ganesha tricked the sage named Agastya, who was holding the River Kaveri in his Kamandala (a bowl) into spilling it. Lord Ganesha first took the form of a crow and tried to distract the sage. While shooing away the crow (who in reality was Lord Ganesha) caused the river Kaveri to spill. This is believed to be the origin of river Kaveri. Next, Lord Ganesha took the form of a little boy. Unaware of the real identity of this little boy, sage Agastya started chasing him to punish him since he perceived that his Kamandala toppled because of this boy. Later, Lord Ganesha appeared before the sage in his real form as himself. It caused feelings of guilt in the sage, and in his repentance, he cut his own head to present to Lord Ganesha. Sage Agastya received atonement. The pilgrims still visit this place in Coorg to purify their souls and cleanse their evil deeds in the holy waters of river Kaveri.

In October, a festival known as Tulasankaramma is celebrated in this temple. It is an auspicious occasion to seek forgiveness of Gods and cleanse souls. This place in Coorg bustles with activity during this time.

Even if you do not believe in such mythological tales and are not fond of visiting temples, this place in Coorg will still interest you. Climb a total of 407 steps from the temple; it will take you to the top of the hill and give you a panoramic view of the dense forests and the numerous hills of Coorg. Even at the top, you can hear the bells of the temple. It is a very enticing view with natural beauty all around and the calming sounds of temple bells in your ears. Can you even dream of having such a moment in the chaotic lives we lead? Even without the spiritual significance of this temple in Coorg, the views are mesmerising and worth a visit.

3. Feel Like Royalty At Raja's Seat - Things to do in Coorg

Like the kings who enjoyed the view of sunsets along with their queens, enjoy a few moments enjoying the stunning sunsets with your spouse and family members. Watching the sun slowly sinking behind the mountains is a sight to behold.As the name suggests, this place was literally the “Raja's Seat” – the seat of the King. It was in this beautiful garden that the kings of Kodagu visited to rejuvenate and refresh during their reign. Located in Madikeri in Coorg, visiting this attraction is among some of the best things to do in Coorg. This place has a wide variety of flowers, immaculate landscaping, and exquisite fountains that will charm you.

The Raja's Seat is on an elevated area and provides views of the valleys on the western side. It is built in the shape of a huge semicircle, which feels like a big spectator area. Experience the royalty at this dome and enjoy the calm of sunrise or sunset depending on the time you manage to reach here. It is ideal not to miss these moments here as the spectacular views will remain etched in your memories.

Along with the splendid views, the members of your family can enjoy a toy train ride. In the absence of any other railway tracks, it is amusing to hop on the toy train at the entrance. The tickets are priced at INR. 20 per head for each toy train ride at Raja’s seat in Coorg.

It is also fun to watch the musical fountains. These attractions are being managed under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India.

You can even enjoy a nice picnic at this spot. The picturesque garden is the perfect place to relax and bond with your family. If you are photography aficionado, then you better carry some extra batteries and storage stick with you. You will end up clicking thousands of pictures of a vast assortment of flowers, relaxing views of the garden and gorgeous skies changing hues from shades of light orange to dark during the sunset.

4. Feel The Presence Of Mahatma Gandhi At Gandhi Mantap

The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi visited Coorg in the year 1934. Right at the Raja’s seat, Coorg there is a memorial in his honour at the centre of the garden. It is known as the Gandhi Mantap. From this location, Mahatma Gandhi had addressed the locals of Coorg during his visit. In remembrance of that, the event is immortalised with this memorial, consisting of four pillars and arched bridges.

On his death anniversary (30th of January – the day he was assassinated), also known as the Sarvodaya Diwas, a procession is carried out. The ashes of Mahatma Gandhi, which is protected in an urn, is brought to the Raja's Seat at the Gandhi Mantap. During this procession, verses are recited from the Bhagwad Gita, Koran and the Bible along with the favourite bhajans of Mahatma Gandhi. Visitors pay floral tributes remembering the Gandhian philosophy of non-violence and peace.

