Diwali is not just a festival. It’s a feeling. A feeling of prosperity. A feeling of peace. A feeling of pride. A feeling of purity. And, we can’t wait for these flames of positivity to ignite our hearts, minds and holidays too.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Diwali 2024 is all set to make a magnificent entrance. And it comes just at a time when travel is deemed safe again.

Join us on our quest to have an eco-friendly Diwali. Which means, we ask you to substitute glamour for adventure, to-do lists for spontaneity, new clothes for new memories.

Here’s what we offer!

Peace on a Platter Scenic Spirituality

Peace on a Platter

As one of the happiest holidays in India, not to mention, the most bright and booming, Diwali is celebrated with much enthusiasm across the country. Crackers are burst. Speakers echo with lively music. Children squeal with excitement. Dogs join in on the chorus. There’s a palpable buzz in the air and this is part of the charm! But what if you were to opt for tranquillity over thrills, this Diwali 2024? With everything that has recently transpired, your family deserves peace, quiet and good old fashion down-time amidst nature. So, complement the festive season by clocking in serenity. Our idyllic resorts in Maharashtra offer you just that. Escape to Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar, Sherwood, Maharashtra, for a quaint Diwali celebration. Here, the only tunes you’ll be grooving to are the cheep-cheep of the birds, and buzz of the bees.

Scenic Spirituality

Of course, hopping from one beautifully lit home to another is a fun Diwali tradition. It’s wonderful to see the bright decorations that each family showcases. Diyas lining the doorway. Flower garlands adorning the walls. Twinkling lights cascading from the windows. Mithai boxes piling up to the ceiling. It’s grand! But this year, why not survey natural landscapes instead of homes? They’re equally mesmerising. Celebrate Diwali 2024 at our charming resorts in Uttarakhand, where you will have your pick of breath-taking sceneries, from misty mountain tops to lush-green valleys and enchanting forests. Whether your travels take you to Mussoorie or Kanatal, a picture book of backdrops will be waiting. And this is precisely why you should spend this beloved festival here; it will remind you of what’s truly important. So, collect memories, instead of things

Nature’s Sparklers Fare that Cares

Nature’s Sparklers

Yet another reason to spend Diwali 2024 with Club Mahindra is to witness spectacular sunrises, sunsets and starry nights. These are the real show stoppers, don’t you think? The festival of lights is all about illumination. And we say, why not commemorate this special moment by enjoying nature’s very own light show? If you’ve ever wanted to experience magic, this is it… Our regal resorts in Rajasthan sit in some of the most beautiful locales, offering you a front row seat to the golden rays of dawn, the silver hues of a star drenched sky, not to mention the orangish-pink twilights in between. Enjoy Kumbhalgarh’s gazebo terrace. Stroll through Jaisalmer’s garden. Sit by Udaipur’s lawn fountains. No matter where you are, the light leaves a trail for you to follow.

Fare that Cares

There’s nothing quite like a Diwali buffet, overflowing with sugary, deep fried treats such as Jalebi and Chirote. Who can resist hot, crisp Samosas? Or the refreshing Sherbet? Hold that thought. Diwali 2024 is in need of a fresh, new menu. And our resorts in Kerala have curated just the right one, in honour of the biggest, brightest festival. So, exercise those appetites, and fine tune those cravings, because a delectable feast is waiting to be devoured. Eat your way through sumptuous food platters treated with the most elegant of ingredients and flavours. If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, a Sadhya style lunch does the trick. Served on a banana leaf, this finer-licking combination of vegetables comes highly recommended in Club Mahindra reviews.

Bonding with a Bow

When all the dhoom-dhadaka resides, it’s important to realise that the human connections are what makes Diwali so special. After all, on this day, Ram made his way back to the beloved people of Ayodhya. In honour of Diwali 2024, escape to our heavenly resorts in Goa for an opportunity to bond, Club Mahindra style. Together, enjoy marvellous views, luxurious rooms, global cuisine and fun activities. Commemorate your relationships. Be grateful for all your blessings. Practice gratitude and kindness. Recount stories. Cherish moments. Live, love and laugh. Remember, the gift of family is the most special gift you can receive. So, unwrap it with care!

The Diwali 2024 venue has officially changed, from your home, to ours.

We’d love to see you here. We’ll be the ones in festive wear!

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