Though it is a coastal State, Kerala’s temperature tends to veer towards extremes.

The Best Time To Visit Kerala

Though it is a coastal State, Kerala’s temperature tends to veer towards extremes. Most places in Kerala do not experience humidity the way you would expect from a State that lies adjacent to the sea. The State of Kerala has another distinguishing characteristic as regards its monsoon: it normally experiences two monsoon seasons. The first monsoon is quite intense and has been known to cause heavy floods as well. The second one occurs at the start of the winter season and is relatively short lived.

Knowing these weather conditions is important so that you can plan your Kerala vacation accordingly. We recommend booking your Kerala resort either during the summer season, i.e. between the months of March and June, or between the two monsoon seasons, i.e. in the month of September and/or October. The temperatures during the summer season can climb very high, so be prepared with water bottles, sunscreen lotion, a good sun hat, sunglasses and loose cotton clothing.

Meanwhile, the weather is quite pleasant in the months of October and November, and it can get quite cold in the coastal cities like Kochi, during the months of December to February. Despite this rough guide, we advise you to get the latest weather information from weather apps or by checking on the news. You can also check Kerala tourism guides for an estimate of when to travel to this State.  

Planning Your Kerala Holiday

Here are a few pointers on planning the best Kerala holiday with your loved ones. It is a fantastic destination for all, whether young or old. Here’s how you can plan your vacay:

* Decide your dates based on the time of the year: First off, start by deciding when you wish to visit. Like the information provided above shows, most times of the year are fine to visit Kerala except for the monsoon season. The time of the year you travel to also determines what kind of itinerary you will draw up, which sightseeing and adventure tours you wish to book, the clothing you carry, and so on.

* Book your resort in Kerala and your flights/railway tickets: Once you have decided the dates when you wish to visit Kerala, you should turn your attention to booking the best resort in Kerala. Also book your flights or railway tickets alongside – both bookings are dependent on each other! If you are travelling in the winter season, it is considered a tourist season of sorts. So bookings will be hard to come by, and most flights and trains will be booked. So book at least two months in advance. When booking a resort in Kerala, we recommend booking the Club Mahindra cherai beach resort. It is a premium, luxurious property that will provide you with the R&R you seek, as well as well-appointed rooms, warm hospitality, tasty food at the on-site restaurant and plenty of recreation in and around the resort. You can even book the Club Mahindra Mount Serene Munnar Resort if you are going to explore Munnar more.

* Pack all essentials: If you are travelling to Kerala by road, you will need to carry extra provisions, water, medicines, extra change of clothes in case you are delayed, etc. If you are travelling by flight, you don’t need the above except your suitcase and a taxi transfer arranged from the airport by your Kerala resort. Keep spare stocks of any medication you are on, as also mosquito repellent, allergy medication, and so on. You might not get the same medicines in Kerala, so extra stocks are useful. If you are on any lifesaving medication, please carry a doctor’s prescription as well.

* Plan your itinerary: Kerala has everything that you could possibly wish to find in one State: beaches, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, historical monuments, hill stations, public parks and myriad other places of interest. Consult an updated Kerala tourism guide to pick the places that you are most interested in seeing. We’ve compiled a short guide of the best places to see in Kerala in the following section.

Which Places To Visit In Kerala?

Given the sheer expanse and abundant natural beauty of the State, it can become a little confusing to pick one district or indeed, any one spot to visit in Kerala. So we’ve compiled a guide comprising the most famous Kerala hangouts that every tourist must certainly visit, in no particular order:

* Alleppey backwaters

What’s a visit to Kerala without experiencing the magic of the backwaters there? If you are interested in renting a houseboat or just taking a boat on the backwaters, head to Alleppey. The serene spot is lined with coconut groves on both sides, and is one of the most beautiful backwaters in the world. Many vacationers ask for the Alleppey houseboat experience when they visit Kerala – you can spend a few days living on the lavish houseboat, amidst paddy fields, flowering lakes and fishing villages going slowly by. You can also leave the boat and walk ashore among rice fields and cobbled streets.