You might be astonished to know that Coorg is the only place after Delhi that the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi are preserved and such an annual procession of the same is held. So, if you happen to visit on that date, do not miss the chance to breathe in the presence of Mahatma Gandhi even if it is for a few seconds.

5. Thrilling Experience At Nagarhole National Park

Are you a wildlife enthusiast or a nature lover? If you are, you cannot miss this amazing and one of the best-known National Parks of our country. Making a trip to Nagarhole National Park is one of the must-do things to do in Coorg. The park gets its name from the words "Naga" and "Hole" of Kannada language, which mean snake and streams. It was believed to be a place full of snakes and waterfalls.

This Park was formerly the exclusive hunting grounds for the Kings of Wodeyar dynasty of Mysore. In the year 1955, a wildlife sanctuary was set up here. Later, in the year 1974, other reserved forest areas of Arkeri, Hatgat and Nalkeri were included in Nagarhole. It was in the year 1988 that this park was accorded with the status of a National Park.

Spread over an area of 642 square km, the Nagarhole National Park lies on the north-western side of the popular Bandipur National Park. Thanks to this national park, Coorg can boast of a wide range of diversity in terms of flora and fauna.

The best feature of this park is the presence of good numbers of Bengal Tigers, in addition to Asian elephants and the Indian Bison. The other key animals present that can be spotted in the park are leopards, sloth bears, grey mongoose, striped hyena, wild dogs, jackals, four-horned antelopes, spotted deer (Chital), sambhar, and Indian porcupine.

The park is home to more than 250 species of birds, including the Greater Spotted Eagle, Nilgiri Wood-Pigeon and the critically endangered Oriental White Backed Vulture. Along with this, you can find a wide range of reptiles here such as the Indian Rock Python, Russell's Viper, bamboo bat viper, wolf snakes, rat snakes, vine snakes and crocodiles.

You can explore the wildlife of Nagarhole National Park through the jeep safaris available here. These safaris ply only for a total of 4 hours in the whole day. The timings for safari are 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. The charges are INR 300 per head for an hour of jeep ride, and in case of foreign tourists, the charges are INR 1100 per head for the same ride.

If you are lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of a tiger or even witness a live action of chasing its prey. You can click the pictures of herds of elephants and the flights of rare species of birds.

6. Visit Coffee Plantations

Would you like to spend some time understanding the art and science of making coffee? Do you want to examine the farm fresh coffee beans? Well, you are in the right place. Known as the Coffee bowl of the country, Coorg is famous for its ever-increasing production of coffee. A trip to the coffee plantations is certainly among the things to do in Coorg especially for coffee lovers.

Here in Coorg, you will not just be able to look at the coffee shrubs, but also be able to undertake a proper visit to a plantation and understand the whole process in which the coffee reaches to your cup every morning.

Like a safari, you get to ride a vehicle in the visit to coffee plantation, examine how the coffee plants are cultivated and how the elements of right terrain, soil, amount of moisture bear importance to it. You will also get the chance to pluck ripe coffee beans from the plant. You will be explained the whole process of planting coffee, plucking the mature beans, roasting, drying and grinding the coffee. In addition to this, you will be able to enjoy a tasting session with varied kinds of coffee. You can even ask for some tips and tricks from these experts to brew that perfect cup each time.

Depending on the timing of your visit to Coorg, you will be able to pluck different coffee beans. If you are visiting coffee plantations in Coorg between April and November, you can pick Arabica bean. In case, you are visiting between December and March; then it is the time for Robusta beans. You can also look at the world’s costliest coffee – ‘civet coffee’ in Coorg.

Along with the coffee plantation at the estate, you can also learn about the other key spices like pepper and cardamom, which are readily available in Coorg.

7. Interested In More Caffeine - Visit A Tea Estate

Amidst the numerous coffee estates, there are respites even for tea lovers. Yes, you read it right! Although known as the coffee bowl of India – Coorg has also got its share of tea plantations, courtesy of the British legacy. The tea is believed to be grown here for over a hundred years now, dating back to 1914. A visit to tea plantations is one of the most popular activities in Coorg for tourists.

The tea plantation can be enjoyed specifically near the Bamboo Falls. The hills here appear to be carpeted with tea plants of equal heights. With the fantastic green views of slopes of tea plants, you can witness the beauty and strength of nature alike at these falls.

If you seek to understand more about tea, then you must visit a tea factory, where you can examine and analyse the holistic process in which the leaves are plucked, sorted, dried, crushed and finally how the tea is produced. You can taste a cup of tea when you visit a tea factory. Do not forget to pick up a few boxes of a wide variety of teas available in a tea factory.

8. Electrifying White River Rafting In Barapole River

In the River Barapole, plunge into the thrill of rafting and carry home memories of a lifetime. This river is a favourite spot in Coorg when it comes to a thrilling white-water rafting destination.After the coffee plantation trails and walking amongst the tea bushes, it is time for some adventure. If you are adventurous by nature, you should definitely add this to your list of things to do in Coorg. You and your family members will love the adrenaline rush of white river rafting.

The speed of river generates the white froth on its surface, and due to the landscapes, there are some challenging rapids present here, namely, the Wicked Witch, Morning Coffee, Big Bang, Grass Hopper and Ramba Samba. The backdrop of the captivating hills with dense forests is a sight to behold.

It is important to note that for undertaking river rafting, the age of participant must be within the range of 13 to 60 years. So, if you are travelling with smaller kids, you can split the group in a manner that one person is available to babysit the kids while the rest can go for rafting.

Also, the participants must not be suffering from any severe ailments and have moderately good health. The weight of each participant must be less than 110 kg — no prior knowledge of swimming required for river rafting.

The total duration of one rafting session is usually 3 hours, and it covers a distance of almost 4 km. It is better to pre-book your schedule with a rafting operator rather than reaching the venue and not getting a session available. The charges can also be confirmed before-hand as the same would vary depending on the package booked.

The best time to indulge in the adventure of rafting is from June to December.

9. Trek to the Tadiandamol Peak

One of the best activities in Coorg to explore the scenic beauty of this hill station is to take a trek with your family. Tadiandamol Peak is the highest point in Coorg. Approximately at an elevation of 1748 m, it is indeed the most unparalleled adventure experience, at least in the area.

You do not need advanced knowledge of trekking here. The trek for this mountain starts at ‘Nalknad Palace’, which is about 3 km away from Kakkabe. The road journey is equally mesmerising as the trek itself. The only colour that will meet your eyes here is green. The first landmark en route the trek is called the Big Rock. This place in Coorg is also one of the best locations for camping. Wake up to the sounds of birds chirping under the clear blue skies.

Further upwards, the path is narrower but more enticing. You will also be witnessing some stunning waterfalls on the way. With steeper trail and denser forests, the trek becomes more exciting. The last stretch is very intriguing as well as enthralling. The sense of accomplishment at the top of this peak and most spectacular views will remain with you to relish forever.

10. The Gorgeous Iruppu Falls

The mind-blowing Iruppu falls are not just picturesque waterfall on the Brahmagiri Mountain Range in Coorg, but also a point of pilgrimage. These falls in Coorg are also popularly known as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, as they form part of the river with the same name, which is also a tributary of Cauvery River. Linked to the Hindu mythological epic Ramayana, the story behind this river makes it a significant addition to all the things to do in Coorg.

It is said that Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana crossed this spot when they were searching for Lady Sita after Ravana kidnapped Ravanaher. Since Lord Rama was feeling thirsty, he asked his brother to fetch some drinking water. Due to an absence of a source of water, Lakshmana shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri hills, which penetrated it and splashed clean and pure water. Hence, a river emerged which later was named after him as the ‘Lakshmana Tirtha’.

Owing to the presence of legendary Lord Rama and Lakshmana, people believe that these falls have the power to heal you, cleanse your karma and purify the soul. Each year, on the day of Shivratri, thousands of pilgrim throng these falls with the intent to clean them.

The Iruppu Falls are open from 6:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m each day of the week. The entry fee here is INR 50 per head.

11. Visit Honnamana Kere Lake

The land of waterfalls Coorg also possesses some huge water bodies as well. Honnamana Kere Lake is the largest lake in Coorg. It is nestled within the hills making it a picture-perfect spot for spending a great time with your family and loved ones.