* Kumarakom

This is a quiet village located near Vembanad Lake, which is full of delightful vistas and pretty flowers. Kumarakom also has backwaters and large coconut groves. You can go boating or river cruising, or participate in fishing (some tours include fishing activities too) or just take a walk in the settlement to breathe in the clean, fresh air. It is one of the best spots to visit in Kerala if you like to feast your eyes on quiet greenery, walk through mango and coconut groves, sample authentic Kerala food and sit by lakes.

* Thekkady

Another important tourist spot in Kerala is Thekkady, with its wild forests that house tigers and sambars (among other animals) and several trekking trails. Thekkady is gorgeous to look at as well, and your family will love looking at animals like bison, boars, elephants and tigers at the sanctuary located here. When you’re tired of walking about, just hire a boat and take a lazy turn on the river.

* Vagamon

Vagamon is a hill station featuring several gardens, tea plantations, deep gorges and valleys, and large open meadows. It is nothing short of heaven on Earth, and one of the most important places to visit in Kerala. You will love walking through the well-kept gardens and breathing in the clean, flower-scented air at this hill station. Some spots you can visit in Vagamon include Pine Forest, Mundakayam Ghat, Vagamon Falls and Lake, Thangal Hill and Pattumala Church, among others.

* Kozhikode

The city is also known as ‘Calicut’ and is one of the busiest ones in Kerala. It is famous as a port of commerce, and a noted centre for education, history, culture and culinary flair. Kozhikode is architecturally influenced by the Dutch and British rulers of the past, and is a delight for historians and architects alike. It also has many important public libraries and museums. Meanwhile, it has some of the best restaurants in Kerala, where you can feast on authentic dal halwa, chatti pathiri and kallumakkaya, among other dishes.

* Varkala Beach

When the seaside beckons, you should head straight to Varkala Beach. Every Kerala tourism guide lists it as a must-visit destination in the State. The beach itself is tranquil and beautiful, but there are other activities happening around it as well. For instance, you and your family can take a boat ride or go surfing, jetting or parasailing. Children also love horse rides on the beach, apart from sampling yummy seafood cooked in local spices in the seaside restaurants. Just outside the beach, you can visit some important temples as well.

* Kasargod

Kasargod is one of the most scenic places to visit in Kerala. It is located close to Bekal and is situated between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. Naturally blessed with a great climate, it also has many green hills, acres of coconut groves, several temples and many small hillocks from where you can take many photographs. While in Bekal, you can visit the famous Madhur Temple, Malom Wildlife Sanctuary, Ranipuram, Thonikadavu and Ananthapura Lake Temple.

* Idukki

One of Kerala’s most important districts and a must-visit destination, Idukki is full of the kind of spots that every avid tourist will look for on their trip. You will be rejuvenated on your trip to this spot, especially when you walk through (and buy from) tea and coffee plantations in the area. Whether it is nature walks or bird watching, Idukki is the perfect place to visit. While on your visit, do catch up on the famous Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Ramakkal, Kalvari Mount, Cheeyappara Waterfalls and Kolukkumalai Tea Estate.

We hope your stay in Kerala is full of fun and exploratory wonder. Top it all off by booking yourself in to a Club Mahindra Kerala resort to enrich the value of your vacation!


Q: Which are the best beach resorts in Kerala for the family?

Kerala is rife with beach resorts, big and small. They take advantage of the State’s huge coastline to offer guests scenic views and the soothing sound of the ocean at all times. We recommend the Club Mahindra Cherai Beach resort – it is simply the best one in Kerala for the family.

Q: Are there any resorts in Kerala with private plunge pools?

Most high end hotels and resorts in Kerala have private plunge pools.

Q: Which are the best resorts in Thekkady with a private pool?

A number of resorts in Thekkady have a private pool. Some of the most popular ones are Sterling Thekkady, Kofiland, The Elephant Court, The Mountain Courtyard, Peppervine Hotel, etc.

Q: Are there any low cost resorts in Wayanad with a pool?

There are a few low cost resorts in Wayanad with a pool, such as Blue Ginger Spa Resort (costs Rs 4,500 per night), Vistara Resort (Rs 4,000 per night), Upavan Resort (Rs 3,800 per night) and Adithya Resort and Spa (Rs 3,137 per night).

Q: Are there any budget resorts in Kerala?

There are a few budget resorts scattered all over Kerala, but we cannot vouch for their reliability in booking nor the rooms and amenities on offer.

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