Also, this lake is named after Goddess Honnamana and has some religious significance linked to it. The lake also has a temple adjacent to it dedicated to the goddess.

The beauty of this lake is fascinating. You can choose to enjoy the tranquillity of this place for hours, making it one of the peaceful things to do in Coorg. Do not forget to click some postcard-perfect images.

12. Taste Of History At Madikeri Fort

Of the many activities in Coorg that you can enjoy, uncovering the history at the interesting Madikeri Fort is a must. It was originally built by Muddu Raja in the 17th century with the use of mud. Later, the structure was redeveloped in granite by Tipu Sultan, after which it was reconstructed with brick and mortar by Linga Rajendra Wodeyar II. One of the most interesting features of this fort is the life-size stone elephants that have been erected at the entrance. From this fort, you can look at the whole district of Coorg.

This fort also houses a museum with an interesting collection of artefacts belonging to that era.

The best time to visit this Madikeri fort in Coorg is from February to September. The timings are from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. The Fort is closed on Mondays.

13. Milky White Mallalli Falls

These enthralling Mallalli Falls are milky white waterfalls and a must-add to all the things to do in Coorg with your family. These waterfalls originate in the River Kumaradhara as the river falls from a height of over 1000 metres. Due to the speed of water caused by a deep plunge, the froth on the surface makes the waterfall appear milky white colour. This destination of natural beauty is one of the most popular waterfalls on Coorg after the Abbey Falls. The greenery all around it with gushing sounds of water are a sight to remember forever.You cannot even dare to miss this waterfall in Somvarpet at the foothills of Pushpagiri Hills of Coorg.

Like other waterfalls in Coorg, these waterfalls are also seasonal and can be best experienced in the monsoon season.

14. Trying Something “Fishy” At The Fishing Camp

River Kaveri has numerous fishing camps on its banks – one of the most popular activities in Coorg for travellers. A village named Valnur is a favoured destination for Mahaseer fishing. Please note that for indulging in fishing at the campsite, a license to fish is required to be signed from the Coorg Wildlife Society.

The unique feature of this camp is its stringent ‘catch and release' policy. As per this policy, the fishes that you might catch in this camp must be released back in the water due to the ecological restoration of this area.

15. Kunde Habba Festival

Unlike any other festival celebrated in the whole country, the tribal community take exception of Lord Aiyappa as it is believed that he had deserted his devotees on this very day. To remind him of this treachery, the tribal people sing Kunde (abusive) songs for the whole day. It is celebrated usually in May.

16. Hockey Festival

Are you a sports fan? Have you ever heard of a festival being celebrated based on sports? One of the most famous activities in Coorg includes celebrating the sport of hockey. Kodavas, the original residents of Coorg, consider sports to be a very important part of their lives and hockey being their favourite game. In April & May, most of the ancestral families of this area come together and participate in this very popular hockey festival.

17. Embark On A Journey To Mandalpatti

A visit to Coorg is incomplete without going to Mandalpatti, which is the remotest corner of Coorg district. Also known as ‘Mugulipeth’ which means translated to the market of clouds, this place in Coorg is an amazing place to do some interesting activities.

Located at an approximate height of 1800 m towards the Pushpagiri forests, Mandalpatti is far away from the hustle & bustle of the main town. It is a very peaceful area filled with astounding views and coffee estates. Once you visit here, you might want to choose to work in a coffee plantation rather than going back to your routine work.

The views of both sunrises, as well as sunset, will charm you. The photographer in you would not want to miss the beautiful rays of the sun passing through abundant clouds and touching the earth. It is just heavenly to witness these moments at Mandalpatti.

In addition to the magnificent natural beauty, this place in Coorg offers some attractive things to do in Coorg as well. First and foremost being trekking. The scaling of a tricky terrain on foot can give a different kind of thrill and excitement. The 200 m arduous trek is not for the faint-hearted. However, the view after you reach the top of the hill will make you forget all the pains of the trek. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity and green views of the hills around you.

If you and your family member are not ready for a challenging ride but are still intrigued by the views from the hilltop, jeep ride is an option for you. During these jeeps for scaling the hills, you will enjoy the curves and bumps of a hilly ride. The drive-through coffee estates and the complete green zone will stay in your memories. The cost of a jeep ride is not per head but vehicle. The charges are approximately INR 1700 per jeep.

At the unique watch-tower on the hilltop, you can witness the surreal panoramas at an entry fee of INR. 25 per head. Do not miss this spectacle of nature which will leave you spell-bound!

The timing to visit this place is from 6 AM to 6 PM.

18. The Triveni Sangam of South - Bhagamandala

You must be aware of the Sangam (holy convergence) of the three rivers (Triveni) - Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati at Pryaagraj in northern India. While in South India the sacred union of the three rivers - Kaveri, Kannike, and Sujyoti is at the blessed place of Bhagamandala. Like the river Saraswati (which cannot be seen), the river Sujyoti also flows underground till this point of convergence.

This holy site, Bhagamandala is thronged by thousands of devotees all through the year, who come to the Triveni to repent their sins by bathing in the pure waters of Triveni Sangam and cleanse their souls. The spiritual experience is simply at a different level at Bhagamandala and is one of the most popular activities in Coorg for many tourists. Named after the sage Sri Bhaganda Maharshi, who lived with his disciples here, it is believed to have invoked Lord Subramanyam and Lord Shiva by his extreme hard worship and dedication. It is being said that Lord Shiva has blessed the Shiva Linga present at this place in Coorg and promised that he will always remain present in it.

At this place, the last rites of the deceased are also performed with the intent that the sacred waters will wash away their sins and give peace to their souls. People also visit Triveni Sangam in Coorg for performing rituals in the memory of their descendants for peace. Even in the Skanda Purana, this place receives a mention.

19. Rejuvenate With Ayurvedic Treatments

You can also relish the herbal teas along with organic spices and food available in Coorg.Nothing is as relaxing as an authentic Ayurvedic treatment, which makes it one of the most sought-after things to do in Coorg. This hill station is the hub of a wide range of relaxing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments. You and your family members can book an appointment with an Ayurveda practitioner, who will not only help you in detoxifying your body but also help you relax with the required massage and body treatments like Abhyanga, Shirodhara, etc. If you book a treatment package at a good Ayurvedic centre, you will be taught the basics of yoga, meditation, ayurvedic diet and different aspects of basic ayurvedic medicine under the supervision of a certified Ayurveda professional.

Even if you do not wish to opt for any specific package of treatment, you can choose some basic massages for complete relaxation. The hands of experts will work their magic and relieve you of all physical pains and exertion.

20. Omkareshwara Temple

Among the many activities in Coorg for the family, a visit to this temple is an excellent idea. This ancient structure and was built in the year 1820 by King Lingarajendra and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is an amalgamation of Islamic as well as Gothic architecture.

The incredible structure of this temple along with the scenic views is a must visit. The water tank in the premises of the temple is home to various freshwater fishes. It enhances the charm of this place.

21. Rameshwara temple

Another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is Rameshwara temple. Do not confuse it with the famous Rameshwaram temple that is further down south. This temple is situated on the banks of the River Lakshman Tirtha. The devotees believe that a visit to this holy place in Coorg can cleanse all the sins of their lifetime and purify their souls.

22. Visit Somwarpete

Located in the north-eastern part of Coorg, Somwarpete is a central town of the Taluka. This whole area is worth a visit and should be among the things to do in Coorg for you and the family. A quiet and peaceful area is well-known for the availability of local cuisine of Coorg. There are also many interesting places to visit in and around Somwarpete.

A popular spot here is the Beelur Golf club. The well-maintained golf course seems to adorn a carpet of lush green grass. Not surprisingly, it is also a popular shooting location.

Another place to visit here is the Malemalleshwara Betta. It is another religious place, which is popular for its Mahashivratri celebrations along with other ceremonies. Mahashivratri is celebrated with great pomp and show here.

Besides, the third highest peak of Coorg, the Kotabetta also lies in Somwarpete. The approximate height of this peak is around 1620 meters. The trek to this peak is enchanting. You and your family members can enjoy some stunning views from the hilltop.

23. Nalakunad Palace

This palace is located at the foot of the highest peak of Coorg, Thadiyendamol. Kodagu king built it as a hunting lodge in the year 1794.

Known for its abundance of camping sites, one of the best activities in Coorg that you can indulge in is spending a night here. Set up a camp with your family and enjoy the serenity that this beautiful place offers.

24. Experience the Nilekani Falls at Honey Valley

In the forests on the slopes of the highest peak of Coorg, Thadiyendamol is located the Nilakandi Falls. This valley is called the Honey Valley. These waterfalls are just stunning and a great attraction for photographers and adventurers alike. One of the best things to do in Coorg is trek to this waterfall as it offers mesmerising views.

25. Visit Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

This National Park covers forests of Pushpagiri Peak along with that of Kumarparvatha peak. The dense ever-green cover here attracts birds and bird-lovers alike. You will love the trek in this Park.If you like to call yourself a wildlife lover, a trip to the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is among the most interesting things to do in Coorg. It is a proposed World Heritage site. You must carry your binoculars and cameras for sighting and shooting various rare, exquisite and endangered species of birds.

The ideal time to visit the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary commences from November to March. It is open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm for all days of the week.

26. Camping Adventure

You cannot afford to miss the chance to enjoy the recreational activity of camping in Coorg. It is an adventure to sleep in the tents amidst the lush green forests beneath the gaze of moon and stars and wake up to the sounds of nature and fresh air.

The camping experience in Coorg may be different from the camping you would have experienced at other locations. To reach the campsite, you must trek through the plantations, trees and waterfalls.

27. Try the Night Safari

Have you ever experienced a night safari? One of the best things to do in Coorg, you can now enjoy the night safari at Madikeri. Prepare to be astounded by the stunning backdrops, picturesque hills, gushing sounds of waterfalls along with the hums of birds and crickets.

The night safari commences from Madikeri at 7.30 pm. The jeeps specially designed for this terrain will take you to the top of the hill for witnessing the sunset.

This safari comes to an end after almost 3 and a half hours at around 11.00 pm. The night chill and the quietness make your stay in Coorg a magical experience. This place in Coorg is indeed a delight for travellers. It offers untouched natural beauty with an array of activities for entertainment and relaxation.

28. Got Wings? Fly!

Do you wish to fly above the dense green forests of Coorg? The adventure of microlight flying is one of those things to do in Coorg that you have to experience if you love the feeling of adrenaline in your veins.

Micro flying is similar to gliding. It lets the participant fly at an approximate height of 5,000 ft with a speed of almost 100 km/hr. You will feel that the glider has become the wings to your body.

You can enjoy the bird’s view of the million mountains of Coorg, thick green forest cover and numerous water streams. This is an unforgettable adventure. It will surely become the high point of your family vacation to Coorg. Do not miss the chance to enjoy this adventure.

29. Adventure of Rappelling

You can only appreciate the magnitude of a waterfall if you try the experience of rappelling, which is among the most popular activities in Coorg. You and your family members will enjoy this adventure thoroughly. The gorgeous waterfall looks more enchanting when you are rappelling over it.

Tied with a harness and safety rope, the participants are customised with the activity of rappelling, tips and tricks and procedures to be followed — the pre-requisite safety gears including helmet, carabineers, and gloves. Using the safety rope, the participant can cross the rocky surface of the mountain where the waterfall is also present.

30. Shopping in Coorg

With so many places to visit and things to do in Coorg, you cannot miss out on the biggest attraction – shopping.

Coorg is known for its coffee, tea, organic spices, honey, dry fruits, therapeutic oils, ayurvedic medicines, and homemade chocolates. You will also find some interesting concoctions of fruit wines available here. Coorg is also known for its gold jewellery and silks. Looking for a special gift to woo your wife? Find a silk sari that will remain with her for a lifetime.

Additionally, you can purchase souvenirs and artefacts as souvenirs of your family vacation at Coorg. The two famous markets in Coorg are Kushalnagar Market and Tibetan Flea Market.

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